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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

Non-accommodating staff team

I did not like this location to place my loved one. As I was touring this facility we rather arrived unannounced at the wrong time and from what I have witnessed the staff here could be more accommodating. It seemed that there was not much concerned coming from them at all toward us or toward the current residents. I was trying to observe their memory care and I quickly decided not to place my loved one here.

Tons for the residents to do!

Putting my mother in an assisted living was the hardest decision I have ever made. I had tremendous guilt. The leadership at Dorset Place lent me an ear and advice. Today, mom is in activities and still finds purpose in her days. The staff show patience in their approach and leadership holds the bar high on care. If you are looking for memory care, I encourage you to stop in and see what they have going on daily. I feel like I can be a daughter again, not a caretaker, and it is a great feeling.

Helpful Staff!!

I have no complaints of how things are going for my loved one since he has made the move into this community. The staff are really good at resolving any issues that there is going on throughout the building and taking care of the residents. My husband is eating well and has not lost any weight since he has been there so that tells me he likes the food. Overall things are going pleasant and we would recommend it to anyone.

Great staff, great care.

My sister is in the best place that she could possibly be at this time of her life. I am close by to visit, always with a smile and greeting from the staff. Thank you for all you do.

Great Place!

My mother has been at Dorset Place Memory Care for about a year. I feel confident she receives the appropriate care in a professional and caring environment. She's safe and has the needed social interaction for her well-being. The food is very good and she is content. I feel very good about our decision to have mom at Dorset Place Memory Care.

Best Place for Mother

My mother was in this facility before it became Dorset Place. For continuity of care, she has remained, and it has been a wise choice. The staff is kind, yet professional. I am kept well-informed. The meals are nutritious and flavorful, served in a restaurant-style dining area. There are always several staff members to assist with eating. Dorset has many activities for clients, yet the facility is calming. I appreciate the feeling of serenity, which with dementia patients is absolutely necessary.

Dorset Place may be more costly than some other facilities, but I trust their care of my mother. The staff, from director to maintenance, are personable and reliable, and I have come to appreciate their dedication to my mother's well-being.

I would not recommend this community.

This community did not seem very clean when dad had his respite stay. They told us they would be able to handle his medication, however once he moved in they said we had to hire a home service to help him with it. They also said they could handle his diet needs and this was also not done. They lied to us from the beginning.

Very BAD Review

My main problem was that I was lied to as far as services available for my dad at Dorset Place.

I had talked to Britney on multiplications via email and over the phone and when she came to my office with the contract I reviewed at that time the three areas that was critical.

1. That his insulin shots are requirement not a suggestion.

I was told they work with many homecare companies and it would be no problem setting and up to be billed to his insurance. Remember, at this time it was two weeks before he was post to go in for his respite care they had all the insurance information.

2. His diabetic diet.

I was told at that time your facility had a dietitian and a diabetic diet was absolutely no problem at all.

3. A security access number so that I could check on my dad before going to work early in the morning.

For short while they did have it and then they removed all extra security access numbers. (Most the time only had to wait five or 10 minutes ringing the doorbell and someone very nicely, and let me in and then let me out, once again however this is not what I was told.

As far as the 1. The insulin shots. The day we checked him in I was told by the RN that there homecare companies could not covering under Medicare or supplement care. At first I was told they could handle that by 2 shots a day (which is the reason I switched to Dorset Place in the first place because when he we had him in another assisted-living facility that proved to be problematic. Anyway, they said they could at first accomplish that which just 2 shots a day for an additional $300 per day charge. When I objected to that they did come back and say they had an Off agency that would do it for $75 a visit.

So the net result was I was coming near early in the morning and giving my dad and giving him his insulin shot and leaving work early and go on bike to do the same thing.

2. The diabetic diet.

The RN the day we checked in told me they didn't have diabetic diets however, they served healthy foods. Very quickly I found out there mid-meal snacks were often sugar cookies or cupcakes, because I witnessed this. By coming over there several times for lunch found out he was constantly being offered sugar desserts. NO WAY IS THIS ANYWHERE NEAR A HEALTHY DIET ESPECIALLY FOR DIABETIC.

