Brookdale Hawthorne Park - Greenville, SC

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available

Customer Reviews

This is a nice smaller facility. The main area is set up like a small town. The staff is very friendly and upbeat and stimulate the patients. Everyone seemed happy. They are reasonably priced

My mother's care

I am not happy with the care from this community. The staff is not taking care of my mom as needed. She is not getting personal care and not receiving showers as needed. Her clothes are not being changed.My mom is slowly losing weight due to not giving me the care that is needed. The staff has some time left the resident's unattended. The staff has changed her medications without permission from her doctor. They are not keeping here hydrated as needed.The staff is not assisting her when needed. We have had to get additional care to come in and take My mom is slowly losing her vision and I was informed that they will not care for a resident that is going blind

A feeling for care

This was a nice tour for care. We like the manager and the cleanliness of the community. The had nice menu and we liked that they had a clean community. We did not find the feeling that my husband and the family member was looking for. We would suggest a tour for other families for the care of a loved one

Has 4 Seperate Dining Areas

We toured many communities but this one stood out the most. Instead of having one major dining room where residents go to eat this community on each corner of the building has a small private dining room that is connected to their own kitchen. This was a major factor in our decision making because it felt more personal and intimate feeling. No matter which dining room you are in once you walk out you go into the common area where there are seating and TVs to watch we really liked the setup of the community. The staff is nice very kind. My mom is doing very well here she likes the community enjoying the activities.

Family Pleased With This Community

My family is satisfied with my mothers move to this facility. I'am not there with her everyday, but from what my brother tells me all is well. She seems to be happy with this community, and we are comfortable with her move here. We have another relative living here, so it is convenient for the family to visit both at the same time. Their price works well in our budget. It is a community I would recommend to my friends.

Helpful Staff!!

I have recently taken a tour of this community for my mother and I have no complaints of how things had went. The staff where pleasant to work with and I thought they did a great job with the presentation. The floor plan was open and I liked the different amenities they had available to all of the residents. It was just not the right fit for my mom in the end decision but I would recommend it to anyone interested.

This is the place for our mother. We do not have to look any further. I was just so pleased with the whole layout and the proper care that our mother would be taken care of on an everyday basis. They have so much to offer for their residents at brookdale Hawthorne. I was very satisfied with mom transitioning from assisted living to memory care when that time came. They really make your love ones living there a stay at home environment. A big thanks goes out to [Removed]/ a place for mom and [Removed] at the Brookdale of Hawthorne for the fantastic job they do to help make it a place for mom/dad. [Removed]

Wonderful Meals

It has been a pretty decent experience for my mother in law with her move to this community. Everyone has been very kind, and polite when we come to visit. My only concern has been the fact the residents can no go into the out door area by themselves. It is a secure facility, but the residents can not go outside without an aid. I understand security measures, but some people needs are different than others. Other than that issue, she is very pleased with the meals. They do a good job with the cleanliness of the community. She is still adjusting, but we do feel she is in good hands at this community.

My mom's outstanding care

I am happy with this community for the care that my mom is receiving. The meals are outstanding in everyway. The community is very clean. They offered her activities for her to participate. We would recommend this for outstanding care for a loved one. We found this to be a good value for the care that is received.

'care for mom

We are very happy with the community. My mom is happy here and the staff is very nice and helpful. She likes the cleanliness of the community. The variety of meals and appealing. We like the activities that are offered to her. We would recommend the care and value of this community to other families.

The Brookdale Hawthrone Park was a nice community. When we arrived, they were prepared for us and the tour went very smooth.

Very nice place!

The Brookdale Hawthrone Park was a lovely place. The building is very clean and well maintained. Everyone that I came into contact with there was quite friendly. I do not remember anything negative about the place, the reason we ended up choosing another community was because we started to look out of state.

Security Concerns at Hawthorne Park

I sent an email to the facility on 2/1/2017 but as of today, no response. My concern is the lack of physical security for the facility itself. I won't list specifics of what happened on 1/22 but to my knowledge no new procedures have been implemented as of today. Management needs to install security cameras at a minimum in the entrance as well as some type locking system with security access codes. Entering & exiting is not monitored and most certainly needs to be.
I would appreciate a review and then a written response.

Not a good Fit!

This was a nice community and I liked the people. The only thing is that there memory care unit was on the 3rd floor and I knew that mom would not be able to work the elevator. Also they have social meetings about what kind of food they want and mom would not know what to do.

Look elsewhere; a marginal passing score

My mother lived at Brookdale Hawthorne Park for 1.5 years. She recently (late 2016) moved to another home.

