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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Overall, I was impressed with the facility and the staff I met. However, I found a place closer to home that met all of my needs, but if I hadn't, I would have confidently moved my Mother to Brookdale.

Everyone we've talked to from Brookdale has been just awesome - and our mom who is now living there agrees!

Vibrant community, with weekly concerts in the park and many things to do. Having 45 meals for independent living included was a value. Many little perks and peace of mind for safety with emergency call pulls in the apartment in case of emergencies is an added benefit. Great dining & Coffee/cocktail socializing places for family and friends. The atmosphere was happy social.

This facility is very large and has lots of amenities. The studio's are on the small side and the halls are narrow so if a motorized scooter was being used, it would be a challenge. The staff all seemed very nice. The units were clean as well as the common area's. [Name removed] gave us a tour and the rates are higher than what you gave us, though they could do a couple of units for the rate you quoted? [Name removed] was not able to talk about any of the nursing services or costs though which was odd as I was there to look into assisted living options. This place would be good for more active seniors.

We toured this community

We went on a tour here and the staff was friendly and answered all of our questions. We didn't like the setup overlooking an indoor park. It is an attractive facility with many scheduled activities for residents.

Nice place but a few concerns

I visited my dad every day for three weeks a few weeks after he moved into his A/L apt on the 5th floor at the beginning of Sept.

My initial observation? Rarely would I find staff at the station on his floor after a certain time of day. Almost always needed to go to first floor reception with question or issue which couldn't be answered by that person anyway.

It was explained that the attendant or caregiver had multiple floors to cover which would explain their absence from the floor. As I observed, and pointed out to staff, rare was the occasion I could find anyone on the 5th floor so they must be spending most of their time elsewhere. Congregating?

My wife observed that even though his laundry was being done, clothing items were not being gathered from his bathroom. We were told they would pay closer attention in the future ensuring that all clothes intended for laundering would be taken care of.

On multiple occasions meals normally served in the 2nd floor dining room were not served there without notifying the residents - who would show up for the meal finding the DR unattended and unlit because meal service had been switched to the 1st floor dining room instead.

On one occasion my dad was informed when being served his lunch in his apt, (he has that option) that supper would be served at 5:30 in the 2nd floor dining room. It wasn't. I asked staff how could they possibly not know 4-5 hours before meal time that it wouldn't be served in a particular dining room. I was informed they should've known and advised him appropriately. I was told the issue would be addressed.

All in all a very nice facility in good repair. The building is pleasant, open and airy; has a large open space with high ceilings on the first floor along with a small library and media center, and other activity rooms. I don't about all floors but A/L 5th & 6th both had a lounge/sitting area with tv and coffee service.

A schedule of activities is published regularly. An attached indoor park hosts various types of bands on Sunday nights. A sing along is held on Monday afternoons, and a 'happy hour' gathering occurs once a week. Movies are also shown. My dad was offered the opportunity to socialize and to engage in activities without any pressure and allowed to decline if he so chose. Guest rooms are also available at less than the cost of a quality hotel accomodation.

Good Move For Dad

This community is working out well for my father, and his needs. I do feel he is safe, and in good hands. The staff taking good care of him, and his needs. They are very kind, and have been very helpful. Everything is going well for my father since his move to this facility.

Nice place!!

I had recently taken a tour of this community and it was pleasant experience for myself. The staff where patient with my questions and made sure to answer them in great detail. I liked that it was easy to navigate throughout the property and the open floor plan. It was just not the right location in the end decision for me.

narrow hallways, used to be 55+ independent living only but now has AL and MC, asst living open, cats ok, high rise
NO Elderly Waiver in Edina, but has properties in EP and others with EW

narrow hallways, no elder waiver, asst living open, cats ok, high rise
NO Elderly Waiver in Edina, but has properties in EP and others with EW

Mom is comfortable

Mom is still adjusting to living at this community. The staff have been helpful and they made the transition great. They offer a menu of food choices and the food is good. They offer daily activities and they keep the community well maintained inside and out. This was the best fit for mom and I would recommend it.

