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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available

Customer Reviews

Brookdale Sunwest

I toured Brookdale, and I thought it was a nice community, but I didn’t like that there was one building that was 3-4 storied where residents lived, and there was another building where dining and activities took place. I felt like I wouldn’t really have an excuse to leave my room if I had to do so much walking to get from place to place. I was looking for something less spread out.

Mom Raves About The Food

My mom loves living here alls I can compare it too is resort living. The community is beautiful and the grounds are very lovely. The staff is exceptional very nice and friendly the maintenance staff is right on top of things when you call them for issues very prompt. Mom is not interested in the activities at the current time but once baseball is over I"m sure she will be doing things. As far as the food goes mom raves about it she says it looks pretty and taste really good. We would definitely recommend them.

The provider was rude told us that my mom would be better off in a nursing home. Wouldn't even show us the facility. Told us my mom could not afford this place due to wound care needed and focused on that issue even when told it is and has been treated. Would never send a family member here.

Helpful Staff!!

I had recently taken a tour of this community and have no complaints of how things had went. The staff did a great job with the presentation and made sure to answer any questions we had for them in detail. It was just not the right location for our family but it is worth taking a look at if interested.

Beautiful community if you are dependent it's a plus! The assisted living area is very nice but quite small and my mom is very social. Looking for something bigger.

It is Very Elegant

My in-laws are doing great. The community is just awesome and the villas they are in awesome too. Any questions we have are answered. We like the advantages of my in-laws having their own home and they are in an upscale area that they can afford. The greenery of the grounds is lovely, the cleanliness of the community and dining room is great. It is like a resort style atmosphere. They have safety and have housekeeping to clean weekly. They are eating the meals they cook and they are starting to participate in some activities. We have no complaints.

In the Short Time

We had used this community for a few days and during that time it was fine. The services and from what I saw it was all fine. It wasn't much time to get a full experience.

A nice community

My grandparents lived here for a short time. We found out after they moved in that they were not able to care for my grandpa. We have been waiting for a response from the office regarding some billing issues so this is why I rated it a three. The community itself is clean. The staff are nice and the food is good. This community was not the right fit for them.

Communication is key.

My loved one's stay at this Brookdale location is going okay. The facility is beautiful and my loved one just loves her little place. One significant concern that we have is the fact that the staff fails to keep me and the family informed on important matters concerning my loved one. If this could be improved, this would be a much better stay for my loved one.

Excellent care for my mother to the very end.

I thought my mother;'s stay at Brookdale was going to be for a short one a month or so, and I was right, but not because she got stronger so she could come home. The decline she had been going through was diagnosed as cancer. After returning from her hospital stay, she was welcomed back and was placed on hospice. The Brookdale staff was attentive, caring to both my family and my mother. They assisted hospice personnel with taking excellent care of my mother until her passing. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a comfortable, safe, and clean place for their loved one.

We had an appointment scheduled here, but when Brookdale-Hemet told us that they do not accept bi-polar, they said to not even bother going to Sunwest, because they didn't either. These might be GREAT facilities, but they were unwilling to accommodate my mother's condition (even though she is only in the early to mid stages of dementia, and her bi-polar condition is completely controlled by medication.

Nice people!

Everyone at the Brookdale Sunwest was very friendly. The place was clean and we loved everything bout it. It was close to our home. My mother ended up choosing another community for personal preference, but there was nothing wrong with this one.

They have been great!

My mother is adjusting well since her move into this community. She is a lot more active now as she is playing bingo and doing a lot better as far as getting involved. The staff has been amazing, very helpful and welcoming. The food is the only small issue we have had as there are several items on the menu each day that my mother cannot eat due to her medication. The residents have met with the staff though and I believe this is being addressed. She initially required additional Personal Care but that has been scaled back with her continued rehabilitation process. She's doing more on her own and we couldn't be happier.

I Love this Community

I love this community, and my grandmother is doing very well here. We haven't had any problems, and everything has worked out very well. Out of all the places I looked at this was the best. I know she is safe and in an good place. They have a amazing staff, they have been great to work with. She is doing great at this is community, and I would recommend it.

Awesome Community!!

