Cantril House - Castle Rock, CO

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Customer Reviews

Horrible place

This company has three facilities Valley House and Cantril House in Castle Rock and the Victorian House in Parker. If they happen to not like who they have admitted or is transferred to their services they immediately create a hostile, unwelcoming environment to try and get rid of them. Difficult residents are typically ignored and given bare minimum care.
I have witnessed firsthand their qmap forgetting to administer medications and antibiotics for days at a time. If found out the management will cover it up by having the qmap initial for it regardless if it was given or not.
Guidelines are not followed when it comes to medication and management will force qmaps into situations that can take their certification away by not following proper regulations.
The level of care that this facility gives is subpar and any of the workers that actually do care and go above and beyond for the residents is typically looked at negatively (trying to show off, or trying to cause problems) and are typically let go immediately and under the pretense of having had complaints from the residents and family members. The people who works here are a piece of work and should not have even started in the health care business in the first place.

I advise that you do not let your loved ones go to this place EVER. From the surface everything looks great but once you look in deeper it is completely stagnant and rotten.
DO NOT WORK HERE if you value your license and certification. They falsify documentations and will throw you under the bus.

Castle Country Assisted Living will lie to make sure they are not held liable for anything.

I See They Are Getting New Staff

Everything is fine for my mom as a resident of the community. So far, so good. The care is good and I have noticed they have new staff coming in. They seem like they are getting trained well.

Could Have Been Perfect For Us!

There is a lot of good to say about Valley House and the Castle Country Assisted Living facilities. They have so many wonderful amenities, so many wonderful people, and a great atmosphere. We love the facilities guy, Bob, the management staff was very kind, we had great interactions with residents and so MANY people. A physician's assistant visits the facility, a hairdresser, and a foot care man--so many great things. The food was great too--residents at the facility are even asked on a regular basis for their opinions and ideas.

I wish I could offer a better review. We were very excited to have my grandma join the Castle Country Assisted Living family; we got all of our ducks in a row, we forwarded all necessary medical papers, we even verbally cleared Grandma to bring a pet along. The on-staff nurse spoke with my mother about Grandma's abilities to dress herself, go to the bathroom, etc. and assumed that everything was in order.

Unfortunately, after ONE night at this facility, we were told that staff was (unexpectedly?) allergic to cats AND that since Grandma was shaking at lunch she was "not a right fit" for this facility. Also cited her past falls as a reason for Grandma "not being a good fit". Basically, after moving my grandmother across the country, we were told we weren't welcome in these facilities. It was very disappointing. Staff is attempting to help us find another facility for grandma, but it really would have been easier if we knew before we moved across the country that she would be excluded for a tremor and that, even though they say they are pet friendly, they are hiring people with common pet allergies.

From the Community

Since 1991, Castle Country Assisted Living, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has offered assisted living and services to the valued elder citizens of Douglas County. With three homes spread across Castle Rock and Parker, CCAL supports seniors in continuing their independent lifestyle, while providing expert care in a family, home-like setting.