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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews


you are good people

Thank you

Thank you for taking good care of my Dad. Great family night supper and program. [Name removed]

helpful and friendly


Went over board in a good way would recommend


Went over board in a good way would recommend

Very Caring Staff-We are blessed!

I just want to say Thank You to [Removed] for all that she has done for my parents in their transition to Chandler Place. She went above and beyond normal circumstances by coming to the hospital on a Saturday (when she would normally be off) to get all the necessary paperwork completed in order for my parents to move in on Monday. By being so kind to meet us at the hospital we were able to move my parents belongings and get their apartment set up prior to that Monday. We would like for the general staff and nursing staff to know how much we appreciate all of their loving and caring ways they are with my parents. It means the world to us as children to know they are in good hands when we are not there. Last, but not least we want all of you to know how much we are looking forward to many more wonderful days of knowing that our parents will be well cared for by all of you at Chandler Place. Sincerely, The "L" Family

What a blessing

My mom passed away five years ago. Dad was in good health, his finances were in order, and he loved the house that they had lived in for many years. Dad was able to take care of all his chores and responsibilities and staying in his home was the best arrangement for all concerned. My brother [Removed] and I would get together frequently with Dad usually going out to dinner and enjoying each other’s company. However, we were both about a half hour of travel time from Dad so the visits became less frequent over time.

At a routine doctor’s visit shortly after Mom died, Dad’s doctor expressed concern over his diet (mainly TV dinners and sandwiches) and suggested “assisted living.” The seed was planted. Periodically, if anything happened that was of concern to Dad, he’d call me and suggest that maybe the time had come to move to assisted living. Initially these occasions of concern were minor and passed in a few days. However, over the last five years, Dad has felt less and less comfortable and confident of his ability to remain in his home. My brother and I discussed these concerns and knew recently that the time was coming for a move to assisted living. Dad’s health is still good, and he still functions well according to his established routine, but we were most concerned about his isolation and lack of human contact.

About six months ago I contacted [Removed] and acquired information about Chandler Place. I am a local pastor and have been visiting church members at Chandler Place for years. The feedback I had gotten from those member/residents was nothing but positive! [Removed] has kept in touch with me throughout these last six months on a regular basis enquiring (sincerely!) about Dad’s status and well being. She offered repeatedly to host us for a visit for Dad at Chandler Place. I was reluctant to do the visit because I wasn’t convinced that it was time for Dad to move and I knew that if he visited, he’s want to move right in. Sure enough, when he called most recently about a household concern, I told him I was arranging a visit at Chandler Place. Within a few days we were touring the facility and meeting the wonderful folks who live and work there. Dad was sold! In less than two weeks he was moving!

I’m convinced that the decision to move out of one’s home into a care facility is one of the hardest of life’s decisions…for the individual and for the family! In those times a trusted, wise and supportive “angel” is a welcome friendship to have. [Removed] has been that person for my family and my Dad. I’ll be honest, this move has been traumatic. Dad seemed a bit confused and disoriented by the transition…I may have been more confused and disoriented…he’s ninety-two and I’m much younger! [Removed] and I have been so pleased to see the rapid assimilation and adjustment that Dad has made. I think he is delighted to be around people once again!

When Mom died, [Removed] and I agreed that we would seek whatever was best for Dad. The decision for him to move to assisted living was a very difficult (on reflection, I don’t think it was that difficult for Dad!), but our whole family is convinced that assisted living was the right choice for Dad and Chandler Place was absolutely the best new home for him!


It is Still a Learning Transition

Everything is working out well since my parents have become residents. There is a courtyard to get some sun and it is very nice. There is a little porch in the front where one could see the streets but it is not secured. In the beginning it made me feel better seeing a picture of my parents enjoying a game. They had a Memorial BBQ and my dad really enjoyed the hot dogs, chips and the whole fixings. The meals are good enough for them. They activities and outing every other week. We had hoped for more outings like once a week. Since my parent were use to being at home. It has worked out very well and the staff are very helpful.

