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Customer Reviews

Feels more like a nursing home.

I highly recommend this place!

My husband is here and only has been for about a month and they have been wonderful. The staff is just absolutely understanding of the residents that are there. I’ve watched them interact with other patients, not just my husband, and they put their heart and soul into everything they do. The facility is beautiful, too. The great part for me is that it’s only 5 minutes from my house so I can visit my husband whenever I want to or however often I want to and they’ve always been very professional and wonderful. [Removed], the executive director, and [Removed], the business manager, have always had me amazed. There’s never been a time that they haven’t had a smile on their face and seeing them work with the patients that get upset about being there is really great. The food is always good and my husband will say he’s not hungry but by the time he goes, he eats everything. The only thing I’ve noticed is there are a lot of starchy foods, but there are always vegetables to go with it. The residents get 3 meals a day and they’re all pretty balanced. They also have cookies, an ice cream bar, crackers, and things like that between meals. The activities are great and they’re always doing something with the residents every hour. They have trivia and I’ve had the chance to do that, bingo, arts and crafts, there’s just always something to do to keep everyone busy. What amazes me the most is the cleanliness of the facility. When I was first trying to decide, I took a tour and the second I walked in, there were no weird smells, no dirt, and I noticed that they just do a great job of keeping everything clean. They’re constantly checking the patients that are wheelchair bound to make sure they don’t need a change or anything and then they’ll happily bring them back out to continue on their day. There’s a daycare center right across the street, too, and during Halloween all of the little kids got dressed up and came over to do some trick or treating and it was so much fun. It’s a nice facility and it’s a place that I would highly recommend if you have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Calming Environment

My loved one is settling in well at Brookdale Nacogdoches. The place is fine. It's a little older establishment, not super fancy, but warm and welcoming. It has a peaceful and calming environment. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The staff is friendly, they are fantastic. They are easy to communicate with if I have any questions or concerns regarding our loved one. The food and the quantity are good, it's not always prepared to our taste, but it is good. They do have activities that the staff encourages the residents to participate in.There is a nicely landscaped courtyard for the residents to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. We are pleased with the location for the family to be able to visit more often. I would recommend this community to others.

All memory Care and well trained

This is a very nice community that is set-up very well for memory care. All the staff is well trained and I felt that my dad would have done very well here. Right now dad is still able to live in an assisted living situation but I would definitely recommend this community to those whose loved ones need the memory care, it is well worth the tour here.

Safe and Secure

Brookdale Nacogdoches was a good move for dad and he is settling in well. It is a clean and well-kept community. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. They are very welcoming to our family members when we come to visit. The staff is very friendly and attentive to my dad's care needs. It is easy to communicate with the staff any questions or concerns regarding his care. They keep me well informed. I have not dined there yet, but I have seen the meals they prepare and it looks delicious. We feel he is in very good place with lots of care provided. We feel good that he is safe and secure. He likes to wander so we are very happy with the security that they provide. I would recommend this community to others.

Take a look

This looked like a very nice community when I saw it. The person that took us on tour was nice. This community was our first choice, unfortunately the cost was a little to high.

Pretty Impressed

My dad was only in this community for a short time, but while he was there the staff did a very nice job with his care. He had a nice studio sized apt and he enjoyed going to the dining area and most of the time he liked the food. The community is very nice and offered a lot of amenities for the residents there.

A good place

This seems like a very nice community. They invited mom to come have lunch to see if she likes this community and if she would get enough stimulation. There is a medical organization that comes in twice a month. They have a doctor that visits every three months. There is a behavioral doctor on site and they have a dental truck that comes there. This community seems to offer a lot of the services we were looking for.

A very compassionate staff

The staff here are very compassionate and caring and my mom is doing so well here. She is now getting out and making friends, she loves the activities and joining the other residents in the dining room for her meals. There is a nice patio/courtyard where the residents can go to sit and visit with one another. I would definitely recommend this community.

Nice Tour of This Community

I had a pleasant tour of this community. Everyone was kind to my family, and I. The staff was friendly, and informative. All our questions were answered. The experience was a very nice one, but I did find another community that suited our needs better.