This community has stood out to me above all other places that I had toured. Since moving my mother into this facility she has made friends with many of the residents and has really enjoyed many of the activities they offer throughout the day. The staff have been amazing and have treated her like royalty. I am very pleased with the services they have provided my mom and would recommend this place to anyone.

Comfort For Mom!!

My mother is getting used to the community, but overall everything has been going great. The community is kept clean and very well organized. Meals that my mother has had have been tasty and nutritious. I would recommend this place to friends and family. My mother is in a very safe place.

We liked Brookdale - it was clean and really nice. Everyone was friendly. We ate lunch and the food was good. It's a little far for me to drive (1 hour to get there) so we will look for something closer.

Excellent care for dad.

This is excellent community. The staff is excellent and things are always taken care of. The community is very clean and always taken care of. My father is very happy with the meals and the activities . I would highly recommend this community to other families for excellent care for loved ones.

I love it!

This community is great and me and my loved ones fell in love with it before the tour. The staff is great about taking care of my loved one. They also provide a lot of activities for when my loved one wants to do them. The food is wonderful and they give good portions. They also offer villas and a garage for the residents to park in.

Excellent Care for Mom

My mom is getting excellent care here. The food here is great and the staff is extremely helpful. A clean community and alot of activities are available to keep active. Highly recommend to other families for good care.

Wide Variety Of Meals!!

Kosher and vegetarian meals are some of the kinds of meals that Brookdale Sunwest offers. They try to work with families and accommodate their needs. The dinning room is open from 7am-7pm giving the residents more time to choose the time they would like to eat. Some of the common areas looked a little outdated but were very clean. Activities are offered the staff will try to encourage residents to a level of comfort to participate in them. I thought my tour guide was very informative with all of this information.

Very Happy Here!

This is a wonderful place to live. It is outstanding. The staff is excellent and always available to help us when we need anything. They offer alot of trips and activities to choose from each day to be active. We have recommended this community to many others. It is so very clean and a enjoyable to place to live.

Best value

Though it's been a tough adjustment for my mother, everyone has been very responsive and attentive. I think this is the best value from my extensive research.

Happy with Sunwest

We are very happy living here. Everyone has been friendly.The food is great and there are many activities to attend.

Glad to be here

We have moved into one of the villas and are very very happy. Everything is just as it was explained to us by Ashlyn our sales associate. The food, staff,and residents have been just great. We are glad we came here.

A good home for mom

This is a excellent community for mom. The gounds are taken very well and her room is very clean. The food is excellant and mom is liking everything that she eats. Mom has not yet participated in activities, but she likes the happy hours and the movies with popcorn. A great value for everything they do for mom.

We Really Like It Here

We are really enjoying our time here at this facility. It is truly a great place. They do a very good job with keeping our room and the community well maintained. The staff is kind, they have been helpful and respectful. The food is decent, they serve well balanced meals. Overall everything is working out very well and I would recommend it.

Very satisfied!

We have lived at Brookdale Sunwest for one year. There are many activities to choose from. The staff is friendly and helpful. Two meals are provided with plenty of selections in the salad bar, main meal, side orders, beverages and desserts. We have made friends with other residents, who seem to care about and help each other. It is a good feeling to know that their are caregivers and higher levels of care on site. We hope to be here for many years.

Very Satisfied

My wife and I am doing okay since our move into Brookdale. It is a nice community nothing special about it. I do enjoy the staff they are really nice of me and help me out when ever I need it. We are getting the right care and I am satisfied with our choice to move here.

My sister has been there for a week and she loves it. Lots of activities. The food is great. There is always someone around to help when needed

Happy with my parents being at Brookdale.

My parents are happy at Brookdale Sunwest, and we are happy they are there and secure. My father has gained weight and is eating good, which is great. They enjoy the food, it's good. The community does activities and we are trying to convince my parents to participate in them. They will go and use the jacuzzi. We have referred another person to Brookdale. The only complaint is that there are gophers around my parents unit and therefore there are mounds of dirt on the sidewalk and my mom uses a walker so sometimes it is hard for her to get through that area. The community is aware of this issue.
I also recommend A Place For Mom to others.

A very nice place overall!

