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Customer Reviews

Nighttime staff isn't up to par

I first picked this facility because they had immediate openings and they fit within our budget. Everything started out great but then in the last few weeks, it really hasn't been a good experience. The day to day direct staff does a very good job and most of them really care. The nighttime staff just isn't up to par. They don't follow through and they are making decisions that aren't good for my loved one. There have been a number of medical issues and the follow through wasn't as I hoped it would be. There's just very little follow. I just feel like there have been occurrences happening about every other day or every few days. Also, this is a memory care unit and I really haven't seen much activity happening in terms of memory care. I would not recommend this facility.

Brookdale Rio Rancho

I was going to tour Brookdale while looking for options for my mother’s respite care. I corresponded a great deal with the staff and the director over phone and email, and I just decided that I didn’t feel comfortable placing my mother there. It didn’t feel like a good fit.

Mom's Active Needs

We toured this community and the staff was nice and caring. the director did make a good impression on me. The community was clean and we liked the activities that are offered. We would recommend that families tour this community. We did not get the feeling that we wanted for my mom due to her needing a more active community.

Going well

My parents seem to be doing well since moving into the community. They like to play bingo and have taken advantage of the trips to the store. They are not really fond of the food. The community is clean and the grounds are nice. I would recommend this community

No complaints

They offer some daily activities including bingo and a spiritual service in the mornings. Mom enjoys the food and she has made some friends. The residents are nice and this is a comfortable community. The community is clean and well maintained. The staff are efficient. I would recommend this community.

The Food Could Be Better

My friend is doing okay, we are working out the kinks. The meals have not been so good. She tells me it tastes horrible and she is not happy with it.

Love the cottages! I can see my Dad here.

Friendly staff and they seemed happy. Facility is clean and fresh but could use some upkeep. Back hallways seemed dark and dingy. Cottages were very appealing with wonderful landscaping and convenient parking. Maybe encourage residents to smoke in less conspicuous outdoor spaces rather than front parking lot.

Does not have independent living option. Memory care was excellent as far as I could see. Food was not good but the chef was not there that day.

They Were Confused About Their Pricing

We were going to move in but when it came to the finances it seemed sketchy. I spoke with someone there and she quoted me 3 different prices for one room. I was not comfortable with the fluctuation of pricing. It was all good until it came up to this finances.

A great place for dad

This is a nice community and we like the staff that are always very caring and helpful to my father's needs. He is please with the good variety of healthy meals. They do offer him a good varierty of activities to participate with the other residents. We would highly recommend this community for the good care and the value that is received for other families.

Didn't like what I heard!

I did not tour this Brookdale because my loved ones that are firefighters in this area advised me not to. They said that when a resident falls and calls for help, the staff don't go check on them, they just call the fire department and a lot of times the residents just need help getting up. It defiantly did not sound like a place I would want to put my Mother in.

Mom has adapted really well!!

I have to say the day and night staff at this community have been absolutely wonderful. They treat her just like family and are very patient with her especially with her memory loss that she experiences. I can tell she is really liking the meals they serve she has had no complaints and has been gaining healthy weight from the nutrition. The only complaint I have is the grave yard shift does not seem to be helping keep my mother clean with her hygiene as much as they should be. I hope to they could work on being more attentive to her in the middle of the night

Outstanding Cate

I like the care at this community for my mom. The staff is outstanding. and the community is clean and always. The meals are appealing, but a few changes are needed. The activities ae very helpful for her. We like this community and are very happy to see her here. We would recommend this community to other families for great care and value.

Positive Atmosphere!

The Brookdale Rio Rancho is a very clean and organized community. My mother in law goes on outings, they went to the movies the other day. They had a Christmas dinner as well, and the food served was very good. Overall it has been a good experience.

Staff needs a lot of improvement!!