3. The access code change was a major inconvenience but I could work through that.

However, on the day that we moved him out the exit door near his room when they finally found an access code that work sounded alarm that was almost air shattering (understand the necessity for security, don't understand when they have someone standing there why there was the necessary audible alarm)

Next thing on the agenda they only did is wash once the last day that he was there. My wife wind up having to pick up his dirty clothes a couple of times a week and take them home and worsened them. Also, on that last day when they had--they apparently realized he hadn't been doing is wash and right before we showed up that afternoon and taking every piece of close dirty and clean and spread them out over several laundry rooms, I guess so they could check that off is being done, so we had to wait around for them to find all of these close before packing them up.

This was just respite care for 15 days. Needless to say I will be checking around for any other facility in the future. The cost was around $3200 since I personally provided the home care by coming by giving him his insulin shot in the morning and then late in the afternoon

Great Community!!

My loved one has been doing good since the move to the community. There are no complaints about the food it's nutritious and the taste is good. The staff communicate very well not only with my loved one, but with the family as well. The housekeeping does a good job maintaining everything very well cleaned and organized.

Our Positive Experience

We are new to the facility and I'm sure will be a better judge later, but know they are kind and qualified to care for my husband.
I'm looking forward to being able to rest and actually schedule "me" time for myself.

Friendly staff, clean facilities, a lot of activities going on with personal attention to residence. A little pricey.

Really Happy With Them

We were real happy with them. They were the only ones who would take my loved one. I just don't have enough good things to say about the staff. The nurses are knowledgeable about the patients and the care. Communication is really good and that's what i'm impressed with. The food is good there too.

They are doing a wonderful job.

They are doing a wonderful job. We are so happy with found the. It's very clean and very well kept. The staff is very caring and very professional. Mom has lots of activities. They made individual cream pies, some things she likes better than other, and they are good at accommodating you if there is something you really don't like. I would recommend them to anybody.

So far I am happy with them.

So far I am happy with them. It seems like a pretty good place. The staff is very friendly. The activities are not applicable to our situation. The food could probably use a little variety would be nice.

We love it!

We love it so far! My loved one is very comfortable there, and that is nice. I'm not too familiar with the activities yet, but I do know that they offer them. It's very expensive, but there weren't a whole lot of options available, and the prices were comprable to the alternatives. Only concern is that they do not accept Medicaid. Other than that, the food looks good, and I see no areas that could use improvement. They were the first place I looked at, and since it was in a prime location, I knew this was the right choice!

Initial few days

My father in law has only been there for less than one week. The management staff thus far has been great. He had a issue free transition. I visted him yesterday but could not find him to begin with. The aids said he was probably visting someone's else's room. Sure enough he was setting in another persons room looking out the window enjoying the afternoon sun. When I ask him if he needed anything back in his own room, i expected him to tell me he wanted to go home like he normally does when we brought him to our house. He surprised me and said "I would like to go home-----(with a smile on his face)in about a week or so" my wife and I started laughing. This really put my wife at ease. I will know better when they have completed the one month assessment. For now we are very pleased with Clare Bridge.

Everything is Great

Everything has been great. The look of it is wonderful. It is decorated nicely and they change the decoration with seasons. They just put a new roof on so I know that their maintenance is kept up. Inside is always clean and the rooms are really nice. Everything is just great.

Director nice and helpful. Felt Mothe...

Director nice and helpful. Felt Mother may be borderline needing their intensity of care. Had 2 rooms. No shower or kitchenette in rooms.

From the Community

Dorset Place is a memory care community providing excellent care services for senior with Alzheimer's and dementia in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma as well as the largest city in the state, giving its residents unparalleled access to world-class health care services, dining, shopping and cultural experiences. Oklahoma City is a vibrant metropolis where businesses and people of all ages and backgrounds can grow and thrive.

At Dorset Place, our residents enjoy high quality care services that are personalized and unique to each resident. Services and amenities enjoyed by residents include:

A personalized care plan that is regularly reviewed and changed to meet individual needs
Assistance with activities of daily living
Personal laundry and housekeeping services
Respite care
Alarmed and secured doors
Handicapped accessible accommodations
An on-site beauty salon and barber shop
Outdoor garden and enclosed courtyard

Our staff is carefully chosen to work specifically with seniors who have dementia and know what it takes to make each resident feel safe, respected and cared for. Our residents journey through a gentle daily structure which includes mental and physical exercise, life-enriching programs and daily life skills. Additionally, residents enjoy our award-winning dining program that offers dementia friendly dining with consistent seating, dining assistance from our professional staff and nutritious, dementia friendly menus.