Brookdale Sunwest is a very nice place and they are still in the process of remodeling so I'm sure it's going to turn out to be a very beautiful place. Until then there are some things that could be cleaned up. As far as the staff and the services, everything has been great. They are all very helpful and responsive. There was a time where my mother in law pulled the cord and the staff came right away which was greatly appreciated. The food is very good and I'm confident that she'll be joining in the many activities they have for the residents!

My Father Really Loves It !

My father is loving his experience so far at Brookdale Sunwest he loves it. He is doing really well with adjusting to move it is still taking some time due to other factors in our life but everything is going great so far. The staff here is really sweet and nice to him so that is really nice. I've gone to eat dinner with him and the food is great we loved it ! I would just say this place has been very accommodating to my father and all his needs. He really likes the meals and being taken care of but he still has his privacy which he enjoys. I would highly recommend this community.

great staff

Very clean facility and the staff is wonderful. My loved one is here and she loves the facility. They take good care of her. They communicate with me daily when something happens. The nursing staff is awesome. They keep us updated with everything that goes on there.

the staff is outstanding

The staff is outstanding at Brookdale Sunwest . The care is great. She has made a complete turn around and she is 90 years old. We are just very pleased with this facility all around.

A Great Job

It is my mother who is staying at the facility, but the management team just did a great job of getting my loved one transitioned and moved in to Brookdale Sunwest. All of the staff members did a great job.

Well-Run Facility

It is a very well - run operation as far as I can tell. The food is really good and the house cleaning services that they have at the Brookdale are very nice and the attention to the residents is very high.

A Positive Way of Independant Living

Immediate enveloping and caring atmosphere by all employees and tenants. The environment of the facility is comfortable, nicely decorated and clean. We have no doubt about the safety and well being for my mother-in-law. The availability of employees or opportunity to receive help about any thing is excellent. Food is very tasty and nicely prepared. The grounds are kept up and look refreshing and colorful.

He is very happy

Brookdale Sunwest is a very nice facility. The staff are very friendly. The gals are being very nice to him. He is very happy. He is interacting with other residents. I am quite pleased with this facility.

It's A Great Place

Brookdale Sunwest was very accommodating and they were really helpful. We live in a different city and they were just wonderful in getting him in and getting him situated. The facility is a great place.

very happy here

we are really happy here at Brookdale Sunwest. They have a lot of really good activities. The food is very good. The dinner we had tonight was a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and was as good of a meal you would get anywhere.

I am very happy here. My husband and I both like it. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but everybody has been very nice and friendly. I have no complaints. My husband and I both agree that this was a very good move.

Wonderful esperience.

The whole experience was pleasant. From the first call to "A Place For Mom" to calling the referrals. We found My Mom and Step Father a place on the second call. Julia helped us sign them up and it was pretty quick and easy. We moved them in on the same day. They love the big dinning room and the grounds are beautiful. Thanks to all.

This is my #1 choice. They are able to work with my father's low fixed income situation. I will be bringing my father for a visit to see if he likes it.

My Dad loves it and everyone is so nice. I would recommend this to anyone.

My father was in brook dale from mid August to mid sept 2014 when he died. I was very disappointed from when my dad was first place. Not enough staff and overworked staff. I live in Los angeles and told them to contact only me if my dad's health turned and not my mom who lived by herself. The only telephone number I gave them and hospice was my number. At one point my mom left her home number on my dad's beside table in case my dad needed to call her. My dad took a turn for the worse this facility nor hospice called me so my dad died alone. To make matters worse the facility found my mom's number on the bedside and called her, when she didn't,t answer the phone at 1:30am, THEY LEFT A MESSAGE THAT MY DAD DIED... Then to make it even worse, they gave her number to the funeral home who called her bright in early the next day regarding funeral arrangements. To say the least she nor I will ever get over our lost or how it was handled.

A tour won't show the reality of residing at Sunwest.