I am very disappointed in the administration at this community, they have poor communication with me and are very disorganized. They do not take responsibility for there residents and often do not tell me the correct information. I have had many conflicts with them and hope to see improvement in the near future. Another thing I am concerned about is the lack of staffing they have at the facility. They are supposed to always have at least three workers on for the day and I have yet to see more than two. They have 30 people in there memory care unit and need to have more staff available to be available to help the residents.

A good community!!

The staff are attentive and helpful. Mom does not like the food. They offer daily activities. The community is well taken care of and I would recommend it.

Very interesting tour. Friendly staff and residents. Lunch was excellent. But -- apartments are just too small to meet my needs, not to mention desires. This facility is off my list but it might be great for someone else.

I would recommend this community!!

My aunt seems to enjoy living at this community. The staff are nice, however I think they are working on some supervisory issues. The community is clean. They have a lot of healthy food choices. Sometimes the food is not hot when she receives it. They hired a new activities director and they now have more activities available. They offer exercise classes, a happy hour, an ice cream social and trips out.

Nice Community!!

I got offered a complimentary meal while on tour of the community. It's a nice place well cleaned and organized. They offer activities for residents on site. The interaction between the personal and staff was good. I really liked this community.

Viewed the Community

We took a visit to this community and I was able to see everything that is offered. The tour guide was a nice lady. She was very helpful and informative. She showed us a 2 bedroom apartment and my in-laws did not like how small it was. They needed more space and this was the main reason for not choosing.

very nice place

Not A Good Experience

They were not able to handle my wife here at this community. It is a good looking place, they do a very good job with the cleanliness of the community. The staff wasn't able to care for her properly. At times they would allow things that would bother me. The staff would be aggressive with her, which would make her be aggressive to the staff. It just wasn't the community for my wife.

Making Some Nice Changes

This community was going through a lot of changes when we first moved in. They now a new director and she is amazing. She is making a lot of improvements to the community. My mother in law has a little cottage all to herself. They come and clean her cottage once or twice every two weeks. The staff is awesome, but the severing staff needs to be more organized. I'am happy with this community, and I like the changes they are making.

Very Happy Here

We are very happy here. We have no complaints at all. The place is very clean. The food is OK. But the staff is very friendly. I love that we have housekeeping every Friday. I have permission to hang a personal flag. The grounds are kept up really nice. I have met some of my neighbors and that has been wonderful as well.

Going through a transition for the better!!!

The community is clean and the staff are friendly. My mom is having a hard time settling into Brookdale Rio Rancho. She has a food allergy so at this time she says the food is bland but the staff are working on improving this for her. They are currently going through some transitions to improve the overall community. The residents seem happy there and I would recommend Brookdale Rio Rancho.

I would not recommend this community!!

While my father has been at Brookdale Rio Rancho I have not had a great experience. The staff are not informative when it comes to his care. He had to go to the hospital twice since he moved in and I was not informed by the community either time. We were told that there would be transportation available to take him to his appointments but every time we need it they say it is not available. This was one of the reasons we choose this community. I have not tried the food but I have not had any complaints from him. I am not aware of any activities that may be available to the residents. I would not recommend this community as we are still having to do the things we did before he moved in.

quality service at reasonable price

Have only had my father in for a month and a half but so far seems like a winner.

Treating Me Very Nice

So far everything is going pretty well for me at this community. They treat me very nice and they are very helpful when I need some help. The community looks nice and pretty clean. It isn't perfect, but it is a nice community. There are activities through out the week. I do like the meals, they have a good cook. Everyone has been very welcoming and nice.

Good operation

Brookdale Rio Rancho is a good operation. My brother is doing fine there. He says the food is okay.

Met all our needs

We chose Brookdale Rio Rancho as it met all of our needs. It is a bright and comfortable facility with wonderfully compassionate staff in the Memory Care unit. The staff all know the residents. From the maintenance crew to the aides to the nurses, everyone was welcoming, helpful, accommodating to Pat’s needs, and just nice. They have 24/7 nurse staffing so can accommodate Pat’s needs. He is on a waiting list for a private room but his shared room is arranged in a way that both residents have some privacy. The shared rooms were unique to another facility we saw and it made a nice blend of privacy with allowing for interaction as desired.

