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Very Impressed

My Mom has been there 3 times direct from the hospital next door. Average stay was over a month. I have to say after seeing what she went thru in 2 other facilities this place was by far the best. [name removed] the director goes out of his way to help if you have any questions or problems. The staff was friendly and responsive. The activities were plentiful and engaging. Even the food was good.

Don't put your loved one herr

This place is horrible. Care One facility in Westwood NJ. My mother was a patient there for over a month. She passed away [date removed]. My concern regarding this facility is in regards to her care. My mom was in that facility, voluntarily to receive physical therapy. Now I know my mom and I know she can be a very difficult person but difficult or not she deserved to be treated like a person. I was on a call with my mom the Friday before she passed, at which time she called for staff to help her get to the bathroom. 45 minutes she called for assistance. She asked for a supervisor and was told that they were busy with patients. My moms response was "i am a patient too". A week before she called for help at 2am. No one came or responded and my mom wound up urinating herself in an attempt to get to the bathroom. She was left like that for several hours; stripped of dignity is my thought. Her clothes were missing. I spoke to [name removed] the social worker and she knew her clothes were missing and said they were looking into it. Weeks her clothes were missing. She was down to 2 pair of socks and 2 pair of underwear. Pants and pajamas were missing. I asked my mom if her clothes were labeled and she told me "yes with black marker", her room and bed number. Her clothes were magically found the day we went to pick up her things. They also lost my moms personal oxygen machine but according to another social worker they had to do some digging and found it.

My mom was found unresponsive. We were told the staff checked on her at 8:30 and she was fine. When they supposedly checked on her at 9:10 she wasn't breathing. I don't believe anyone checked on her at 8:30. Why? Because i sat on the phone with her for 45 minutes and no one came in. Suddenly they are checking on her in 40 minutes? I don't think so. My mom complained of condensation in her breathing tube and was told they didn't have a doctors order to clean it out. My mom had wounds on her legs that she needed assistance with cleaning and was told the doctor didn't put in an order. What exactly do they do there if not helping patients. I called the social worker for a progress report on my mom. 2 weeks I waited and never received a call. I was told there were no messages. This is just a list of the most important concerns or complaints.

Nothing can bring my mom back, but perhaps this email can serve as a review of that facility and maybe the next poor soul that chooses Care One of Westwood NJ will think twice.

My mom was someone's mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We don't even know why she died. No one can tell us anything because no one paid enough attention to a patient making sure she was o.k.

Sorry for my rambling

From the Community

CareOne at the Valley is a short-term and long-term skilled nursing facility that also caters to sub-acute rehabilitative needs and dementia care. The sub-acute unit is it’s own, designated wing of the facility. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy is offered seven days a week for a quicker recovery time. Care does not end when patients return home with the Next Step Program. This program provides home evaluations with patient and family education. We ensure patients and their families have the right tools and resources for ongoing recovery.