Loved the place. Worried about price.

Outstanding Care for dad

We did like the care at this community. The staff was helpful and caring. The community was clean and well taken care of. The menu was a nice variety. The community did offer him activities and he did enjoy. We would recommend this community to other families for a good care and the nice options with a good value.

Clean Property!!

I have no complaints about how things went during my tour of this community . The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer questions we had for them. They had a nice floor plan with lots of great amenities available to all of the residents. It was just not the right fit in the end decision.

A newer community

We toured this community for care. We liked the community that is new and the staff is nice and caring. We wanted to be closer to the family. The community does offer a lot of activities for the residents that want to participate. We would suggest that families tour this community a nice place to call home and for the cost of care.

We visited Brookdale Edina and found it to be warm and welcoming. My mother loved the tour and it is on the top of our list of independent living options.

Medication management needs improvement...

The staff at this Brookdale location were very nice and the facility was kept very clean and safe. Our primary concern was the fact that we have run into trouble with medication management, which is upsetting because this is a rather serious issue.

Not Like a Neighborhood Atmosphere

When I had the tour with the community I saw a high rise building and elevator to get from floor to floor. It looked like an apartment facility. It is not the same atmosphere like other communities. The surrounding area was like an apartment.

If your Mom or Dad needs medical attention - Brookdale is in our experience not the place.

Our father was in Brookdale Edina for a few days. He needs medical attention, which were promised to be met. Everything was ok, until he became short of breath and needed his nebulizer. He used the alert signal but no one came. When my sister visited him, the same thing again. My sister even went looking for a nurse, but there was no one to be found. We took him out of there after only 6 days and put him up somewhere else.
Then came the bill. They charged us for the whole month plus all the services for the whole month. I asked the executive director for a prorating via email, but there was no response until a few days before the payment deadline. He apologized, wrote we could talk about prorating, but nothing became of it, because he again did not respond to my email. Our opinion is, that seniors needing special medical attention, should not go here, even though the salespeople are very nice, friendly and informative indeed. On top of that comes the uncommunicative executives who will wait things out instead of proactively meeting ones needs. A definitive no go.

Not the best fit!

I did not choose Brookdale Edina because they could not accommodate to my mother's type 1 diabetes. The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable, but it was not what my mother needed.

An Okay Community

My mother has gotten better since her move to this community. Overall this is an okay community. They are doing an alright job caring for my mother, and her needs. There is some room for improvement with the staff, but overall they have been okay. They do not accept W care, so if you do not have an elderly wavier after a certain amount of time. They will ask you to leave. I wish I knew this information in the beginning, but this whole process as been a learning experience. Overall I would recommend this community. Your loved one would be okay here.


Very pleased with my mothers move to this community.

Nice place to start the next chapter

We chose this place for my mother in law following a TCU stay. She enjoys the activities, helpful staff, variety of foods and the other residents she is meeting. There was a little vagueness in the services that would be charged so Assisted Living is expensive but the hope is that it's temporary and she will be Independent soon. Overall the amenities and location are quite convenient and the renovations show in that it is bright and welcoming.

Still adjusting!

It's taking us a while to get adjusted, but things are going well so far. The place is clean and everyone is pretty nice. The main thing we feel they could improve on is the food, it's not something that I would order if I went to a restaurant.

Nice Facility!

My tour of the Brookdale Edina went good, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They answered any questions that I had and showed me around the entire building. The place was kept up very well from what I saw.

A tour for mom

I took a tour of this community. The staff was nice and asnsered all of the questions we had. They had activities that were offered. This location was further then what we wanted, but over all very nice.

Great Care

I am very happy with this community. I like that staff that is very helpful and friendly towards me. I like the food and the variety. They do offer alot of great activities, but I have not participated yet. I would highly suggest this community for other families.

Open Communication!!

