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Customer Reviews

Multiple care misses causing extreme concern and lack of confidence.

Cared for my mother-in-law in TCU and memory care. Facility was highly recommended for end of life care. Some nurses were exceptional, however contract pool nurses did not provide sufficient care. Mom fell twice during her stay, notifications to family and hospice team were delayed. Left us a VM that was difficult to hear - "fall, head, bleeding". We had to rush there to check on her when they didn't answer the phone. Second fall a week later, Mom "face planted' when going to breakfast. Didn't receive a call until 11:45 and they could not accurate relay her condition. When questioned, nurse advised she "wasn't injured" although she had a black eye, cut on her arm that required bandaging and sore knee and hip. Was given two doses of dilaudid which made her sleepy and increased her falls risk. Family stayed with her to monitor and when we tried to teach her how to use the call light, it took 15 minutes to respond even though 3 nurses were at the nurses station when the call light was going off. Nurse left her medication on the sink in her room for 30 minutes, forgot to administer. Mom reported she fell and was on the floor for two hours without being assisted to her bed. Nurses did not respond to messages or return phone calls when we were advised Mom was ill and we were out of town and could not visit. Raised concerns to Nurse Manager in memory care who reiterated that the fall was not an "injury". Nurse Mgr did not have accurate assessment of mother's experience at care conference. Removed mom from care after 1 month. For the price we paid for her "safety" she was unhappy and felt unsafe enough to block her door at night. Very disappointed.

Don't leave your loved one there alone.

My mother has been there twice for Rehab. Both times were very spotty when it came to quality of care. Many of the NA staff have accents that are difficult to understand and are a bit stand offish. We worked a disagreeable Social Worker the first visit and a delightful one this time. Not being helpful is the norm for nursing staff. Occasionally one does a great job but you cannot count on finding one on each shift. They often just stare blankly.
Her first visit we found her sitting in a wet clothing or bed linens day after day. She was on narcotics and was uncooperative. They did not know how to deal with her so they just let her sit there in her own urine and collected $300 per day. She came home a month later with a gruesome bed sore.
Keeping her out of pain was next to impossible. They acted like Ibuprofen was a narcotic and kept giving her Tylenol instead (which we told them over and over again was not working). All but one nurse refused to call the Dr.
Unfortunately my mother likes it there because she lives across the street and crosses over for activities which are supervised by friendly outgoing staff.

The communication wasn't very good,

They had full care, but it was 300 dollars a day. The communication wasn't very good, I didn't find out what was going on until days later. It was dingy and kind of dark, it needs a lot of refreshing.

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Covenant Village of Golden Valley offers an array of stunning and completely maintenance-free studio, one-bedroom, one plus den and two-bedroom apartment homes. Our peaceful, self-contained, and perfectly located retirement community offers the senior living advantages and value you won’t find elsewhere, with the confidence of knowing you have access to health services for life.