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  • Devotional Services Available
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  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
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  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
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  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call

Customer Reviews

Management problems

When a resident answers the phone there is problem with this place

Don't put you loved one here if u want them mistreated

Don't put your family in this dump. The administrator dont care bout your families just getting building full with anyone.There be one ra fore the whole building so noone be getting they showers feeders don't be getting fed she say so u need to work faster she don't be helping .They be sitting in pee briefs all day unless family come up there.they be lieing bout what they finding to eat for lunch.They can't keep workers because [name removed] is so rude n nasty to workers.She be too worried about herself

Do Not Consider This Facility

I have a loved one in this facility, but plan to move them soon. The care is terrible! It is not kept clean. The meals or HORRIBLE - They mostly get sandwiches. The food is worse than the worst hospital food you have ever received. The staff is not knowledgeable at all. They don't have an interest in the residents and don't attempt to get them involved in activities. Honestly, keep looking for a different facility and spend your money more wisely.

Keep looking

Went to visit a family member she is in very sound mind or I would worry .I heard a resident in another room screaming .Short staff indeed bells go off for long periods of time on days when I'm there.They raised the rent and for what?The care isn't any better it's at it's all time worse since my family member has been there.Before I left I asked if they could put a clean pillow case on a pillow ,I went to visit the following week and the same pillow case was on the pillow.


We are very happy with Forest View. Staff is very friendly and caring. My dad is a super picky eater, but they are willing to work with us to make my Dad happy. They do need to hire more staff, especially on afternoons and Weekends.

Bad experiance

I went in for a tour and the matinence staff gave my sister and I the tour of the building, very outdated. Alarms going off the whole time, rude staff very unfriendly. I will keep looking.


Terrible place, overpriced and ran down.

Unpleasant facility

Went for a tour, place was not clean, staff was no were to be seen. Management was unfriendly.

Outdated building

Was not impressed with business, staff very hard to find and unwelcoming . Very outdated building for cost.

Terrible Place

New Managemebt is horrible, only in it for the money, all the pleasant, valuable staff is gone. New management doubled the rent on residents and families recently. No nurse in building, Unskilled staff now in nursing office, food service is horrible, staff come and go and dislike their jobs. This is the truth, families use caution nicer places everywhere . The owner is uncompassionate and rude towards families and staff. Building is old and outdated. Take a tour it speaks for itself. Check surrounding prices on rent much lower.

My Amazing Experience!!!

Brownstown Forest View Has great , friendly staff. The management team Is very responsive, Friendly and always have answered any question i have had . The staff actually CARES and thats something you can not train ! My Dad had a great experience here at Brownstown during the last month of his life and would not of had it any other way! While reading some of these false reviews, I feel its sad how people can voice such harsh opinions because there having personal issues in there life and venting on Brownstown. I assure you residents at Brownstown are Happy and they inhance the quality of life for your loved ones. They do activities , outings now that its getting warmer. The feed back I got from residents was that this is there home and love it! Everyone is family around Brownstown ! Before taking others opinions please stop in there and just feel the positive energy from the time you walk in the door and possibly talk to a resident thats living there. I guarantee that resident will give you positive feed back!!! Also the rates are fantastic compared to most assisted living along with the care being priceless!

Keep looking

New Administrator is rude and unapproachable. Never a receptionist around, like a ghost town.

Hire anyone

They will hire anyone, lost the best staff last year, now very unskilled staff in Nursing office, should not be able to put untrained, people in these positions. Also new staff every week. Hardly any residents left in this sad place.


I've got to be honest. My mom was set to have dad be here, interview and tour completed. Assessment completed next day with them telling mom they'll call back with a cost and care package. Mom never received a call back...after waiting three days she finally called them, of course she hears "I was meaning to call you" only to be told they couldn't take dad. No explanation was given, nor did they have the courtesy to call her as they said they would. So I have to question, is this the relationship they have with patients and their families? Needless to say, we won't be recommending this place anytime soon!