The staff have been wonderful at keeping an open communication with me about my loved one. They are always updating me and answering any questions I may have. The staff are very attentive to his needs, they are always making sure his room is kept clean and that he is feeling comfortable and safe in his new home.

Happy Here

It has been a great experience for me here. This is a great community. They do a good job with the cleaning. The staff is great and helpful. There are nice activities offered daily. I do enjoy the meals. Everything has worked out well and I'am pleased.

Best outcome for a loved one needing special care

My mother recently moved into the memory care unit at BrookDale Edina. She's making friends and smiling again. The staff have been wonderful and have treated her with great kindness, dignity and respect.

I liked it so much, I've rented an apartment there.

She Is Doing Fine

The care and experience seems to be going fine for my mother-in-law. The community looks spotless and all is well maintained here. They also have activities available for my mother-in-law to try. I believe it is suitable fun for the residents. I think she likes the meals that are served, her only complaint has been about the repetitive meals, she would like more variety or options.

Brookdale Edina

Brookdale Edina is a beautiful facility. My wife spent 8 days as a guest while I was fishing. I brought quite a few changes of clothes and hung them in a closet in her room. when I picked her up to go home they(clothes) were scatter all over the room and nothing was in the closet.some were under the sink soaking wet. A day or two after being home i noticed ,she was wearing someone else's eyeglasses. Two of her cat dolls she brought with her were missing. I called Julie [Removed] about the glasses and dolls about a month ago and she said she would look into the matter. Till this date no response from Ms [Removed].. I cant comment on the staff.because my wife's memory is bad and she has no recolection of what took place. The staff seemed Ok except for the nurse in charge of medications was very pushy and not friendly at all.

A nice place so far!

I have only lived at this community for a short time and so far it is nice. The staff are friendly if I am friendly with them. The food is average and probably healthy. Everything is clean and I am still settling in so I could not yet say if I would recommend this community.

So far it seems like a very nice place.

So far it seems like a very nice place. It's still very new to us, but it's been great so far. It's seems to be exactly what we were looking for. I like the way the meals are set up, and the food has been pretty good too.

Beware of rental policy

Beware if needing to move out: First you do not get your 2500 deposit back, Second there is a 2 month notice if you are moving out. This is important, we needed to move my mother closer to home and into assistive living due to declining memory issues. There was no flexibility in notice, and typically assistive living facilities will not hold a room for 2 months. This is a huge financial loss for my aging 87 year old mother. Communication became an issue once mom was transitioning between being independent and having memory difficulties. The nurse is sweet but appears to have more then she can manage. OT and PT love to take on clients and provide services however again documentation and communication with family members very poor. Most likely not an issue if you are completely independent- but if functioning more on the border line- there are concerns. Overall we are very disappointed. Again fine place for high functioning, however beware if your parents are starting to decline in cognition- but not quite ready for assistive living- you can't count on the facility to notify you at all of concerns.

Very nice place

Our experience with Brookdale Edina has been a very good one so far! They've come through on everything that they promised during the touring process, and our loved one really seems to enjoy it here. The facility is clean and well kept, and everyone seems very friendly!

I love it! It's been great.

I love it! It's been great. It's clean and the staff is friendly. I don't have any major concerns, or complaints at this time. I would say they get a five so far. I am happy with it.

Disruptive remodeling

The building has been undergoing an extensive remodel for about 18 months that is still far from finished. The noise and disruption are significant problems. The is dust and debris everywhere, and there are dangerous areas throughout the building where work is being done. Some residents, even ones who were told they would not have to move during the remodel, have had to move temporarily to other apartments within the building while their long-term apartments were having work done. Many of the public spaces on the first floor (library, beauty shop) have been unusable for months, with temporary programming done on another floor that has far less welcoming spaces. The staff keep saying how wonderful it will all be when the work is done, but I think many residents have found the disruption very stressful. Having to pay full rent during this long remodel is a huge rip-off.

Very Nice Place.

They are very caring and try to get my mom to get out and socialize and the staff is absolutely wonderful.

