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[removed] terrible

Love Our Park

As of January of this year, we have new managers. We have been in this park for over 21yrs. We have had good ma agers and not so good. But, we now have the best we have seen in the last 12 yrs. They have done many improvements, and they are great. They should get an A for all the things that have improved in such a short time. It takes time, when you first take over a park, and 99% of the people love them. It takes time, when there is much to be done, and it doesn't happen overnight. Come check our park out, and stop at the office to meet the managers, and you will see for yourself.

This park sucks

Don't bother with this park. Maintenance is very minimal. Activities are very minimal. They want 80 bucks a year just to access a "computer club" room for occasional use of a computer and internet. Screw that if you're a snowbird.

I've lived here year round for many years, I've never had any complaints about things because it's very quiet, and no one ever had any complaints against me because I'm clean and mind my own business.

Now they just put in speed bumps. Unacceptable. Seems there are a few people with nothing better to do than complain. In all these years I've only seen one person exceeding the 15mph speed limit here. One day, I was driving down the street and some guy on a bicycle literally almost fell off and started screaming and yelling at me to slow down, the guy was literally fuming. I was like WTF and looked at my speedo, I was going 18 mph. So speed bumps. The idiotic thing is, these things cost [removed] bucks EACH and the jerks complaining about nothing are too stupid to realize that OUR RENT WILL GET RAISED BECAUSE OF IT. The 3% a year will change into 5 or 8%.[Removed].

These are the kind of people you have to deal with. People that [Removed] and complain and that's all they do. This was a good park til they did this. I'll be moving within the next year, I'm not staying here with all these jerks who have nothing better to do than stick their big fat nose into things.

Along with the extremely minimal maintenance that gets done here, and the lack of improvement (MANY MANY, MOST parks have better facilities), it's time to go. Don't bother.

El Mirage..a risky business

[removed] Snow birds are dwindling..Management not interested in maintain a 55+ park any more. this is not a care community, but an independent mobile home park. Do not live here if you cannot get around easily. Price based upon single wide includes water, sewer, garbage. No internet or park wide tv service.