Toured facility

The building looks very ran down, The person giving tour could not even answer any of my questions, prices very high reminded me of a nursing home, very small facility.

Toured facility

Unpleasant and unfriendly staff, did a tour and was very unhappy with the lack of knowledge or concern from employees, never!

Unpleasant Place

Place is close to empty, I wish the good staff were still at Forestview, seems as though they will hire anyone and the leads now are cold, lazy and have no medical knowledge, they need to hire skilled staff. No activities or boring repetitive activities. The food is aweful and unhealthy, often cold.

Keep looking!!!

Sad display for an assisted living. No activities, crappy food, patients not well cared for. Dr. Atto and Dr. Badhwar are the only good of this place and who actually care. New administrator, Florence, is a joke and fake. No one there knows anything. Staff used to be wonderful, they're all gone and what is left except for a few, are highly unprofessional. This placed had tried ignoring a scabies outbreak in fall of 2015 until they got turned in. They're employees stink of smoke and god knows what else. None of them know anything about medical. One who kinda does and who is a lead, moves to fast, doesn't honestly care and acts like she knows it all. This placed used to be wonderful, now it is just a sad pathetic facility. The owner, if he has decency would get rid of administrator. She doesn't care, takes patients rights away by not letting people visit them just because those visitors may of at one time worked there.
I would never recommend this facility ever, there are better near by.

Unhappy Family member

Gave us 48 hours to move our loved one out! Very cold and unsympathetic Managment in charge now, we used to love the place it was a second home. Do not advise anyone to move in here.


unhappy, treat residents poorly

Very Dishonest Facility

I am very disappointed with Brownstown Forestview . they were very dishonest about everything, the facility offers no activities, the food is unpleasant,the staff turn over is unreal and the residents sit around with nothing to do on a daily basis. The rent is very high and has been raised twice in six months. I strongly do not recommend this place to anyone, looking for another place to move my mother to right away.also there is NOT an registered nurse in building. Also office workers do not know how to answer any questions about health needs or concerns! very disappointed.

Very Unsettled family member

I am very saddened how facility is ran now. I have had my loved one here for over a year now, The facility used to have the kindest, nicest and educated staff for my fathers needs. within the last month I am shocked and concerned by what has taken place. All the best staff running the facility is now gone ? families were given no explanation as to why several highly valuable, long term staff no longer work at building? This concerns many families currently having loved ones here. I miss the office manager, I have no one that I can say I truly trust with my concerns to go to anymore, I have never met or was introduced to new office staff, I feel as though they are unaware of how to perform their jobs, always look stressed and unfriendly, I guess the next thing to do is to find a new place and start this process over again, this is so hard on family members as well as my father. very upset and disappointed, also they no longer even have activities for these poor elderly residents to do? how can a business claim to have these services during tours with families and be so dishonest. very unhappy overall. and Rent keeps rising!

Bad Care

I am very disappointed with the overall facility now, Care is horriable, food is very unappealing, Staff work very short handed and call alarms sound in hallways for a long time. The building is falling apart and outdated, prices way to high for what you get, thumbs down, find a better place for your loved ones.


Administrator has no Knowledge of Nursing Care. place is ran very poorly, rooms are a dirty,mess. staff stand around and gossip and argue. The owner who has an eye care clinic up front has no care for this business at all. The places has went down the drain, So many nicer,cleaner,more affordable places around. Speak with families first before moving loved ones in, sad how this place has become now.

Don't do it

Please don't put your parent here if you love them .They are making their money from hospice and they encourage all of them at one point to put them on [removed] stops all life saving medication and chemo etc.

