Carol Ann's Home #2 - San Antonio, TX

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Customer Reviews

Helpful and caring community, but they need more staff

My Mom is here currently and so far things have been okay. It took a couple of weeks, but the facility was able to get a bigger bed for her than the one that was originally provided. That was the only thing that really annoyed me. Other than that, the staff is always very nice and courteous to me. In many ways, we wish there was more staff available. Sometimes they don’t have enough time to sit with her and spend time with her. They don’t get paid a lot either, so that may be why there aren’t many of them available to visit with her. A real big thing for us was that in their policy, the resident, or someone from the family, has to request pain medicine. My Mom doesn’t like feeling like she’s getting in the way, so she won’t usually ask for the medicine until it’s too late. I was able to talk with hospice about giving her the pain medicine without her asking and now she’s feeling a bit more comfortable. It took 3 weeks, but we got it resolved and they’ve been as helpful as possible since. The food is healthy and decent but she doesn’t always like it. However, we can bring in food from outside or have it delivered and they’re more than happy to help feed her the food even if she didn’t get it from them. Overall, I think they’re doing a good job.