I lived at Sunwest Village, in the "independent living Villas," for 18 months. During that time it was owned by Merrill Gardens, then Emeritus and now by Brookdale (the corporation that took over Emeritus.) In my experience, it did not matter who owned and operated it, as the behavior and attitudes of the long-time staff continued on the same regardless. As a result, Sunwest is the WORST place I have ever lived in my life. Rather than treating the residents as valued and respected elders who deserve excellent service, many of the staff act as if the residents are their parents or grandparents who are supposed to take care of them. Several staff chronically complain to residents about how overworked they are, and use that as an excuse for not doing their jobs. It is necessary to fight for every service that is supposed to be included in the monthly fee. For example, the "Villa" I moved into was infested with black widow and other types of spiders. My first week there I killed 27 black widows just in the garage! Although the spider infestation presented an obvious health hazard, I had a constant battle with staff to get our place exterminated, a service that is supposed to be provided. Getting assistance from Maintenance was also an ongoing fight, and the quality of the service was hardly worth fighting for. The Maintenance staff flooded half my "Villa" while fixing a simple leak in the toilet, because they had incorrectly turned off the water at the outside main valve! While the buildings look nice, they are old and have not been renovated since being built in the '70s so they need a lot of maintenance, but good luck getting it when you need it. The Landscaping service would mow the lawns on a regular basis but would ignore the weeds growing in the yard. I decided to let them grow just to see how bad it would get and I had weeds that were over 3 feet tall before they cut them down! After Housekeeping would come and do the "light cleaning" (my neighbor called it "a spit and a promise") I would take a wet paper towel and wipe it across the newly mopped floor and the paper towel would be filthy. While I can only write about my own experiences, other residents told me they had the same problems or worse. One thing almost all the residents appeared to agree on is that the food is terrible! It is almost all processed, in very small portions, limited variety, tastes bad and appears to be bad for you. I did not eat any meals for the last year I lived there because I just couldn't stomach the food. Although I was forced to continue paying for meals as Sunwest will not alter the pay structure whether you eat there or not. The person I live with was having chronic extreme gas and horrible diarrhea and the doctors could not figure out why. The day he left Sunwest the problem stopped and he hasn't had a single episode since. The best advice I can give anyone about Sunwest Village is "stay away!"

It meets our needs.

The community is very nice, it meets our needs. They have a tiered level of living. The food is good with a nice variety and its tasty. The community is clean with friendly staff. We are not fully moved in but will be soon.

mother was very well taken care of

I thought that everything with Emeritus at Sunwest Village was fine. My mother was very well taken care of there, and was very happy. The food was excellent as well. She would still be there except that she wanted to move to where she could be closer to family. While she was there though she was very pleased, as we were.

Clean and friendly, but raised prices

My husband and I lived here for a while and during this time we had no complaints with the staff. They were very friendly and cared about their residents. The communal spaces and and rooms were also kept clean and tidy.

Unfortunately we had to move out because they raised their prices on the food. It actually wasn't that good either. It was edible, but it wasn't good enough to warrant a price increase.

Overall, this is a nice place. I would suggest having lunch there to see if the food is to your liking.

yes to smoking and to small...

yes to smoking and to small pets, 2 br. villas best options pricing 980. to 1300. per month. sent brochure to mom 40 acres.. 300 residents

Julia gave us a very nice tour. She ...

Julia gave us a very nice tour. She was answered all of our questions. They have a lot of options for independent to assisted living. It was a very nice place and we may visit them again.

Looks like I will be signing a lease!

Looks like I will be signing a lease!

We enjoyed our tour of this facility....

We enjoyed our tour of this facility. We arrived just following a halloween party. I was impress with the entire facility and especially the energy of the staff. The residents seemed to be having fun. The one drawback from our perspective was that we were told if a resident fell-- even if there was no injury-- if the resident could not get up on his/her own, the staff would call 911. I found this to be a bit overkill. We were also told that if a resident required more than one person to assist in daily activities, the family would be ased to secure another location to house the resident. I didn't want to take the chance.

Great price on independent living vil...

Great price on independent living villa. Assisted living common area bright, large, lots of activity choices. Large community with lots of open areas and walking spaces. Golf carts allowed. Like 1 bedroom assisted.

From the Community

Brookdale Sunwest in Hemet, CA, is a southern California senior living community that provides independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Brookdale Sunwest is near Weston Park and Gibbel Park, Hemet Regional Medical Center, and Loma Linda Hospital. Residents at Brookdale Sunwest enjoy restaurant-style dining, housekeeping and laundry services, as well as complementary transportation to medical appointments, shopping trips and days out. They also have access to delightfully landscaped gardens and an outdoor pool for those sunny summer days.