Thumbs down

They will tell you what you want to hear to get your money! They are short staffed ever since that Nathan and Tomas took over that place is getting ran into the ground so they can buy it .They are never there and they suppose to be management. So my concerns and everyone else's go unanswered and to find out they hire anyone off the street .You don't got to be certified to work there.They take in anyone even if they are not appropriate to live there : example people who need to be lifted with a hoyer they don't have one that is why they has so many falls


It seems like with the new management the place is going down hill they are never there the facility is understaffed over worked I feel bad for the residents too many falls .My mother didn't like it there or what was going on it's like a nursing home with UNCERTIFIED AIDES she was very well of what was going on and had me move her out. They hire people with no experience in this field .

wonderful place, very nice workers in the nursing department,Holly and Stephane, are two of the nicest individuals in this facility. building is clean,and dinning room staff very down to earth, I would recommend facility. The front office staff however, should learn to be more professional,and dress in more business attire, A little loud and need to act a little more welcoming.

A very nice facility, and Wonderful Staff

I think this is the nicest place around,I met with Nathan [last name removed] and Thomas and scheduled a tour,they were two of the nicest,Kindest, Highly educated individuals, that I have met with so far.They helped me with my questions and seemed to have a genuine concern about my situation. I loved the facility, clean, not to large and seemed to have some very kind staff members.I met the women in the nursing office who were beyond friendly and answered many questions that I had reguarding medications. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a place for their loved one. I went to front office and set up an evaluation for my father right away. wonderful place. And Thank you Nathan and Thomas.

I love the New Place and what they are doing!

Since outside Company came in and took over, The place went from fair to Amazing. Nathan and Thomas are wonderful, Intelligent and very Compassionate! The place is almost full, and the staff is amazing! What a change, My loved one has been here for a while now and I am very satisfied overall, and would highly recommend. I now love the office staff, they are much more friendly! I am personally glad the old office workers do not work there anymore,they were unwelcoming,cold, unproffesional and rude. good choice to remove. I now give the company a 10 stars rating. the place is clean and food could be more appealing?

Overall we are very happy with Brownston. It is clean, small and the staff is very friendly and caring. It is also more affordable than most places.
The only negative is that they do not have an enclosed outdoor space for residents. My dad likes to be outside and due to his dementia he wanders. Unless someone goes out with him he has to stay inside.


There have been workers in the past who I actually enjoyed but then left to poor management. I would walk past the nursing station hearing unprofessional conversations and some employees wreak of smoke/[removed]. They jerk their around their residents like they aren't human and the leads (Katie & Ashley) are beyond rude and should not be working with the elderly. The only employee I enjoy there is the receptionist Flo. I'm so happy I took my family member out of there.

Ginger Lutz

Local Representative

We are extremely sorry to hear about how you feel toward our facility and some of it's employees. Our leads, especially Katie and Ashley, have been with our facility long term and have been well liked by many family members and residents. All the reviews prior to yours have been positive about our facility and our staff. We wish you would have come to us so we could have been given the chance to resolve your concerns/issues.

Brownstown Forestview Assisted Living

I am really impressed with Brownstone Forestview. We moved from a SNF, it was horrible. It is such a nice change, the staff is very friendly, helpful and really act like they enjoy their job. They have several activities each day. They had a Prom Night event. The staff went to resale stores to get dresses for those who didn't have one, they had photos with silly dress up props, dancing and several other things. They are very good at making sure my friend does not stay in her room too much.
Price wise they were the most affordable and my friend gets excellent care. I would highly recommend Brownstown Forestview Assisted Living.

Very nice place

For the level of care they provide Brownstown Forest View does an excellent job! The whole staff is incredibly friendly, and they respond quickly to any questions or requests that you might have. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they've got a lot to offer their residents. The only difficulty we've run into is that our loved one's care level is right on the edge of what they're able to provide, but they try very hard to make it work.

Very impressed and very satisfied!

I was impressed with the friendliness of the employees and care givers from the first moment I visited and took a tour. I searched 4 other places before I finally decided to move my Dad there. They really care about the residents and are always checking on them. I am very happy I selected this location. To my surprise, seeing as my Dad was not very happy to move from his home, he really likes it there now. Within the first 2 weeks he started making comments about how he liked in and within a month he said he really likes it. It is a great relief to me that he is happy and I have much piece of mind that he is being well taken care of. I would recommend this assisted living center to everyone! I am highly satisfied.

Nice place!