A Place for Mom

The transition from home to Brookdale has been an emotional time for us as we have been Mothers care givers for the last 9 years. The professionalism and sincere caring from all of the staff have eased our minds and confirmed our decision to move her in. There have been some concerns as Mother is adjusting to a totally new environment but every issue is addressed immediately and resolved. Thank you Brookdale Staff for taking the extra steps to embrace my Mother as another family member to your community.

Mom's care

Establishment is very clean, orderly and well run. Staff is very friendly and accommodating which makes for an easier transition for their clients. I observed one-on-one with clients and the staff stresses that it is imperative they 'get to know the client' and family. This location makes me feel that we have made a great decision for our mother and she is in good hands. Love the personal touches with the shadow box and 'Veteran's Wall of Fame'! Thanks so much for your love and support!

Special Care for Mom

Have to applaud the staff on their ability to transition my mother in a safe, compassionate way which made the family feel that the right decision had been made. They are planning a welcome party have been diligent about keeping us abreast of progress and adjustments needed to make my mother more safe and comfortable. I thank God for caring staff who embrace us as we enter to fellowship with Mom and just knowing she has access to 24 hour care has truly eased our minds and hearts in regards to making the best decision for her.

Brookdale Nacogdoches Facility and Staff

Beautify facility with truly caring staff members and great meals. Lots of activities to stimulate memories. My Mother has been in there for over 1 1/2 years and I would never take her anywhere else.

My father's care

I like this community for my father's care. We found that the staff to be caring and attentive. The community is clean, but the meals can use some small improvements. We liked the activities for him to participate. We would recommend this community to other families.

Good Follow Up

I toured this community for my father and his needs. My tour went well, and everyone was friendly. The staff I met was a kind and courteous. From what I saw everything looked nice and tidy. Even after our tour they were great with following up with us. It was a pleasant experience.

Mom's settling!

It's amazing the difference from one Brookdale to the other. My Mom is currently at Brookdale Nacogdoches while my in laws are at a different Brookdale and the difference is completely night and day. Here we've had to ask housekeeping to change my Mom's sheets because they hadn't in two weeks. I find that to be a bit disturbing if we are paying for linen service. The staff on the floor are great and Mom is starting to settle in. Thankfully my sister is close enough to monitor things and hopefully with communication things will get better.

Brookdale at Nacogdoches is #1.

On our initial tour over a year ago we were very impressed with all aspects of the memory care services and facilities. On a recent 5 day respite stay our initial impressions were confirmed first hand. We were impressed with the facility, care services, and staff. After the initial tour we also toured several other Memory Care Communities and placed Brookdale at Nacogdoches as our first choice should we need to put Suzanne in a Memory Care Community. We are working very hard to continue to care for her at home to the very end, but we always know Brookdale is there for us should we need it.

Top-notch community

I chose this community after visiting five other recommended facilities in my area. The administrator met with us for two hours. He explained what this community had to offer and listened attentively to my father's history and needs. The entire staff is very friendly and caring. They make the environment feel like home! I am very confident that Brookdale Nacogdoches is the best placement for my father.

The staff actually make an effort

Brookdale Nacogdoches is going well. They are getting him active. The staff actually make an effort to include him in things that are going on that he otherwise wouldn't participate in. They give me progress reports and I really appreciate that. They even send me pictures. That kind of feedback is invaluable to me. I am very pleased.

Relieved relative

Very friendly staff. Very quiet. Dignified care. Respect for needs of the community. Very nice accomodations.



A true blessing for my husband and myself.

I moved my husband from another facility that was less than adequate for the type of care I wanted for him. The difference was like day and night! He actually improved in his speech and mobility when moved to Brookdale- Nacogdoches in San Antonio. The caregivers are attentive and friendly to both the residents and the families. The facility's general areas and residents rooms don't smell. Their laundry is never allowed to pile up, and done each day. The meals are healthy and plentiful. The staff go the extra mile to ensure the residents' safety and well being. My husband is very content here. I feel very blessed to have found this wonderful facility.