A Community I Would Recommend

My mother is doing pretty well since her move to this community. I know she is safe, and good hands. They are taking good care of her, and her needs overall. I would recommend this community to my friends.

A Wonderful Place for Mom

This letter was recently sent to the district director for Chandler Place from our family:

I recently met you as I was leaving the Kendallville facility, Chandler Place and was introduced to you by [Removed], the director. I noted to you how grateful I was for their many kindnesses and my pleasure with the facility and the team's work. However, I feel that I need to tell you that I am quite serious about the accolades I shared with you.

For years and especially since my father's passing, my husband and I tried to encourage Mom to find a community to move to. A fall precipitated a change---hospital, rehab, nursing home. It was evident to us that a nursing home was not the answer. Chandler Place proved to be a perfect fit!

From my husband's and my initial tour with [Removed], who was both gentle and kind but extremely positive about Chandler Place to the welcoming tour for my Mom with [Removed] we felt it was a good fit. We were so pleased during the tour with [Removed], she not only picked up my Mom at the nursing home but spoke to her and with her not 'at' her! She treated Mom with great respect and kindness and my Mother became quite excited about the move.

We were all excited to make her little apartment home with the help of all the staff. I cannot speak highly enough of everyone on [Removed] team! The nursing staff under [Removed] direction and now [Removed]have treated my Mom with exceptional kindness and respect. And with the last health hurdle we experienced in the most personal moments, they have expressed nothing but compassion and kindness. I'm especially grateful for the great respect they have shown for Mom during the most personal of moments. Mom forged personal relationships and developed attachments with all the nurses, CNA's and aides and felt great love for them all.

This was true for all of the staff;[Removed], who cleaned my Mom's room is a delight and very kind and considerate as is [Removed] who is the maintenance director. He had to replace my Mom's heating/air unit as she was recovering from a hospital stay. He spoke to her with kindness and did his best to do a hard job quietly without fuss! Even during a 'false' fire alarm, [Removed], the head cook, came down to check on Mom as she didn't want her to be frightened or alone during the confusion! These are just a couple of the kindnesses that this team of people have shared with Mom.

And....I truly cannot give [Removed] enough gratitude. She is completely on top of things and shows such great kindness and dedication to the residents, knowing each by name and talking to every resident about their special interests. She also takes great pride in the care of the residents and the facility spending countless 'off the clock' hours helping the staff and caring for the residents. I have even seen her pull out the sweeper to clean salt from the entry after the cleaning staff was gone; she also has helped serve the residents and take part in daily activities.

The activities under [Removed] direction so helped my Mother become an active part of the Chandler Place community. [Removed] was both persistent, at my direction, and kind in cajoling my Mom to join in! My Mom ended up loving absolutely every activity. Mom developed a true relationship with [Removed] and so enjoyed their many conversations. It is also so very nice for us and other visitors to be met with smiles by [Removed], the concierges; they truly make everyone feel welcome and are a wonderful reflection on the facility.

Each member of this team in this wonderful facility established a relationship with my Mother and came to check on her frequently in her room and [Removed] even made more than one special visit to Mom in the hospital to check on her progress. They have all helped in so many ways. Without [Removed] help transporting Mom back to her 'home' at Chandler Place after a hospital stay, my family would have been in a very difficult position. On that very full day, my husband and I were on the road for the day and had not eaten. When we arrived back at Chandler Place and had much yet to do, [Removed] arranged for us to have something to eat so we could keep going which we so appreciated.

Our family could not be more pleased with [Removed] and her team and the Chandler Place facility. The greatest accolade came from my Mother when she called Chandler Place her home and said, "I should have moved here sooner! I really like it here and I love the people!"

As we entered a new phase of this aging process and now loss, we truly feel we have loads of support in this difficult process from everyone at Chandler Place. [Removed] and her team are a 'well oiled machine' and help not only the residents but the families as they travel this difficult road making it more manageable.

