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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

We only toured the assisted living facility, however they do have a memory care community. The facility was well maintained however, the residence were allowed to sign out and leave as they wanted and the facility was not secured at all times. They did not secure the facility until around nine at night. The few staff members that we met seen friendly and willing to provide any assistance that we might require an provided the pricing for each suite style. all of the suites are on a single floor. The costs for the suites were at the top end of what mom would be able to afford even with assistance from VA. They indicated that I could continue to manage mom's medications and that she could keep her current medical team. The main drawback for us is that they are on the south end of town and about a 30 to 40 minute drive away, not very convenient for the family to maintain contact with mom.


Brookdale Broadmoor has been excellent. My mother is receiving great care, and they're really helping her so much. The staff has been great, my mother is raving about the food, and the place is very clean and well-maintained. They have a lot of activities as well such as live music, movies, and games. It's not the cheapest, but it has what my mother needs, so I feel it is worth it.

Care for mom

We toured this community for care. We liked the environment and the staff. They have a lot of good meals and the activities would have been helpful for my mom to stay active when possible. We would suggest that families tour this community for care of a loved one.

Could have a better experience!!

My loved one was only at this community for a very short time. He ended up having to leave because they could not accommodate his needs that they said they could upon move in. I ended up having to hire a night nurse to make sure he was okay throughout the night. They also did not check on his medicines that he was supposed to be taking throughout the day. The staff where friendly it was just not the right fit in the end decision.

Community for care

We like this community for good care. The staff are nice and respectful. The menu is good and they have alot of healthy meals. The community is clean and a nice enviroment. The activities are very helpful for her to participate. We would highly recommend this community for the good care and the value for other families to consider for a loved one.

Poor place

Expensive memory care. Non caring, noisy, treat family members poorly. Communication is poor. Many other facilities in CS that are truly better, explore them . They spy on family members and do not include them in hardly anything. Poor facillity.

A horrible experience!

I think rating Brookdale Broadmoore a 1 is being generous. The main concern while my mother was there was communication. They need a lot of improvements! It took them 2 and a half months to fix my mother's apartment lock so that her front door could be locked at night. We could not get my mother out of there fast enough.

Mother doesn't like it...

I don't know how much is because my loved one doesn't want to like it, but she is not happy at this community. She said that the staff there are not friendly at all. They do not try to get her to interact with other residents orf check up on her often. My loved one is in memory care, so she does not always remember to go to the activities, she needs a reminder. The biggest problem is communication. I call and they never return my calls! I have left messages and calls that were supposed to be returned by April, and they have not. It had not been a good experience.

My mom's great care

I like this community for the care of for mom. The staff is friendly and caring to her needs. She seems to be pleased with the meals. There are activities that are being offered to mom and she is trying to participate with the other residents. I like to know that she is in good care. I highly recommend this community to other families for the value and care of a loved one.

A Corporation That Helps Find A Good Match

I had helpful and friendly people giving me a tour and giving me useful resources. I felt they were fantastic people to work with. They were willing and always offering to help me find a good fit for my parents. It did not feel like a sales experience. I discovered that all the Brookdale properties provide different levels of care but they can direct you to the best fit for your needs.

A tour for care

We toured this community for the care of a family member.The staff was very helpful and caring. They offer a good variety of meals. The community is clean and seemed to be maintained. We liked the activities that are offered. Families would like care here for a family member.

An Excellent Community

On the tour I had with this community, the staff did well showing us their activities, living areas and room that were available. It went very well. They were professional and ready for us. I thought that it was an excellent looking community but it was very big. we needed a smaller and intimate community.

Friendly and caring staff !!

My loved one was only at this community for a short period of time but overall I was very satisfied with the service they provided my mother. The thing I was most impressed with was how friendly and caring the staff was. They always where in the best mood and always made sure my mother was comfortable and felt safe during her stay. She said the food needed some improvement but other than that had no complaints.

I liked the caring staff

We had issues with the care services when my mom was there. What they could have improved in is the communication. That was difficult at times. What I liked the most was the caring staff members. My mom did not participate in any activities, she was not able to do so.

Caring staff

Things are going okay. My husband has been admitted to hospice. I had some concerns, but overall I am really happy. The staff seems to really care. It was quite a shock when he was admitted to hospice, but the staff has been very caring.