We've had a good experience with Brownstone Forest View so far! It's a nice looking, clean community, and the staff have all been very friendly and caring! They were incredibly helpful with the whole process of getting him signed up and moved in. They also referred us to some very useful resources regarding financial aid!

We really liked this place....

We really liked this place. It was more live a home than a facility. Flo and staff very nice. We are hoping to get into here. Room is a little small but very nice.

They have been doing an excellent job with my mother.

They have been doing an excellent job with my mother. They have been taking real good care of her. The price was fantastic. They do her laundry and feed her everyday. They assist her in every way possible. The people there are real nice. Anybody on a tighter budget should check this place out. Some of the residents have been here for a few years. I can't complain, the food is really good, it's clean. The rooms are nice, the cable t.v. is included.

I would reccommend anyone to go there.

The place is nice and the people are nice, they will come and get them if they don't come for dinner. We were happy. Our needs increased and we had to find a new place. I would reccommend anyone to go there.

Stopped by on Sunday for a ...

Stopped by on Sunday for a tour. Friendly. Did not offer seperate bedrooms. Currently, not what I am looking for.

Ask for yearly Inspection Log!!

Brownstown was awarded the Senior Advisor 5 Star Excellence Award for 2013. Only five awards are issued yearly and Brownstown was 2nd in the State. One of the most important areas to research is the yearly inspection report. Be SURE to ask to see the facilities Inspection Log. By law it must be shown. Or check online at [removed], click Verify license, then click Search Box and enter name of facility. Brownstown has a fantastic history of yearly inspection. No violations for the 2013 year. Violations will reveal whether the facility is providing the best possible care for residents. Brownstown staff have provided the most caring and excellent attention for our loved one, always cheerful, friendly and respectful.

Very good overall

We're very pleased with this community overall, I'd give them 5s across the board. The staff are very friendly and professional, and the care they provide is good. It's a nice looking, clean facility, and it's definitely worth a look if you're searching for care options.

A Little Large

Brownstown was a nice place, but it seemed a little larger and it didn't seem like the care would be as personalized. We ended up going with a small personal care home.

Quality Care

This is a well kept community with a caring staff. It is a locked facility with nurses on duty. The only thing that I would like to see improved would be the meals. I saw better looking meals at a nursing home that I toured. The salad that they serve every day is particularly awful looking.

A gorgeous facility and the...

A gorgeous facility and the caregovers seemed to really enjoy their jobs and the interaction with residents was in line with what we are looking for, but the expense was out of reach for my family

Less tenants, more personable.

Less tenants, more personable.

From the Community

Brownstown Forest View is located in Brownstown, Michigan and is an assisted living community for active senior citizens who need assistance with some aspects of their daily routine. The nearest hospital, Oakwood Southshore Medical Center, is only four miles away. The facility is located in a rural area with thirteen nearby parks. The mild summer climate makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. The facility offer personal assistance with as many or as few aspects of your family member's daily life as they need. Forest View believes that staying active is one of the keys to staying healthy, and they provide recreational and social events to keep seniors interested and involved. The assisted living community provides a comfortable and welcoming place for your senior family member to call home. Forest View offers multiple amenities and features for seniors. A personal assistant is available for seniors who decide they need one. The assistant can aid with as many daily tasks as needed. A full time activities director keeps residents informed of upcoming social events. Forest View provides assistance with managing medications as well as an emergency call system in all rooms. All rooms are equipped with hookups for cable television and phone service. You no longer need to worry about your senior family member's comfort and security. Forest View offers quality care in a warm environment to each resident at the facility. You can rest easy knowing that your family member has the resources and assistance that they need to carry out an active and fulfilling life.

Brownstown Forest View Assisted Living offers the best in assisted living in a fantastic community that allows every resident to enjoy life to the fullest.

City Info

Brownstown Charter Township is a beautiful town full of facilities for seniors and fun, friendly people who will make every resident of Brownstown Forest View Assisted Living love their life.

