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Customer Reviews

A lot of activities

While looking for a place for my loved one we were drawn to this location because of the level of care that was provided, all the amenities, and how safe and secured the place is. There are a whole bunch of activities given such as bible study and fitness classes like senior Zumba. It is a bit expensive, but I would recommend them to others.

Expensive Living!!

I was initially going to have a tour of this community for my mother but when I had found out the price it was way out of our budget. Compared to a lot of the facilities around this place it was a lot higher in price and seemed to offer the same services.

Very Nice Place

My mother in law was doing very well here before getting ill but she is starting to recover slowly. Prior to her being sick, she was doing the activities and social events and she likes being around the other residents.The community is on a smaller size scale which is a better fit for her not as many people so it is not as loud as some others. The caregivers are super nice and sweet. The food is good.

Care and Comfort

The care here at this community.The staff are very caring and attentive. The menu and the meals are appealing. The community has always been clean and maintained. They do offer her alot of activities. I would recommend this community other families for the great care and value that is offered for other families members .

She's doing well!

My loved one is settling in pretty well since her move to Copper Place. She has a relative living there as well, so she had someone that she knew. The meals are decent, they do offer options if she does not like what they serve. The facility was the closest to all of the family members that will be visiting her, so it is the best fit.

Quality care but staffing is a concern.

The place is a good fit for my sister and her husband. Sometimes I wonder how much help they have on. Most of the time it's good but I'm concerned if their care needs change the staff will have the time and attention to give them.They are very good about making sure things are clean.Both of my loved ones have incontinence and they make sure to change them if they are soiled. Overall they do a pretty good job at Copper Place. One of the reasons we chose Copper Place is we liked how spacious the hallway is from the room to the restroom. My brother-in-law uses a wheelchair and needs accessibility.

Excited to move in!!

I have not yet completely made the move into this community but I have started the process. All of the staff have been so helpful and friendly to me during this transition. They have offered to help move my furniture in and help hang any decor on the walls that I needed assistance with. My favorite thing about this facility that really sold me was how clean everything was and how professional all of the staff have been towards me.

I Am Happy With Everything

I am very happy with everything that they have done. My initial contact with them was that they were very friendly and very helpful. They seemed very accessible. We have only had one incident where my brother had a problem and they called and let me know and took him to the hospital and I am extremely happy with the care he is receiving.

It works

It works for my mom who suffers from dementia. She struggles to remember daily things and can get quite angry and agitated but they do a good job of managing her.

Wonderful Experience!!

I was so glad to know that there were some other alternatives for what I was looking for. The lady at A Place For Mom was extremely nice and helpful. She was caring, too, which is important when one is having to make these decisions in talking about their loved ones. I really appreciated her passion to help me find the best place for my mom!

very impressed

We have had a very good experience with Copper Place. I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone was. I would certainly recommend them to anyone. I am very thankful that they were there when I needed them, and would use them again.

They are very helpful and I think my Aunt will like it once she gets adjusted to it.

Overall a good facility.

The facility at Copper Place is very clean, and the staff there is very friendly. The issues are that the caregivers need more training as too different levels of care for residents, seems they are not equipped with knowledge or resources for more advanced care.

We love them. It's like a big family.

My mom stayed there for respite two or three times, before moving in long term. She lived there for over a year before we moved. We love them. It's like a big family. She had great care there. It was clean, and family oriented we had many meals there and family nights. The food was wonderful. We loved it there. We have recommended them to other friends.

very friendly and real helpful

The staff at Copper Place has been very friendly and real helpful. Mom was allowed to bring her dogs there, which was a real bonus. They have really tried to get her involved and knowing and interacting with the other residents, which I very much appreciate.

clean place, friendly staff

The facility at Copper Place is very clean, and the staff there is very friendly.

According to the care plan that was initially set up, things were not really done the way we had planned. We got it taken care of, but they did not provide the care we were expecting at the start, which was likely more due to communication issues than anything else.

From the Community

At Copper Place, our senior living community in Yuma, we work with home health and home therapy agencies and develop individual care plans to meet the needs of each resident. A full-time registered nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care. Our residents engage in a variety of activities, such as card and board games, exercise, sports bar happy hour, ice cream socials, and live entertainment. We also participate in many community events, visit the local zoo, museum, and theaters, and go on outings to local citrus groves and farmers markets. We are a pet-friendly community. Get directions and schedule your visit to our Yuma assisted living community today.