They keep the residents engaged

I think they try to keep the residents engaged well. I am speaking of the other residents because my Father-In-Law does not do much. Maybe they could try to have more outdoor activities

Kind staff that really cared for Mom

I think that they do a lot of things well. They have some really good staff, but they did have a lot of turnover. If you have a lot of new people sometimes there is a disconnect. My Mom was very happy there and she felt that the people were very kind. We felt that they really cared for Mom.

Not for us

This was the first facility that we went with. It was okay, but she is now home with me. Not a bad place, just not for us.

They Are Good

I really like it because it is smaller than some of the other Brookdale communities, so you get to know all the staff and the residents better. They are good to my mom, which is what really matters to me.

Could Use More Staff and Cleaner Rooms

I would say the one thing they could improve on would be keeping the individual rooms cleaned up a little more often. The general areas were clean, but the rooms could have been cleaned more. They could probably have more staff too.

They Work With Us

So far we have been able to come to the table on a few things in regards to my moms overall care; like what she needs and does not need, and what they are charging her for. So as long as they are able to come to the table and nothing is set in stone, we are good.

I really appreciated how they treated me

We were going to go here, unfortunately things didn't work out for us. However I really appreciated how they treated me, while we were trying to get things sorted out.

I am happy with what they are doing.

It seems to be going pretty good. I am happy with what they are doing. It's an Alzheimer's unit so things could always be a little smoother, or tidier, but I think they are doing a good job.

This is a very nice facility. I'm just afraid that I might have to move my mother if over time I could not afford to keep her there.

could have done better

I put my wife in Brookdale Broadmoor and during the short time she was there we did have a few small issues. My wife had soiled garments multiple times and I feel she was not adequately cared for based on what I observed. The people there seemed friendly enough, but of course you always put on a friendly front with people. When it came down to taking good care of her, I feel they could have done much better. There have also been some communication breakdowns. It was not a terrible experience, but there were definitely a few things they need to improve.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

We deeply regret that we were unable to meet all of your expectations. We want to thank you for your feedback and please know it will be reviewed and used to better serve our residents and their families in the future.

My perspective of care provided by Emeritus.

My wife did not like Emeritus because it was so much different than the assisted living facility she had been at in Iowa.

Emeritus lacked several attributes that I also found to be of less value. Namely, they did not have a call button a resident could wear around their neck on a necklace that would always enable them to get assistance.

Additionally, the number of staff members available at any given time of need was such that there could be, and often was, a considerable delay in getting a response to a need by a resident! On several occasions I had to go find someone to provide assistance!

I found these two things very troubling because it often left a resident in limbo as to when they might get assistance! Sometimes assistance NEVER arrived until a family member went and found someone to help!

The staff they had was very helpful and compassionate and that was a valued attribute. When my wife passed away they were ALL very supportive and helpful!

However, during her stay some members of the staff that provided medications appeared to be a bit stressed and short in their communications! An example is when my wife needed a pain pill she would sometimes get no response so she would call again. On the second request she was sometimes told that she could not have the medication until a specific time and to not continue to ask for it! Not an easy thing for a resident in pain to do!

The method of food service was tolerable and the food was usually very good! In my wife's situation she often desired to have her meal in her room and that did not always work very well. There were inconsistencies in how they brought the meals and what was included. Often I had to ask them for silverware and napkins and sometimes dessert was included; other times not! I asked hospice for a table that my wife could use for her meals and they provided one. I felt the table should have been a standard for anyone eating in their room!

The day following the death of my wife I went to remove her things from the Emeritus facility. One resident that had been very kind and helpful to my wife during her stay met me in the hallway and asked about my wife. When I explained that she had passed away the day before the resident was very distraught and saddened because no one had let her or other residents know that my wife had died! She was so distraught that she went back to her room crying rather than going to lunch.

I believe the communication of someone's passing should be done very quickly as elderly people can certainly have trouble with that sad news!

The head nurse was extremely helpful and actually was the person that got us an interview with hospice. This person was very knowledgeable and compassionate and was very skilled in her job! The daytime nurse that normally provide my wife with her many medications was also a very skilled and capable person that never let her stress be something that my wife had to endure!

