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Terrible Staff, Poor Food

My Dad was there for 3 days; day one at check in, his oxygen concentrator was found to be out of date and I had to press the staff to replace it with a concentrator that was within the specified date, indicating that it had passed it's annual check. Day two went without a problem, although tater tots and a grilled roast beef sandwich are hardly good food for a heart patient. Day three I found that my dad was having trouble breathing because they had switched his concentrator to another unit; this unit didn't have a date or inspection card on it. When I told the staff, they wanted to give him a breathing treatment. I pressed them for a reading on his oxygen levels, which showed he was low at 92. The nurse said anything above 92 was acceptable and stood there looking at me. I pressed them again and they found a concentrator that was within date and they said was his concentrator from earlier that morning and the previous day. Within minutes, his oxygen level improved, indicating that the concentrator was malfunctioning. I made sure everything was good and left for my hour long drive home. 10 minutes after I got home, my dad called on his cell phone stating that he had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. A few minutes later, he called back saying that the staff got it to stop, but they pulled the cotton out of his nose and it started to bleed again (heart patient on blood thinners). I got a call from the staff saying that they were transferring him to the ER at the hospital. Once at the ER, my dad said the staff kept trying to lay him flat on his back to stop the bleeding and when he refused because of the blood pouring into his mouth, they allowed him to sit up, but the staff raised his legs. This goes against ALL good first aid practices and teaching and medical professionals should know better; with nosebleeds, one must pinch the nose and lean forward so the airway is not obstructed and the blood swallowed or inhaled. While the facility as a nice paint job and décor, they do not deserve the 5 star rating that they recently received and proudly display at their front desk.