Care & Rehabilitation for Elk Grove - Elk Grove, CA

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Customer Reviews

Good Physical and Occupational Therapy

The physical therapist and the occupational therapist are amazing, absolutely phenomenal. It's more rehab than long term care stuff. There are a lot of people that are transitional and that's what we wanted. My grandmother didn't want to feel like she was going to be there long term. The place is old so the accommodations are not as nice. I would never recommend it for someone for long term but if you're a temporary stay it's good. We decided that how new and pretty it was, was not our priority. The priority was how good the physical and occupation therapy was going to be. It's only week two and she's already walking and transferring. They're doing a great job. They're not really great on the call light system and the cleanliness is not what I would like it to be.

Extremely poorly trained staff

It's a love/hate relationship over there, in my moms words, shes happy that there was somewhere to go that would take care of her like that; however, the staff there is not trained well enough and did not know English well enough. She was a little nervous about the care there because of the lack of education, and general stupidity or just not being trained. She had to tell them how to clean the facility because people were getting sick all of the time and she had to show them where all the nasty germs were. She saw them leaving patients in the gym and not doing anything with them for an hour and probably charging insurance for that time. They wouldn't let her get up, everybody kept getting sick and she was ready to break out of there