Everyone Was Great

They sent my loved one to the furthest hospital possible, and it was inexplicable why the did not send him to the closest one. Other than that though, everyone there was really great and they tried their best to help.

More subdued location

This place was more subdued than 1 of the places we chose. IT was the vibe of the atmosphere.

New Facility

She was there for 2 days. It was really clean. They knew where she was at all times, she would go out the room. The staff was in the hallway and wasn't like a hospital, it gave you more of a home feeling. The only complaint is that it is expensive.

really good

Things are really good at Emeritus at Sandia Springs. I would give it a 4 star rating. Overall it was a good facility.

Awful Food

The food there is terrible. The food that they had was just horrible. And there is also not enough staff at Emeritus at Sandia Springs either. And that is pretty much all I have to say about the place.


The individuals themselves are all very caring and efficient, however it is slightly understaffed. They do have an excellent nursing staff and they are very caring and patient and kind. The food is excellent. Overall, the place is well-managed and well-run.

Very nice facility and wonderful welcoming memory care unit. Are currently finishing chanel o er in ownership and doing some renovations. Memory care rooms are shared bath separate sleeping rooms style - dorm feel. They have 1 or 2 couple rooms but rare usage. Staff was open and welcoming.

experiences at Sandia Springs

My Dad has been at Sandia Springs for 3 weeks,and really likes it.He has met several residents that are friendly and welcoming.I choose it because the people who run it are so helpful,approachable and caring.

Very Nice

The staff is very helpful the facility is exceptionally nice. The staff is willing to work with you to the best of their ability to give you options for funding to assist you.

very good

Mom was only in there for a couple of weeks while I had surgery, and they were very good. The only thing I did notice is that they do seem to be understaffed, which leads to them not being cognizant of everything that is going on. Some of moms clothes were lost or stolen while there.

Overall it was a very good experience though and I certainly plan on using them again.

A good experience overall

Things have gone very well at Sandia Springs so far. It's a nice looking place, they keep things very clean, the staff have all been very caring and friendly. They've got a good variety of amenities and activities they provide, as well. Overall a good experience.

My relative lives has lived in this c...

My relative lives has lived in this community for less than six months. They are in process of merging with another large senior care company and I believe the change will be welcome and beneficial. We have been pleased with the care and facilities for the most part. At times, you have to work hard to connect with the various directors for care concerns, etc., but it is not impossible to reach them. You just have to keep trying! The food is pretty good and they are always looking for ways to improve, it seems. The care staff are extremely cordial and helpful especially during the week. The weekend staff is more limited in number, but they seem to do a good job with the residents as well. So far, we are not over-the-moon happy, but happy enough to stay and work towards an even better care community!

Secure, compassionate care

My daughter-in-law and I toured 10 facilities in 3 days searching for a Memory Care unit for my father after the death of my mother. Because we live 1500 miles away, it was important to choose a facility that gives top notch care, be able to communicate with us and not break the bank. We found that here. It is a beautiful facility, and the level of compassion we saw here was far and above many other facilities we toured. It is secure and yet very homey. There were several residents that were still capable of interacting with my still active but confused father, and despite our fears that the move would throw him for a loop, I haven't seen him this happy for years. He told us he loved it and we are praying he will be able to age in place from this point on with dignity and happiness. He has a wonderful view of "his mountain" and the rooms are very well laid out and roomy.

I'm very happy with it.

