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Customer Reviews

Do not put your loved ones here!

My father has been at Bonnaventure for over 3 years. The longer he is there the more disgusted I am with this company and his care. They are in their 8th Director. There is ONE employee that has been there more than a year. I can never learn anyone’s name because they are not there long enough.
Staff is not trained well. There is never enough so the residents are getting horrible care.
Every issue I bring up I get lied to about what they say is being done! We as a family are very involved and can see what is and isn’t being done!
Management (which changes every couple months) is very uncaring and rude when I voice concerns. And lie to me as well!

Very Disappointed

I moved my parents here after visiting with a new Executive Director that was going to “turn the place around”. I made a horrible mistake! The ED lasted four months, the longest tenure during our short stay. (There were four more before we left!) Staffing is bare bones and they receive little if any training. It is not uncommon to have only one caregiver on the entire Assisted Living floors which included at the time we left 39 individuals. Many of these residents required dressing, bathing and many other adl’s. This is not safe and should be against regulations, if the state of Colorado only had some! The good caregivers don’t stay due to a complete lack of support from management. The food service is a joke with residents frequently waiting over an hour after they order their meal. Activities are basically non-existent. We paid extra for activities reminders and no one came to the room to remind my parents of anything. All care is extra based upon a “careplan” which is unfortunate because the caregivers do not read the careplans. Basically, we paid for services never received! Two medicine mixups occurred during our time there and both could of had dire results.
In short, this is the first bad review I have written and I take no pleasure in it, but I would hate for any family or elder to have to go through the upset and worry that we did for the time my folks were at Bonaventure. Please keep looking and go elsewhere!

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

We're very sorry that your experience with our community was not a positive one. We take all your comments and concerns to heart and will look into what we can do to not only address them, but also to prevent situations like you described from ever happening. We'd like to note that we do offer all of our employees extensive training so that they may be able to handle the various tasks that are required and we are looking into the staffing issues that you mentioned.


My mother has been in this Facility for over 4 years in the Assisted Living. We have gone through a minimum of 6-8 directors of the facility as well as coordinator for Assisted Living. Their care givers are friendly but have little to no training, the rooms are dirty, maintenance has been horrible (carpet has never been shampooed in those 4 years). Communication is poor and follow through after talking with someone is rarely done the first time. Why don't we leave? - Convenience of the location. I am fortunate that I can be there on a weekly/2x weekly basis and take care of her finances, well being and medications. They have a beautiful facility that needs a good leader. Corporate needs to step up and pay their staff so they can keep quality help.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for choosing our beautiful Castle Rock community for your mother. We are glad you appreciate our friendly caregivers! As a company, making sure Team Bonaventure is well trained and that we communicate clearly to our residents and family members, as well as maintain the desired level of cleanliness and maintenance are always priorities. Please send me a note with more specifics and I will share these with our team and this will help us to improve your amazing mother’s stay: Gashby (at)

Bonaventure - A Terrible Company

My Mom has been in Castle Rock Bonaventure for 18 months. The turn over in staff is tremendous; I've seen 3 directors and at least 4 who were head of assisted living; many many chefs and med techs since she arrived. At first I thought that the staff was not well trained, but over time began to realize that Bonaventure corporate is a terrible company who doesn't treat their employees well; and they appear to not have any procedures and processes in place. Unfortunately, Bonaventure is the only affordable option for my Mom. The food is not very good, and I have to monitor EVERYthing. That said, my mother has made friends and, except for the food, seems to be happy at Bonaventure. I would not recommend Bonaventure from a caregiver's perspective because it has been a tremendous amount of work for me.

Simply horrible

I moved my parents into independent living when they first opened up in 2012. My mom started to decline and I had to move them into assisted and then memory care. Once they left their apartment in independent - everything went south. Staff was poorly trained and had very little patience with a difficult resident. They would choose to ignore rather than do their job. Housekeeping was atrocious - I found myself cleaning their apartment almost daily due to lack of service. They bill you by service - so if you want laundry done more than once a week - you pay for it. If you want a shower after an accident - you pay for it. [removed] My mom had Alzheimer's and was a difficult resident. They priced us out of there rather than provide the care and support she so desperately needed. I should have [removed] was just glad to be rid of them.

They have excellent care.

They have excellent care. It's brand new and beautiful. They have wonderful programs and activities, but they are a little on the expensive side. It was just a lot to pay, we found comparable and even a little better care for almost half the price.

If you love your family member, PLEAS...

If you love your family member, PLEASE do not put them in the Castle Rock facility! Nothing but abuse, lies, lies and more lies! I have never seen such a disfunctional place and realize your loved one is not safe here. The local fire department and EMT's are there on a daily basis and do not look happy about it. The inexperienced ED and her side kick cannot keep track of money, billing, keys, etc... This is the 5th ED? They lost the front desk girl who did all of the assistants work for her.... Good luck, she loses your checks and makes others take the blame?

From the Community

It's a great day at Bonaventure of Castle Rock!

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