- Background: Brownstown Charter Township is a lovely community of about 31,000 people (as of 2010) in Wayne County, Michigan. Once part of Quebec, Brownstown Charter Township has grown to become a vibrant and important township in the great state of Michigan.

- Age: Approximately 5.8 percent of the people living in Brownstown Charter Township were 65 and older, and the median age in the township is 33.

- Senior facilities: There are 20 facilities dedicated to senior living in the area comprised of living facilities, nursing facilities and adult care centers.

- Weather: The weather in Brownstown Charter Township is beautiful with averages settling near 70 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the year except in the winter when temperatures drop to averages of around 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Veterans: Brownstown Charter Township is very open and accessible to veterans. In fact, many of the businesses in town offer them discounts. One of the most interesting things in town is Victory Gym, which caters specifically to veterans and offers them free memberships.


There are several options for residents of Brownstown Forest View Assisted Living to use when wanting to get around town, from free services available to all people over 60, to ride sharing apps where rides are only a click away.

- Senior/Disabled Transportation Program: Residents of Brownstown Charter Township who are over 60 are eligible to use the senior bus, although priority is given to those who cannot drive for medical reasons.

- Downriver Cab: Every Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. seniors and the disabled in Brownstown Charter Township can use this service to get to appointments, shopping or other daily activities.

- Uber: Any senior can catch a ride with Uber simply by downloading the app onto their phone and requesting a ride.

Health and Safety

Brownstown Charter Township has amazing health facilities in town and just up the road in Detroit. Additionally, it is an incredibly safe and enjoyable place to live.

- Hospitals: There are several hospitals a short drive away from Brownstown Forest View Assisted Living. One that has very good ratings and high praise is the Henry Ford Health Center - Brownstown. For specialist help, residents can take the quick drive to Detroit where doctors of all types can be found.

- Crime: Brownstown Charter Township has seen a downward trend in its already low violent crime and property crime rates over the last 10 years. Overall, the crime rate in town is below the national average and the Michigan average as can be seen here.

Sports and Leisure

Brownstown Charter Township has a number of gorgeous facilities for active seniors to use. With everything from beautiful golf courses to senior activities at the rec center, every one will find something to love.

- Golf courses: There are five gold courses in the area surrounding Brownstown Charter Township. The Lake Erie Metropark Golf Course is highly regarded and has beautiful views of Lake Erie along the whole green.

- Tennis courts: The Bridgewater Tennis Courts are available to the public and offer a place to practice some net skills.

- Gyms and recreation: The Brownstown Rec Center has a number of activities for seniors to partake in. From daily activities to yearly treats like Senior Olympics, the rec has it all. More info can be found here.

Shopping and Entertainment

Brownstown Charter Township is filled with the things everyone needs to enjoy a full life. From shopping to outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone.

- Clothes shopping: There are numerous shopping centers in and around Brownstown Charter Township. Also, Detroit and its shopping are only a short drive away.

- Groceries: In addition to the two Krogers and Mitch's Food Mart in town, there are a handful of other grocers around the area.

- Restaurants: There are dozens of restaurants in Brownstown Charter Township, from Italian to BBQ, fast food to fine food, everyone will find something to enjoy. For an upscale culinary experience, one can take a drive to one of the world-renowned restaurants in Detroit.

- Movie theaters: There are four movie theaters in the area that serve up the hottest new movies and offer early bird showings and matinee prices.

- Libraries: While there are not any libraries in Brownstown Charter Township, there are several in surrounding towns.

- Salons: There are numerous salons in Brownstown Charter Township that service seniors and offer them discounts. One of the top rated is Rainforest Hair Salon LLC.

- Attractions: Brownstown Charter Township has a number of parks for residents to enjoy nature. The Huron River also flows through town and provides a view of the water.

Religious Facilities

Brownstown Charter Township is supportive of all religions and as such has facilities for people of all denominations to utilize.

- Facilities: Every major religion has a place of worship inside the township. However, if one wants a larger congregation or a different experience, the surrounding areas also have religious facilities that will satisfy those needs.