I toured the Assisted Living in this community. The rooms were dirty and the bathroom needed to be clean. A man was walking around and seemed to be in pain, but no staff nor nurse was in sight. A man asked me where he should go and to see if there was happy hour. I did not see any activities that were happening. There was a women in the dining room who was eating, but was spilling on herself and the floor. I met the nurse, but seemed to be in a hurry and did not talk to me much. The women in the dining room was still there by herself at the end of my tour. I was very disappointed with this place. I thought that it was one of the better Brookdale communities in the state, but sadly no.

NURSE is Incompetent!

Terrible place to have your loved ones be in. It is okay for the Independent Living, but DO NOT admit your loved ones in ASSISTED LIVING. It is pricey and they will not give you answers on how or why they are charging you that much. They go by the assessment of the nurse, who herself does not know any of the residents cares. All they want is money! You will not be able to see the nurse at all. She will not give you a heads up on anything. If you call her or asks her a question, she will not give you full details because she does not know what she is talking about. The nurse has no previous experience in Assisted Living.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us. Please be assured that we are passionately committed to serving our residents. Our goal is to provide an individualized plan of care to fit our residents' needs. Please be assured our nurses meet state requirements. We will share your feedback with our management team to better serve our residents and their families in the future.

Friendly, welcoming staff!

Overall I think they do a good job at Edina Park Plaza. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they've got a lot to provide for the residents here! The staff are all very friendly people, and very welcoming to any family who visit. They were greeting us by name in no time after we moved our loved one in! The place just has a very pleasant atmosphere overall, and our loved one is doing well here!

extremely friendly

The majority of the staff is extremely friendly.

I do think there could be better communication between the staff members.

One of the hard things is that it is currently being remodeled. I think once the remodeling is done it will be a very nice beautiful facility.

Very happy

My mother-in-law moved in in Feb. 2014. It was a move from a single family home that she had lived in for 36 years. She loves it. Lovely apt. w/views of Minneapolis skyline, good food and very friendly staff. The transition was seamless. The current construction in somewhat inconvenient but will make a huge improvement overall so we are happy it's happening! Would encourage anyone who is looking for independent care to tour this complex!

Margaret was extremely kind...

Margaret was extremely kind and helpful to us. She arranged a fabulous lunch for us first and then showed us four different resident options. We must have been there at least two hours and got a really good sense of this environment.

A Bit of Updating Needed

I visited this facility but chose a different one. The apartments are nice but the main hallways are not overly wide. It's a tall building with only two elevators so it takes awhile to go up or down. The pool is in an adjacent facility so it's a bit inconvenient but the biggest I saw in my search. The dining facility is probably better than most.

meals, nurses on staff, 24 ...

meals, nurses on staff, 24 hr wake staff

The staff here are amazing!

We've had a great experience here so far! Hands down the staff have been wonderful to work with. They're helpful, friendly, and they really go out of their way to help with any and all issues I've had! They really listen to feedback and work to fix the issues you bring to them. This is a great place if you've got a loved one who wants a good deal of independence. The unit we got for Dad has a full kitchen, since Dad still enjoys preparing his own breakfasts. The only thing I can think they could improve is that the food could be better, I'd rate it at maybe a 3.5. Overall we're very pleased with this place, and would recommend it to anyone!

just starting to remodel an...

just starting to remodel and upgrade. very dated. No balconies

Janet was especially helpfu...

Janet was especially helpful, and spent a lot of time with us on two separate tours. We are anxious to see the renovations.

Very Nice Building and Transportation is Provided

I plan to move in on the 1st of September. It looks good to me. They take dogs and cats so I'm going to take my dog. Edina Park has been there forever. I've lived in Bloomington for 49 years and it seems like it's been there as long. The building is very tall and very different from what's around it. It's quite an old building but it doesn't look old - they've kept it up over the years and they're remodeling it now. There is a swimming pool and a daily activity program posted in the entry way. They have a bus service. It's really quite close to a large mall and they take you to your doctors appointments.