I am surprised (and worried) to see that this facility received a best ranking for 2016. Although the staff is friendly there, they are chronically understaffed and have a high staff turnover. It was often hard to find a staff member for assistance, either for my mother or other residents in need. I recently on a Sunday found a gentleman wandering in the main community room. He was very confused, fully dressed but covered in feces down the left side of his clothes. He seems to have escaped from the locked Alzheimer's care unit. I had great difficulty finding someone to take him back and to assist him. After searching two hallways, I eventually found assistance. This type of incident has happened several times, but more frequently over the past 6 months.

Response to requests to fix or replace broken or damaged items in the apartment was poor. My mothers shower mount pulls off the wall, and has never been repaired, despite repeated requests. So she stopped showering and took sponge baths. . A request to replace torn drape linings took three months to complete.

The meal choices are very limited, monotonous and without variety. Residents are given three meals daily, but my mother was relieved to eat out several times weekly because of the institutional nature of the meal there, and lack of choices and variety.

Brookdale charges for everything. For example, there is a $50 pet fee monthly. There is a $570 "personal care" fee (not sure what that was for as they did very little to assist her). The new home she is at now allows pets for no additional cost, and the rent is all inclusive.

Activities are extremely limited. The activities coordinator there is young, enthusiastic, very nice and caring. Some of the lack of activity may be limited to some degree by the very frail nature of most of the residents there (many using walkers, many with severe memory issues, very few still largely independent like my mother). There is usually one major outing a month to a restaurant within an hours drive of the facility, and weekly outings to Walmart.

I found it hard to get a hold of administrative personnel in a timely fashion, who were slow to respond by telephone if at all. Forget about getting a hold of anyone on the weekend; staffing is extremely low on weekends.

Even though my mother had her own physician, we kept getting bills from Agape Senior care for monthly "exams" (according to my mother involving no physical exam, just a nurse practitioner speaking to her for about 5 minutes). It took mutiple repeated requests over multiple months to get that service stopped.

The facility does give you the option to use your own pharmacy, which is nice.

The facility has a nice front patio that is a popular sitting area in the warmer months. The other outside seating areas are not as convenient to get to, and are rarely used. Although there is no walking trail, residents can walk around the facility on the wide and safe paved area that surrounds the building.

All in all, my mothers experience at Brookdale Hawthorne Park was not great. She felt isolated there. Almost none of the residents are mentally capable or willing to engage in card games or Scrabble. She had only a few fellow residents that she was able to interact with on a daily basis, and almost none that were still mobile as she was. She felt the food choices were lousy and institutional. The facility dishwasher was often broken, multiple times resulting in the use of plastic utensils.

I've had multiple experiences at other facilities in the Greenville area with my father in the past and now my mother. I rate this facility as a marginal pass. I recommend looking elsewhere nearby; Gardens At Eastside and Haywood Estates (right next door) are nicer and in one instance less expensive for a better apartment.

Great Facility- Not So Great Therapy Group

Brookdale-Hawthorne Park is a lovely place and the people are very nice. Unfortunately, Brookdale Therapy dropped the ball on getting our mother started on the physical therapy that was very much needed. The facility itself has a wonderful staff but the therapy group isn't on the ball.

No Complaints

My grandmother is doing pretty well since her move to this community. There was an adjustment process, but now things have gotten better. In the beginning there were a few things that we needed to get ironed out, but that comes with the transition into the community. It is a nice clean community, they do a good job with the cleanliness. The staff is very good, they are caring for her well. There are activities available for her when she is ready to participate. She is pleased with the meals. It is still early in the process to recommend the community, but I have no complaints.

Avoid Brookdale

My mother entered the facility with high expectations. However, the care described was never delivered. For example, I was told that she could bring her bedside toilet chair and that it would be emptied by staff as needed. However, the staff, one person in particular, refused to empty it and put the chair in the shower. My mom was forced to get in her wheel chair unassisted and try to get to the bathroom. Also, she did not receive a shower for ten days. She was given a call button to wear around her neck but rarely did anyone respond when she called. My mother reported more negligence than space allows to report. Although she has physical problems, her mental state and attitude is exceptional but her time at Brookdale was emotionally distressing. On one occasion, while her personal care giver from home was there, an aid entered the room and purposely bumped her wheel chair twice while mom was in it. Once, she did so with enough force to make it slide on the floor. If you are looking for professional and loving care, Brookdale is not the place.

Toured, nice looking place!

