Arbor Court Retirement Community at Topeka - Topeka, KS

Arbor Court Retirement Community at Topeka - Topeka, KS has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Good value and Caring staff

Friendly and caring staff. Especially good with families of loved ones living there. Not a ton of activities but enough to keep residents out and active if they choose to participate.
Spacious rooms and overall a great value for independent living +.

Its very homey

I was very reluctant to moving here. The reason why is I lived/ owned a home before and because of the concerns of my children they tried to convince me to live in a community for personal safety. I lived alone and I did not have to pay rent or anything. I was content. After a while of my children trying to convince me, I finally gave in. It turned out that it was easy to adjust and I am very happy here. If you are someone that does not require assisted living I would recommend this property. They do a lot of things for the people here. They are very friendly and welcoming. One of the main reasons why I love this place is how homey they created everything. Most places have long hallways with rooms on either side of it. This community has big pictures windows; I have two in my room so I have a lot of natural light coming in. My room is on the second floor and they have a balcony that wraps around. You can look over to everyone down below. They only drawback that I would have to say about this property is that if I get sick and need care they cannot provide that for me. I would have to look at other locations to get the care service I need. They are very on top of their cleanliness. Housekeeping comes in every other week to clean you apartment, which is better than sweeping and mopping by yourself. They also take your sheets from your bed and towels and wash it for you. The other ladies and I do laundry ourselves. It’s a kind of place that you would have to read the rules and regulation and make it work best for you. They also have a lot of activities. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they have bingo in the afternoon for an hour. If you get a bingo you get 50 cents and if you get a black out you get 1 dollar, but you would have to play bingo twice before the blackout so that way everyone gets a chance. They also have people that come in that entertain you, they have exercise every morning at 9am, they have all kinds of cards games, and they have a library that comes in too. Once every week they have complimentary transportation to go to movies. They residents would put their names down and place a vote for a movie. Whichever movies get the highest vote they would go see that one. They have bus transportation for residents to go to doctor’s appointments too. They have church service on Sunday evening and they have a lady that comes in on Wednesday and plays piano during dinner. The food that they serve is ok. They have about 65-70 people living there so you can’t really please everyone. But they do have a baker that’s out of this world.

Comfort for my parents!

My parents are doing very well since their move into Arbor Court Retirement. They are adjusting well and their apartment is comfortable. They provide meals, and my parents have mentioned that the are okay, but could use more choices. Other than that, things have ben going well.

Great Care

This is a wonderful community. The staff members are wonderful and very caring. They offer alot of great activities. The food seems to be good. I would highly recommend this for families wanting good care and a good value.

Dad's Care

My father is happy with the care that he is receiving. Staff members are caring and helpful. The activites are very helpful. The food is appealing. We would recommend this community for good care and a good value.