The provide meals. I'm renting a one bedroom and a den and 48 meals a month. You can buy more meals and they have people that will do your laundry and things for a fee. The people that I talked to were all quite friendly and seemed to like it.

Some very strong attributes, but no one is perfect

First off, I think the staff at Edina Park Plaza up and down the line are utmost professionals. Walking into the facility it looks and feels more like a hotel than a senior living/assisted living facility.

Strongest points: caring staff, unbelievable food (very important to my dad), willingness to adjust to events and needs as much as allowed (being 'assisted living' there are limitations), they came up with a large amount of furniture to fill the assisted living apartment (relieving us of a huge burden),

Weakest points: no 24/7 nurse on site (which we knew going in, but it should be pointed out as a matter of full disclosure), medicare's handcuffs restricting their ability to do a better job for nursing/physical therapy/occupational therapy ((if this was a full-on nursing home, which we were paying 100% for, everything would be there, but since it's 'assisted', they have medicare-based limitations which can be very frustrating).

My father needed many months more of physical therapy after having back surgery to repair a fractured vertebra, and we chose this locale after his medicare-covered time at a 'transitional care unit' was cut off (again, another one of medicare's stupid restrictions). He was there for a few weeks and was starting to get in a good rhythm with things overall when he suffered a medical setback (a bladder infection). He was sent back to the hospital for treatment then returned to his post-surgery 'transitional care unit' to get back to the level of things he was at prior to going to Edina. We are hoping that he gets back to that level and can return to Edina for the 3-6 months he will still probably need to get strong enough to return home, and be as close to the level he was at prior to his back injury.

Know [removed] I am CONFIDENT that the people at Edina Park Plaza will do everything that they can to aid and assist my dad in his recovery.

Beautiful. Great location. Pricey. N...

Beautiful. Great location. Pricey. Not as forthcoming with prices as others.

Big high building, underground parkin...

Big high building, underground parking, indoor park with pool, payground(resort-like), walking path, Big bright windowy apts. 494 & France (may want scooter) tenants look with it, $3500-$7000 depending upon #services ($5200 +pet?)24hr Nurse and Aides, at least 45 meals included,dietician, CHOICE dining, transport, exercise equip, Therapy/OT/PT available extra, salon, wait list $4200 $4100 returnable

Good location! Wonderful amenities.

Good location! Wonderful amenities.

Nice, will visit again. Good transp...

Nice, will visit again. Good transportation

Good overall.

Good overall.

Concerns about traffic noise on one s...

Concerns about traffic noise on one side, atrium windows on the other.

Similar to Kenwood. Care suites feel...

Similar to Kenwood. Care suites feel very homey- good caregiver ratio. Lots of light. The re-make of the spaces makes them feel a little confusing. Rooms are smallish. Bathrooms are shared. Units for 4 or 6 residents. Also had residents on the floor who keep room doors open as a part of access to assisted living on the floor. 10th floor.

We toured 3 times, but Thelma never f...

We toured 3 times, but Thelma never felt comfortable. She liked it when the tour guide talked to her instead of me. I really like the place, however.

From the Community

At Brookdale, we make every moment of retirement count. That’s because Brookdale’s Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care experiences provide everything you need to make the most of your retirement years. With fine features, amenities, and attentive service, you will feel right at home in your well-appointed accommodations. As a resident, you will enjoy the convenience of fabulous restaurant style dining, housekeeping, laundry and transportation services; and lots of activities, fun, and meaningful friendships. And since Brookdale communities are situated in established, desirable locations; the most popular attractions of the local area are easily accessible. Brookdale Edina is located next to beautiful Edinborough Park, the indoor park complete with walking paths, a swimming pool, track, performance theatre, as well as beautiful, lush foliage provided by trees, flowers and plants. We invite you to come experience exceptional senior living at Brookdale Edina. We look forward to answering any questions you may have, and show you our current apartments.