I'm very happy with it. The staff is very friendly, and they keep it very clean. They are very responsive and attentive. They have quite a few activities. The food is really very good. The biggest reason I chose them, was that they had an option so that the cost of his care would remain the same and the price would not change, it was the special they were running at the time. They all seemed to know his name quite quickly, they will always say hi in the hall and see if anyone needs anything, and do that first.

care costs

It depends on what level the parents level – if they needs independent living or assisted living. The more care they need the more the costs rise. There are always little snicky snacks and coffee for the residents. There has always been enough parking.

a really expensive mistake for us

They seemed to think that we would be able to qualify for some financial help. It turns out they were wrong, and that is a really expensive mistake for us. I kind of feel like we were intentionally misled. They were really good before, a few years ago. They have since been bought out by someone else and it was so much better before. The back area with the memory care is not clean. They don't have enough staff, and that is very obvious. They only have 2 people for 25 patients, and they are always losing my mom. It has not been a good experience.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are sorry to hear that your experience isn’t meeting your expectations. It is not our practice to intentionally mislead anyone regarding costs or financial assistance. We understand that the cost of caring for our seniors can be expensive, and those who may qualify for financial assistance are put in contact with our financial concierge. Also, all financial obligations are explained and agreed upon before signing the lease agreement.

We are concerned by your comments regarding the care you feel your mother is receiving in community. We have no reports in our records of any of our residents being lost. Wandering is a common trait of dementia, and our Memory Care Neighborhood allows for our residents to live safely, yet remain active. This means our residents may explore aspects of our community outside of the Memory Care Neighborhood such as Assisted Living.

We assure you that we are appropriately staffed to ensure that all of our residents receive the same high quality care. We offer housekeeping services five days a week, and when they are not available, our community staff works diligently to keep our community clean and safe for our seniors. If you have any further concerns regarding you and your loved one’s experience with us at Sandia Springs, we invite you to reach out to our community management team.

A Great Place in time of need

The staff was very helpful in a our stressful situation. We found them to be informative, cooperative, and caring. They did everything possible to speed up the entry process and meet my Mom's needs. Looking forward to being able to recommend the Sandia Springs to others in our situation.

Impressed in a short time

The staff a Emeritus at Sandia Springs have been very helpful from the very first visit that was made. Though my mom has only been there a little over a week. You can tell that they care for the people there. They are taking care of her medical needs. She hasn't been to any activities or socialized yet because she hasn't felt up to doing them. My brother & I have been impressed with the whole experience there so far. There has always been someone to answer any questions that we may have.

Very friendly and accommodating staff!

So far things have gone very well with Emeritus at Sandia Springs! It's a very nice looking, clean community, and the staff are all very friendly and helpful! The administrative staff in particular have been wonderful, they're quick to answer any questions you have, or resolve any issues you bring to them! The one issue we've run into is that there has been a lot of turnover in the aide staff, which has led to some confusion regarding who is performing specific care services.

A lot of room for improvement

I don't get a chance to visit often myself, but from what I've heard from my loved one they have a lot of areas they need to work on. To start, she has been very unhappy with the food. They are also very slow to respond to the in-room call buttons. She says that the staff are all very friendly, they're just overworked and understaffed.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are sorry to hear that your loved one’s experience with us at Sandia Springs isn’t meeting her expectations. We invite both you and your loved one to address any concerns regarding food to our Dining Services Director. Please be assured that we work diligently to respond to all calls from our residents for assistance in a timely manner, and that all of our residents are given the highest quality of care.

Over all really good

It’s clean. It seems a little expensive. We’ve just overall a really good experience with them. I think they take care of our loved one well. There are enough activities, even though our loved one doesn’t really participate much anymore.

I did not have a positive experience

I did not have a positive experience, I thought the medical care was pretty inadequate. When I would inquire about my loved one's health, they would let me know that the stats were abnormal, and when I inquired what action they were taking, they said that they thought it was faulty equipment and they didn't seem to care to do anything, without prompting from me. I found some pretty advanced wounds and they didn't think it was a concern. They didn't properly address it even after I had expressed my concerns. When we set up transportation, for a crucial appointment, they were not able to get to the appointment on time. They would take 30 minutes to help her to the restroom. While it looks like a pretty place, the medical care is atrocious. They would order prescriptions, even after she was not there, and I had to pay for them.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are troubled by your comments regarding the care you feel your loved one received. We would like to hear more about your concerns as we have no record of any complaints on file. We invite you to reach out to our community management team to further discuss your concerns.