They were good!

The staff here was good they just were not trained to handle my aunt. I thought that the community in itself was nice and clean. The only thing that I did not like was that I thought that they have a nurse 24 hours and they do not have one for the third shift.

Life Assistance

My experience in transitioning a loved one from the life she new as her own to assisted living in her fall into dementia in a quick way. If you have ever had to make such a decision for a loved one that isn't capable of make good decisions on there own, you feel such a whirl wind of emotions and the heavy weight of the world on your shoulders in making your decisions. As we walked into Chandler Place to tour the facility and discussing the situation of my Aunt and how quickly she was diminishing, we could feel the love and caring hearts of each person we spoke with and there desire to help in doing the right thing for our loved one. They ALL went into action and I mean action. We made our deposit down and things went into full swing, this is an emergency situation and they all took it seriously. The maintenance man work on her unit to get it move in ready for 12 hours, the administrator went the next day to my Aunts home to do the evaluation after hours no less, and the relations manager came to my place of work to complete the final paper, all extra effort to help make this situation better as fast as they could, they knew that my Aunts safety was a stake. So the weight on your shoulders is really heavy at this point, How to make this transition to assisted living that is best for her, but also her biggest aging fear. So we as a family had a plan and those at Chandler Place yet again was willing to do whatever it would take to make this transition happen in a calm loving manner as we could. We moved her in on Thursday evening. The relations manager stayed way after hours to welcome our Aunt to Chandler Place. One of the toughest situations went a smooth as it possibly could, thanks to the caring hearts for others that they all have at Chandler Place. This all happen in four days, a permanent change of life for my Aunt, I feel confident in our decision that she will continues to feel the caring hearts from those that will be caring for her. As I walked out that evening I started to feel the weights starting to be lifted off. The saying that there are Angels among true at Chandler Place.....Thank you with many Blessings upon all of you at Chandler Place.



They Treat You Right!

As our parents age in life, we "kids" are depended on to help them make the tough decisions. Mom, after strong urging from our family, spent time at the Chandler Place back a several months ago. She was weak from illness and needed more care and therapy than we could give her. While she didn't really want to be anywhere but home, she tolerated the temporary placement and recovered enough to live independently again for a period of time.
Fast forward now to last month.
Mom became ill again, spent a few days in the hospital, and her Doctor determined that mom would need some rehab to complete her recovery. Unable to walk without assistance, mom was moved to a local rehab facility for 20 day of therapy. Day 1-4 were a total nightmare for mom, and on the evening of day 4, she called me, calmly hysterical, and said I am leaving here. Please come and pick me up, no one deserves to be treated this way.
As I entered her room, saw the defeat and anguish on her face, I was heartbroken for her. I called my siblings to meet me at her house for an emergency family meeting, and ask mom, what do you want to do?
She said, " I need to go back to Chandler Place, they treat you right".
I happen to still have Robin [Removed] phone number still in my phone from the 1st stay, so I text her, looking for direction and guidance.
Robin not only returned my text almost immediately, she graciously offered to meet with us that evening to discuss our needs and moms options.
Mom elected to return to Chandler Place. The very next day an assessment was completed. Robin, and Amanda were caring yet professional. Doctors paperwork dropped off and picked up, and we were able to move mom in that evening. Whew, when does everything fall into place like that ? When the people doing their job to go that extra step.
Mom is settling in. She loves her room with a view. The activities are outstanding. The staff friendly, patient and caring .
Mom is being treated with the respect and dignity she deserves, and for that our family is grateful.

Blessed By Chandler Place

We moved my mom into Chandler Place less than two weeks ago, knowing that it would be an extremely difficult transition. Prior to a fall in June that fractured her pelvis, she had been living a very happy, independent life on the family farm. Much to my surprise (and my two sisters'), in almost no time at all, Mom has adjusted and says she is "happy here at Chandler" and she "just loves everyone who works thereナ.and her beautiful room".

