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Still undecided on this location. I'm going to have to do a bit of research on them. The concept and design are good, but I seen more a staff standing around talking and guest just wondering; then engaging. It may be the certain staff have limited functions.

Concerned by lack of Staff. Patients looked bored. She saw many patients and VERY few staff.

Everything is going great!!

I have no complaints of how things are going for my loved one since she made the move into this community. The staff have been very friendly and I am comfortable with the care they are providing her. She is doing very well with the transition and has even been making friends with the other residents. Overall we are defiantly pleased and would recommend it to anyone.

I took a tour!

Brookdale South park was another community that I toured. The facility was clean and well maintained. Everyone there was friendly and the tour guide was knowledgeable. It was a good choice but I found another community that fit my husbands needs best.

Friendly, welcoming staff

I think they do a very good job overall at Brookdale South Park, we're very pleased with how things have turned out. I thought they did an excellent job during the tour and move-in process, they really let us get a feel for the place and went out of their way to make sure my loved one felt welcome. There were a few small hiccups with some services in the first few days, but once I pointed out the issues they got them corrected quickly.

It's going relatively well so far.

It's going relatively well so far. It's still new to us, and a big adjustment. It could be a little cleaner, but the people are definitely very friendly, and approachable. I haven't eaten there yet, but I haven't had any complaints about the food either.


Brookdale South Park is a nice looking place, and everyone seems very friendly, but they just seem understaffed and the care suffers for it. They could really use some more help here.

They are great. I am very impressed, with what they do.

They are great. I am very impressed, with what they do. They have plenty of activities, to stimulate his mind. The food seems to be satisfactory. Sometimes clothes get mixed up. They were one of the few that would take my loved one, I liked that they were specialized in memory care, that's all they do.

We chose them because of how clean it was, and how friendly everyone was.

They are good, there are some night people who don't like to work as much. They are very clean, that is one of the reasons we chose them. Andrea was awesome helping with the move in process. Denise is great too, she is the head of nursing. They get him up and moving, they have done a good job with that. We chose them because of how clean it was, and how friendly everyone was.

Better than some, not as good as others.

I thought they were wonderful. I did have a few issues but it was much better than the community we were before. The nurse was not communicative. The staff was good and friendly. The food wasn't very good. The staff was not able to keep up with her needs especially with toileting. I didn't think they had enough physical activities. If they didn't have anyone to visit and take them outside, then they couldn't go outside, unless there is a scheduled outdoor activity. They said that they would take medicaid if the money had spent down.


Mom has not moved into this facility yet, however the facility is very nice and the people have been very nice, polite and helpful

Emeritus at South Park

There have been some delays due to my Mom's entering the facility so quickly having being released from the hospital right before the Thanksgiving holiday. The doctors did not send all of their orders to Emeritus and it taken a week to really get the ball rolling. Some miscommunication as to what I needed to do and what they do. But all of this would have happened anywhere I believe at a holiday time. The facility and staff have treated Mom so well, it has been a wonderful setting for her. She is making friends and adjusting as she is also having to heal from a fractured pelvis. Once she heals, I think she will be able to enjoy being there more -- and less restrained.

excellent care

The care that they show the patients is remarkable. I am very impressed with their caring and affection that they have for them.


Dad is content and well cared for ... whew!

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