They’re pretty clean.

They’re pretty clean. Families should definitely do their homework and I think they should considerer this community. They have a great staff who have been there for a very long time, even through changes in the management. The food is amazing! I used to work here too, but now I’m an EMT.

I think there is always room for improvement.

I think there is always room for improvement. It’s not new, new, but it’s not old either. I think it’s very comfortable and welcoming. My mother doesn’t complain too much about the food, but she says they serve a lot of chicken.

Review of Emeritus at Sandia Springs, Rio Rancho, NM

I looked at several assisted living places for my mother-in-law, and this one was the best fit, it seemed ideal....it was smaller, less intimidating, and the staff has been extremely caring and interested.

Our questions and concerns have been addressed, and there is a genuine concern and willingness to help by nearly all staff members who come into contact with the residents. They are very responsive and really do make an effort.

I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for an assisted living option.

It's an older facility, but they keep it very clean.

It's an older facility, but they keep it very clean. The five star staff is hard to find. They have small cottages available so there is a little more space and she can feel a little more independent. The people were able to understand the system and the laws and what she needed, she wasn't ready for the assisted living as much, but the care is available if she needs it. They just bent over backwards and they were good at explaining everything. They do have activities going on. They have doctors that come to Emeritus, which is really nice.

We chose Emeritus mostly for the friendliness of the staff and the pricing.

We chose Emeritus mostly for the friendliness of the staff and the pricing. They are also very clean and do a good job with activities. I haven't had any complaints about the food. There really isn't anything I can think of that they could do better.

Sandia Springs was a surpri...

Sandia Springs was a surprise to us. It is a smaller community than the other retirement living communities that we have visited. Also the majority of residents were in the assisted living building. However, the cottages for independent living patrons were very nice and the price was much below similar quarters at other places that we have visited. There are not al lot of extra amenities so maybe the costs is within reason. Considering all, I have to rate it right up there with Fairwinds (next door to Sandia Springs), Palmilla, and Monzano Del Sol. If Sandia Springs was located on the east side of the river, instead of the west side, I would have given it 5 stars.

friendly staff... no PT...h...

friendly staff... no PT...had assisted living no PT program...residents did not seem engaged or very active...

Easy Decision

She is doing much better than the nursing home that she was in. She likes it because she has more freedom and more privacy, but she is also getting 24/7 care if she needs it. It is very clean. They cleaned the carpet when she came in. When we went in her room, though, and there was a strong scent of pee because she wears pads, and they only take the trash out once a week. They might need to do that more often. She loves the food! She has options and it tastes much better than the other place. She is getting the nutrition that she was not getting before! When she lived alone, all she ate was Sonic and candy bars. Once we visited the Sandia Springs, we went with it right away.

Beautiful facility. Love the dining r...

Beautiful facility. Love the dining room. Prices for the room are reasonable. I liked the Director and the nurse. Would like to know how long the nurse has been with Sandia Springs and what happens if and when she leaves. Very hard for me or my daughter to get to in a hurry. Very far for my daughter to visit her.

From the Community

With the magnificent backdrop of the Sandia Mountains, our community is truly a unique place to call home. Sandia Springs is one of the only communities in Rio Rancho to offer assisted living with a nurturing environment. With outings such as parks, museums, sightseeing and fishing, our residents always stay active. Sandia Springs' 120-unit facility has cozy studio, one and two bedroom units with dozens of activities for every interest level. Situated near the Rio Grande River and Indian Pueblos, our home also offers Adult Day Care and Respite Care.

With so much natural beauty and hot summer days, our residents can enjoy the lush grounds sipping iced tea or catching up with friends. Enrichment activities such as writing, dancing, reading and discussions allow our residents to maintain a sense of identity and learn from each other. The activities at Sandia Springs are as unique as our residents because they are tailored to fit individual needs and interests.