When we were visiting assisted living facilities in search of a new home for her, it was important to all of us that she find a place that was warm and inviting, where she could interact with other residents who were happy, and with a staff who encouraged her to be as independent as was safe, but were still attentive and happy to lend support when needed.

[Removed], you were wonderful on our visit. You spoke directly to my mom and asked about her past experiences and what was important to her at this point in life. You answered all of our many questions, gave us a full and unhurried tour, introduced us to residents and even met us again the following day (your day off) to answer even more questions. We've also been very impressed with all the other staff members. [Removed], who every Sunday brings a homemade baked good and sits with a group "just to talk about the good 'ole days", is amazing. [Removed] (the director?), was very helpful during move-in, and all the nursing and dining room staff have been great.

You have no idea how much it means to us to hear Mom say things like "my new friends", "my cute room", the people here are "all so nice" and more. It's wonderful to know that she's not alone, and is being assisted by professionals in a beautiful facility. But it's hard to find words to describe how grateful we are to see her genuinely happy and engaged with other interesting people her age. Thank you soナSOナmuch, for all that you do, and for being the caring and compassionate people that you are. My mom is blessed to have found Chandler Place.

Best Place Around

Chandler Place staff are very caring. I work for a home health company and I feel comfortable referring clients to the Chandler Place. The Chandler Place is a beautiful community and recommend them highly.

Dad is content

Dad moved into Chandler place approximately 6 months ago. He was reluctant or apprehensive at first but was willing to give it a try. Dad is doing very well. He has gained some weight (was very skinny before) and enjoys the staff and other residence. If I have called before and been informed that he would like to talk later.. he has things to do right now.. Does my heart good.. thanks

Chandler Place is the BEST!

Chandler Place is without a doubt my favorite assisted living facility in Noble County. They have a wonderful, caring staff; a beautifully maintained facility; and truly put their residents first!

My little peace of paradise

I was very apprehensive about coming to Chandler because I did not want to leave my home. I was in a rehab facility and was told that I could no longer live alone. I toured Chandler two times just to be sure.
The minute I moved here all the apprehension went away, the staff made me feel welcome and part of their little family here.
I was so worried that my apartment would be too small but I was able to bring all the personal belongings that mean the most to me. I have a lovely 1 bedroom apartment and I just love it. I no longer have the worry of how am I going to mow the lawn, or how am I going to get to the store etc. I have peace of mind as so does my son and daughter.
I can't imagine myself living anywhere else.

Not home but close

My experience has been very good. I did not want to leave my home and to be honest I put up a fight. Once I got here and got adjusted to the staff and my apartment I soon realized that Chandler Place was where I was meant to be.

Very Pretty Place

It is a nice place to live. Very pretty place and home like.
I'm very satisfied with my decision to live here at Chandler Place.
I would highly recommend Chandler Place if you need somewhere to live other than your home.

Chandler Place is a nice place to live if you can't live on your own. The staff treat me real good. I enjoy the company of my table mate at meal times.

Nice Place

I like living at Chandler Place for the privacy. The staff is very good to me. I can't be home along, so I chose to come to Chandler; I'm glad I did. It's not home but close to it. My food is prepared for me, laundry done and my apartment is cleaned, I don't do anything except enjoy the activities and the company of others.


Chose Chandler Place when I brought my mom from out of state. Staff is always friendly, helpful and mom's care has always been #1.
Highly recommended!!

Chandler Place is a great assisted living with levels of care. It is a step down from the nursing home. Chandler Place is a good option for an individual who is not ready for NH but cannot live alone. It's a very clean facility.

Great Place

The staff is very friendly and helpful they treat me like family. I was hesitate leaving my home but once I got here I love it. I don't have to cook, clean or do my laundry it is all done for me. My apartment is very spacious and I was able to bring my own furniture and some personal possessions with me.