Clare Bridge San Antonio

The staff at Clare Bridge of San Antonio is above exceptional. It's almost hard to explain in words what they mean to me. My dad was a resident for over three years and they treated him like family. My dad suffered from dementia and was difficult at times but they always treated him with respect and were extremely patient. They worked very closely with us to make the best decisions for my dad and I couldn't be more grateful. While the entire staff is beyond wonderful - Lisa, Doug and Cynthia stick out as truly outstanding people that clearly love their jobs and it shows. Lisa & Cynthia made it possible for me to Skype with my dad and for him to "meet" his newborn granddaughter before he passed even though we were in another state. I will be forever thankful and grateful. If you are looking for a facility that cares...take the time to visit Clare Bridge San Antonio.

Very nice memory care community!

I think they do a great job overall at Clare Bridge of San Antonio! They're very observant, and I really appreciate how often they check in on the residents. It's also nice that even though it is a memory care community the residents are able to lock their doors. It is a locked facility, but the inside is spacious with plenty of room to wander, and they have beautiful courtyards if the residents would like to go outside.

We were very favorably impr...

We were very favorably impressed with all aspects of what Clare Bridge community has to offer because they specialize in the kind of care Suzanne needs. Kelly was very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. We liked the layout of the building and also the room floor plans. We also liked the repetitive daily schedule and the way it was arranged. Suzanne was very impressed when one of the staff welcomed her so warmly and as we left Suzanne remembered Maria by heart warming for both of us.

Very nice facility and spac...

Very nice facility and spacious room. Don't like the long hallways even though it's a square. Dinning area seemed crowded. Don't like the busy intersections close by and security door will open after 20 second push, alarm. Not in ranking

Nice place, overall

Overall I think they've done a good job at Clare Bridge of San Antonio. It's a well kept, clean facility, the staff are all very friendly and professional, and the care and amenities they provide are excellent. They have a good deal of activities to keep the residents engaged, and the meals are balanced and nutritious.

First impression: great env...

First impression: great environment, very comfortable & relaxed atmosphere for residents

Not The Right Place

They were pretty much just not the right place. We really felt right at another place. It was clean and the people were very friendly. My biggest concern was that they were constantly calling us. I visited once by myself and once with my dad and they just kept calling us with better deals. I just kind of felt like it was all about the money. I know they were willing to work with us and I think we would have gotten a better price from them but it was also a very dark place. We wanted something more open and bright.

Very nice facility . Initia...

Very nice facility . Initial impression of staff person who opened the door was negative, but Kelly was very helpful and informative. This would be a possible option for us.

Dark, lots of wood grain doors and ca...

Dark, lots of wood grain doors and cabinets. Wood floors in rooms. Memory Care only. Clean and fresh smell. $3550 plus personal assistance and med management.

Sterling House Assestmet done at eith...

Sterling House Assestmet done at either at Dad's res or at facility, which has all levels of care.

I visited with sister and liked the p...

I visited with sister and liked the place.

From the Community

At Brookdale Nacogdoches e we know that memory losses due to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are progressive and residents' needs are continually changing. We provide balance in our residents' capabilities, personalities and preferences to create daily routines that enhance their spirits and increase their sense of purpose. We believe the amount of satisfaction our residents receive from the tasks that fill their days goes a long way to maintaining their sense of purpose and overall satisfaction with life. An Integral part of this is our promise to encourage each resident to find Daily Moments of Success.  To help our residents achieve these moments, our associates receive the tools and training needed in such key areas as specialized dining and the ongoing monitoring of health care and behavioral needs, to name a few.  


Clare Bridge provides Alzheimer’s and dementia care residents with the lifestyle, housing and services they need in comfortable surroundings combined with the  amenities, programs and care they need to help stimulate recognition, recall and wellness in a safe environment. Through years of caring for individuals with dementia we have learned how to create optimal surroundings and approaches to care. Familiar environments that our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives are recreated to help them feel reassured and comfortable. Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs are built to embrace, not restrict our residents' desire to wander and to provide a sense of belonging. The secured courtyard with pathways is a place that encourages time outside with an afternoon stroll. This community has a daily check-in system, a library, three meals a day, a pharmacy, and a wellness center. Residents can enjoy many activities that stimulate the brain while staying active.