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. We actually toured a few Brookdale facilities and I was impressed by all of them! We ended up selecting one that was more conveniently located for family members, but Brookdale Hawthrone Park was definitely a nice looking place!

Would consider if needs change

Loved the people and the place. We chose a smaller facility, but would consider Hawthorne Park again if/when our needs change

Seemed like a very nice place!

We toured this community while looking into senior living options for my loved ones. I thought Brookdale Hawthorne Park seemed like a nice place, overall! It's a smaller place, and everyone seemed very friendly and welcoming. My parents weren't quite ready for assisted living, so we ended up going for somewhere with a slightly more independent feel, but this place was high on our list!

Great Staff

They have a great staff at Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn, but they are understaffed at the moment. My mother has special needs because she is legally blind and they are not always met. But I do really like the staff.

A Friendly Community

We chose the Hawthorne Inn for my 89 year old father because it had a really nice community feeling. Most notably the residents keep the doors to their rooms open during the day. So, even if they are not naturally outgoing they aren't isolated. Also, the complex is divided into halls so the same 12 neighbors eat together every day. Within the complex are community meeting places, gardens and a nice front porch. Finally, keeping this all running smoothly is a very friendly and competent staff.

This place had a nice commu...

This place had a nice community feel to it. The staff was professional, friendly and informative. The rooms were comfortable and most of the residents had their doors open and were welcoming to visitors.

Great looking community

This was a very very nice looking place, it was clean, and all of the staff I worked with were friendly and helpful. Their base rate was more than what we could budget for, and they really worked with us to try and work something out with a shared room, unfortunately we were unable to arrange anything before we had to move him in somewhere.

Memory care wasn't what we hoped

It didn't seem to have as much memory care, it was really going to be my choice until we decided that the memory care wasn't as strong as we hoped. It just seemed more like it was going to be an assisted living, everything was really nice and they were friendly, but we just got a different feel. It's not like they weren't going to watch over them, it just seemed like the staff was geared towards overall levels of care instead of more individual.

Seems like a great place

We really liked this place, but they didn't have any availabilities. It seemed very clean and the person I talked to there was just really easy to talk to and she was very friendly. The atmospere seemed very inviting, the residents were having a bingo night while we were there and they all seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

Staff is great!

They're extremely friendly, the care is very good. She's in all the activities and they make sure that she comes and that she's aware of them and they go above and beyond. From what I understand, the cost is pretty good compared to other places, if you paid the bigger deposit, after the first couple of months the rent goes down.
We've only been there a couple of months but any time she falls they're constantly calling me and letting me know. If I call and have a problem, they fix it right away. It's like Hayward Estates, but with more medical care and her room is smaller but they provide a pharmacy and a doctor there if you want to use them. She stayed with her old doctor but we have switched to their pharmacy so if she needs anything they can do it and I don't need to make the trip over there. When she does go to the doctor they take someone with them who actually goes with them and stays while they're at the doctor.

My husband and I toured several Ass...

My husband and I toured several Assisted Living Centers. We were impressed with the small community at Hawthorne Inn- 13 "apartments per Hall. Each Hall has its own dinig area. This was important to us because my Mother had just come from rehab and did not need to be confused with a large community of resisdents and caregivers. We decided on Hawthorne Inn and so far, my Mom has transitioned fairly well. Access to the dining area and activity venues are very close to her studio. I want to thank A Place For Mom and Tamara for facilitating our search for us. Every place we visited had the potential to be a good home for my Mom.

Absolutely Wonderful

I wish that my mother could still be living there. They are absolutely wonderful and they continue to be even though she doesn't live there anymore because she had to be moved to a nursing home.

Tour set up -everything went good. T...

Tour set up -everything went good. This would be a good option.

PROS - Great place, like town square ...

PROS - Great place, like town square inside made it unlike the rest and a little something extra. Had lots of great activites and took residents out once a week unless inclement weather. PT staff on site and seperated older patients suffering from mental problems.

lists memory care #1 choice

lists memory care #1 choice

VERY friendly staff members and happy...

VERY friendly staff members and happy to assist me in answering my questions etc. Clean environment and unique set-up for the community area. Comfortable size rooms. I liked what I saw. Do not have Medicaid assistance.

From the Community

Brookdale Hawthorne Park is designed for senior adults who wish to maintain their independent lifestyle but may need some additional assistance to do so.

Memory Care

Our Alzheimer's neighborhood is a homelike environment designed for those diagnosed with dementia. We supply structured routine uniquely tailored to each resident's needs and wishes while providing dignity and security.