On our initial visit we had no idea what to expect! After our tour of the assisted living my brother and i decided this was a great place for our mother to live. The staff explained everything we needed to know before we made a final decision. I can rest assured my mom will get the best for her needs and wants. Now that she has been here for just one month we see a big change for the better. I only hope if i ever need a place to live in my elder years i can find someplace just as good. thank you for caring so much

I'm not lonely anymore

I recently moved into Chandler Place, I will have to say I did not want to leave my home but from the first day the staff made me feel like I was their family.
My apartment is very comfortable and cozy.
I like the food and the dining room is beautiful.
The staff is very pleasant and very caring.
I have made friends here and love going to the activity programs. I'am not lonely anymore.

The staff is great

I moved here to Chandler 6 months ago and I will be honest and say I did not want to be here I just wanted to be in my home in Michigan. After a few weeks I settled in and I can honestly say I really like it here.
My apartment is just the right size and I have all my personal belongings. I stay busy with my knitting and cross stitch.
I enjoy socializing with the other ladies here at Chandler.
The staff are very nice and treat me well.
Thank You to all the Chandler Staff for taking care of me.

Next best place; other than home

I moved into Chandler a month ago from a rehab facility; I am not able to live alone anymore and Chandler Place was recommended by Millers Merry Manor in Garrett.
I really like being here at Chandler Place; they are the nicest people around, they honestly care about all of us here.
I love my private apartment, I have all of my favorite hats here; I love my hates.
I love the biscuits & gravy the are the best!
If I can't be at home Chandler Place is the next best thing.

I love the privacy

I like the size of Chandler Place; small and close to Kendallville.
They have very pleasant staff. The dining room is beautiful!
It was very important to me that I had my privacy and they certainly provide me with that.
I also like attending bingo, church services, music programs and playing cards. I especially like there is a beauty shop on the premises.
I would recommend Chandler to others.

Peace of Mind

Chandler has very good staff. They treat the residents like they are family.

My husband and I moved in to Chandler several months ago because my husband needed more care that I could provide. My husband had been declining for several weeks and was sent to the hospital from Chandler Place. John was terminal and needed hospice and Chandler Place allowed John to return to our apartment. The staff was compassionate and truly provided me with comfort.
I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for Chandler Place-knowing I had peace of mind lifted a burden off my shoulders. Thank You to all the staff for your love and comfort.
I will be returning to my home in a few weeks; but I will return to Chandler Place when the time is right for me.

Would not be anywhere else

I spent 3 1/2 years at another health care facility when my wife had Alzheimers and when she passed away I was going to move into that community but they didn't have an opening, my daughter and I stopped in Chandler and from the time I walked in I felt at home. I can honestly say I love it here at Chandler Place. It is like a 5 star hotel but its my home.
They do my laundry, make my bed, clean my apartment and cook for me.
The staff our like family.

I have my own apartment and it is wonderful. The staff has me spoiled.
I like the food!


I moved to Chandler several months ago.
It is amazing how much the staff care for me...they treat me like I was their own family member.
I love that I'm able to continue to do what I love...woodworking and woodcarving. I have bird feeders outside my window which is another passion of mine.
I would not want to be anywhere else but here at Chandler Place. I love all of the staff!

I have lived at Chandler Place for 4 years and I really like it here. I really enjoy the music programs.
The staff is very caring and compassionate.
I love my 1 bedroom apartment it is nice and spacious.

The community is very clean.
The staff is very good to me. I love my apartment and being able to have my own belongings and privacy.
I like to play cards and attend the music events.
I would recommend Chandler to others.

Very Nice Place

The staff is very friendly. I have my own apartment and can come & go at my leisure.
They respect my privacy. I can't live alone anymore but Chandler is the next best thing to home.

I love Chandler Place

The nurses are very nice. My apartment is very nice;I love it.
The activity functions keep me busy.
I would recommend Chandler Place to others.

