Cherryvale Place - Rockford, IL

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Customer Reviews

Great staff interaction

It is a hard adjustment for my love one moving here, but I think she’s happy. She is getting the right care and she’s actually getting out of that room. She’s being for social and interacting with other people instead of just conversing with me. The staff here is also very knowledgeable and communicative. My love one and I agree that they could use more staffing, but with the amount that they have they are very competent in giving the correct care to the residents. The nursing staff is pretty good with her, they assist with straightening out her pills and they always call me if there is an issue. My love one goes down to the dining area to eat and she is making friends. The other residents that she socializes with are very welcoming. Also, a good feature is that if you give them a days’ notice they can take you to doctor appointments.

This place was similar to others I looked at but more expensive. They are remolding the place which should be nice. They are also pet friendly.

Room for improvements

This is a nice community. They stay in the independent living. The aides come in and help with showers and they seem nice. I think the nurse isn't giving my loved one her medicine at the correct times. And we haven't received a follow up call from the director to see how things are going. They are still doing renovations and its lingering around. They can go out on bus trips and enjoyed that. They aren't real impressed with the food there you have 2 options then you also can get a sandwich too. I would still recommend this community.

Was given may choose to pick from and was pleased with the first one that emailed me back. My Dad has been there for over a month now at Cherryvale Place and is extremely happy there as well as my sister and I no longer have to worry about him being alone and falling.

Not the right fit

We toured Cherryvale Place. It was a very nice and clean community. They offered to have her mixed into the assisted living downstairs residents, versus upstairs with the dementia patients. I didn't feel comfortable that the facility was secure enough to keep my loved one from wandering off.

Nice Community

We really liked Cherryvale Place community. It is a very nice facility. The staff members were very friendly and welcoming. It had a good feel to the atmosphere. All of our family members could not agree at the time of where was the best place for our loved one, but this community was top on my list.

Move Going Well

My aunt is doing well with her move to this community.

Perfect fit!

Nice and clean community. The staff was very helpful and professional. There are plenty of activities and the staff promotes the residents to participate which really helps my husband because he is usually not sociable. He adjusted really well with the experience. The staff always makes sure we are well informed about his care. The food was perfect for my husband who is a picky eater. They served restaurant style with two entrees. The provided good substitute options if he didn't like the entrees, such as hamburgers. The location was perfect for us and I had such a good rapport with everyone in the community I didn't need to tour any other facility. It was a perfect fit and I would recommend this place to all my friends and family.

They have been very good to our family!!

My father has recently made the move into this community and so far we have no complaints with how things are going for him. The staff are very friendly and have made sure to accommodate his needs to the best of there ability. He has had no issues with the meals they provide and enjoys participating from time to time in the activity program they have throughout the week. Overall we are very happy and would recommend them to anyone.

I do not recommend this community.

This community was nice when my loved one first moved in. The community has since become under new management and things have declined. The food has gone downhill and they have had a lot of turnover. There are leaks in the building. The staff were not able to meet the resident personnel needs. The community was a pretty place. They have lost about half of their residents since the change.

Keep looking at other places

My mother was there for 2 years, and the rates increased, but the services promised did not. In fact, since the last name change/buy out, it became unbearable. My mom ended up in the hospital. Very unclean, understaffed, little to no care services, and very [Removed] in the care of my mother. We took her to another facility when we realized how bad Cherry Vale Place had got!

Comfort for mom!

My mother is adjusting well since her move to Cherryvale Place. The place is quite clean and well organized. They have a large variety of activities and keep her busy. The food is good as well. It has been a good experience for us so far.

Good Facility

The short time we've used thee services. we are very pleased.

We Have A Great Team Here

My husband is not able to do much due to his health not getting better. However, it is going fine and there has been no issues. The care has been great from staff that are really nice. [Removed], the front desk, is so nice. She can make your day and she is uplifting and wonderful. [Removed] is great with all she does for us.

The Community Is Going Through Changes

Since moving my mother-in-law into this community there has been changes. They are now under a new company and now there are new people and they are not getting communication about things we need.

A great option!

The community at Cherryvale Place is a wonderful place. It was our second choice as our first choice is owned by the same company. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. They were willing to perform the necessary updates within the apartment for our loved one to move in. The community overall is very well kept and updated throughout.