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

Thank you for voicing your concerns regarding our community. It is true that we do not have call buttons for our residents; instead, we offer a pull cord for resident’s to use when they need assistance. Our records show that our Executive Director met with you and your loved one to discuss the use of the pull cord, and that if no response was received over the intercom after pulling the cord, to pull the cord a second time. Our staff is trained to answer the calls for assistance in the order of most importance, ensuring that our resident’s needs are met in a timely manner.

Regarding medication, we are required by law to follow the doctor’s orders for each resident’s medicine. We cannot administer a medication before the allotted time, as this would be against the law. Our staff is trained to let the resident know that it is not time for the medication, and then to inform the resident of what time they will be given the medication. It is not our practice to tell a resident to stop asking for their medication.

We do not place tables in the resident’s room for them to have their meals as we encourage all the residents to dine together for the social interaction gained during meal times. We work diligently to accommodate a resident should they need meal service in their room for any duration of time. However, we do encourage residents to dine in the main dining room when able. Regarding your concern about notifying residents when other residents pass away, we try to keep our seniors free of any undue stress. As such, when a resident passes away, we place a memorial sign at our front desk.

We appreciate your kind words for our nurses, and we invite you to contact our community management team with any further concerns you have regarding the time you and your loved one spent with us at Broadmoor.

We loved them!

We loved them! I would give the staff a seven. They keep it clean They worked really well with us. They had more than just your typical bingo. The food would be about a four. They have just been completely fantastic. They helped us with the VA paperwork. He is doing so much better since moving in, he has put on weight, it's great!

Wonderful staff

They have a wonderful staff there and it’s a small community so it feels more like family. From what I could see the food is okay , but not like wow. Some days my loved one says it’s really good – they serve too many green beans.

It would work for me

I’d go there myself if I needed the services. They’re very clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They’re a good value for the money. We’ve been happy with the care services. Emeritus has really good activities.

A Great Choice in finding the right place for a Choosey individual.

When finding a place for our mom, she is very picky and we have tried to do what she wanted. The problem was, she was very picky, never satisfied and nothing was ever good enough. We have been to about 4 other places and she always found problems with all of them. That's not to say, there weren't problems in all of them but we were not happy with the others. Since coming to Emeritus, at the Broadmoor, our mom has found a much better experience and even though she still complains about everything, she seems to be much happier here than any other place she's been. Still days are a challenge and the staff communicates with us anythime there is a problem, but over all, we have been very pleased with the staff, the care, and the other care services she receives. And for the people who have to put up with her, are saints!!! And for that I THANK YOU!!!

Overall, it's Good

Overall, I think it is a good community. They are ironing out some kinks. When I am there, she gets very good care from most people. I would recommend the place, but as with any senior living, I think people have to be present to watch it. There are a lot of people that don't have anyone, and I feel so bad for them. You have to be on top of it. We are very happy and we will keep her there.

Emeritus at Broadmoor is excellent

The staff went out of their way to be accommodating and are so sweet and caring. They help my mom when she doesn't know how to help herself. I would be lost without them.

Very Impressive

When I visited they had a lot of activities going on. The community is very impressive. The staff is very friendly and they take interest in the residents. They try to keep them engaged and involved in different activities. They have an open line of communication and are always informing us of any changes. They are very accommodating for us. We are very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.

Pets Allowed

This community is very close to me so I can get there in a short time to visit my husband. The staff is what really made the difference. They are very friendly and helpful. They do allow pets and thought about taking a cat for my husband but not sure if he would be able to care for it. The food is really good and it is served to you at the table, they provide two choices and when you decide they bring it to you. Every time I visit I feel very welcomed. I would recommend this community to anyone.

We very much liked this place and the...

We very much liked this place and the staff did a great job answering questions.

We liked this one the best. The resou...

We liked this one the best. The resources of the company and staff seemed best suited to assist us. Rooms were nice sized and reasonably priced.

nice facility, like the single level ...

nice facility, like the single level living, pricey in the years to come

We were very impressed with the knowl...

We were very impressed with the knowledge of the staff of their residents. Just walking around the corridor they were greeting everyone by name and knew their needs. We are very impressed with the dementia care program and are really excited about that.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.