Great Place

Our family was faced with finding an assisted living community for our mother in a short period of time. After visiting several different places in the Fort Wayne area and meeting with dead ends, we were told about Chandler Place.
Three of us visited Chandler Place and met with Robin. She thoroughly explained the financial aspect and the life at Chandler Place as well as giving us all a very informative tour of the community. We all were impressed with the cleanliness and attractiveness of the community.
We explained to her that our mother was in a rehab facility at this time and was due to be released with in a few days. Since time was of the essence, Robin and a co-worker made time that same day to visit the rehab facility and assess our mother for move-in to Chandler Place.
Everyone at Chandler Place has been very helpful, courteous and accessible. Our mother is making the transition to her new home very well and is enjoying her new life style with the help of the Chandler Place.

Chandler Place

I am most impressed with the quality of care at Chandler Place in Kendallville, In. Both my parents reside there and they are very pleased with the care they receive. With me living a great distance away, it is great comfort to have caregivers that have demonstrated commitment to keep me informed in between my visits. Specifically, Jackie and Robin have been great to work with. The entire staff all seem genuinely concerned about each person-not just from an employee perspective, but one of compassion.

Chandler Place is great

Casual conversation and games with nearby friends, tea party, cookouts and concerts. Tasteful and nicely appointed surroundings. Crafts, baking and decorating opportunities. All the comforts and conveniences of having a lovely apartment, plus fine dining every day. This and more, is what I am thankful for at Chandler Place and the professional staff that provides my mother with a safe and cheerful environment that enriches her life each day!

Wonderful Place

The staff at Chandler Place has been so kind, helpful and respectful towards my mother and the residents I have interacted with. The community is clean and fresh and decorated much like home. There is no place like home but Chandler Place provides a safe and healthy environment for my mom. It seems to me that Chandler Place is one of Kendallville's best kept secret.

I have been employed at Chandler Place for 7 years and I love it.
My residents are like my family. It gives me great pleasure to take care of the residents of Chandler Place.

Warm and Caring Environment for your Loved One

My great-aunt was a resident of Chandler Place for over three years before her passing. She very much enjoyed her time at Chandler Place. We knew she was in a safe place that provided great care, friendliness, and nurturing environment. I loved that the building has an inner courtyard that allowed the residents to experience the outdoors safely. Chandler Place offers a myriad of activities for the residents and their families that allow new memories to be created. When moving my great-aunt into Chandler Place, my family and I were very impressed with the cleanliness and charm of Chandler Place.

5 Star

Highly Recommend this facility for your loved ones. I have a father at Chandler Place and it has been a blessing. The staff are friendly and great with the residents, you can tell they really care it's not just a job. The facility is beautiful with large spacious suites. There are a lot of activities to keep him busy and great people he can interact with.

Wonderful place

This building had a very welcoming atmosphere. The staff was very friendly. The residents all seemed happy. The rooms are private and gorgeous. The court yard is beautiful. They are always willing to provide tours at any time. I would encourage you to take a tour today, you will not be disappointed!

Chandler Place is great!

I have had the pleasure to tour Chandler Place on several occasions. The facility is beautiful and the layout is great! I love the fact that they allow pets and have rooms that face the enclosed courtyard so that they have a safe place to go outside. I work closely with Robin Urso, the facility's Community Relations Manager, and feel that she does a fabulous job coordinating events for Chandler Place that not only involve the residents who live there, but the community as well.

Nice Place

Took tour of facility great staff and very nice facility with spacious rooms for loved ones

Great Place for Family

I have my father at Chandler House and it has been a blessing. The staff are friendly, compassionate and I can really tell they care. The facility is beautiful and a great environment for him with lots if activities to keep him busy as well as good people he can call friends.

My mother-in-law

Visited last week and this is a very clean quaint environment that includes a friendly staff and convenient location.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.