Brookdale Deer Creek - Deerfield Beach, FL

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Homecare Onsite

Customer Reviews

Lovely property, did not smell of urine, friendly staff, nice accommodations and secure!

Brookdale was nice and warm and clean to a point..the memory care wing seemed to have a strange odor (maybe musty). It is like a hotel in a third choice due to the fact that I saw very few people and was never able to see the activities centers in either area... staff was friendly and helpful and what I saw was welcoming, but I worry that mom would get lost in the expanse..I give it a 4 star..the costs were the lowest of the 4 places, but they were "al la carte" in the assisted living facility, but "all inclusive" in the memory care area

Already visited but will be returning with my dad. Loved their studio apartment which was furnished and impeccably clean. [Name removed] was very attentive and understanding of my situation.

I’m husband and I were given a tour of most of the facility and were able to see some of the rooms. We are looking for a place for my mother. I really liked the shared rooms where the residents had doors they could close for their bedrooms but one of the residents would have to go to the living area to use the bathroom there. Many of the places in the facility had a strong urine scent. Our tour guide said renovations were almost complete but I wasn’t impressed considering the costs. Costs are alacarte so you have to pay extra for assistance with dressing, showers, bathroom needs, and medical management. This is close to my home but not my first choice.

Their facility was nice but there was an odor. I felt they could have been more forthcoming about Medicaid and how it actually covers a person.

I'm on the waiting list and making friends there already

I enjoyed my tour and had a great lunch at this community. I did find an apartment that I liked and I am on the waiting list once space comes open. But in the mean time, I am already making friends with some of the residents there and I do go over and visit as I live just down the street from this community

Not the Community For My Mother

I was not impressed with my tour of this community. It is not a community I would feel comfortable placing my mother in for her needs overall.

We love it!

I like the staff at Brookdale Deer Creek very much. My mother is very happy there and the director is great. We like everything about the place and are very happy with our choice.

Ralph's transition

My dad has only been in Brookdale Deer Creek for about 6 weeks.
The staff, managers, nurses, aids, housekeeping dining room have all been wonderful. Very friendly and willing to help.
I made sure to get my dad settled here before I came home to Illinois by staying a month in Florida. Little things had to be worked out such as laundry and housekeeping, but all comments were taken seriously and it was fixed.
Dad seems to like it there and keeps saying how nice everyone is.
It is a hard transition to make giving up your home, car, and
independence, but one that had to be made and we were fortunate that dad (94 years old) was the one who said it was time!
We feel very confident that dad is safe, happy and being well taken care of with us being out of state!

A good experience!

My loved one is doing very well since the move into Brookdale Deer Creek. It is overall a pleasant place and the staff is very nice and personable. The food that is served is very good and it has been a good experience so far.

New to Brookdale

My mother has only been there for less than two months but she is adjusting. She has met some lovely friends. I think the receptionists could be friendlier when you first walk in as this sets the atmosphere. My mom's room has had some problems but the staff seems to be on it - I'm sure as time goes on I'll be better able to evaluate this facility but so far my sister and I are pleased that she is there

Good place!

The tour went great. The people were very helpful and they were very kind. We got all of our concerns out of the way and even saw a lot of the residents out in the community. The facility was nice and clean.

Everything is Well

Everything is working well for my father here at this community. He has adjusted well to it, and I know he is in good hands. The community is nice and clean, they do a good job with the cleanliness. The is staff is good. Overall he is being cared for well here. I would recommend this community, it is a nice place.

Not very active!

This community immediately gave me a bad feeling. This community is better for people that are not very active and can still take care of themselves for the most part. They do offer some activities. The food choices that they give are healthy. I would recommend this community, but only to people that have loved ones that can not do for themselves.

Brookdale - great place

Brookdale has been so helpful to us with our neighbor. If it hadn't been for Brookdale and a Place for Moms, we would not have known what to do to take care of our neighbor who has dementia.

The staff is wonderful and helpful.

Disappointing Experience

I had a horrible experience in this community. They did a terrible job caring for husband. The billing system is totally off, I had many add on's charges all the time. His personal care was horrible. This community needs many improvements. I would not recommend this community. It was a very disappointing experience.

My Evaluation

My name is Marja, my husband was living in a facility in homestead, because of the distance and work I was only able to see him once a week. I visited Brookdale at Deer creek at first glance I thought it looked ok..I met Stacy first she gave me pricing other information as I requested and I went home to do some research. I returned a week later, asked for Stacy and she was no longer there, I was introduced to jennifer, which was a delight, I requested a small room because he doesn't get around as well as he use to and noticed he does well in smaller areas. she showed me a few rooms and I noticed that most of the rooms she showed me had roaches big ones and little ones, she seemed embarrassed and said she would have the exterminator take care of this problem and to ease her discomfort I told her "we are in florida after all" and we laughed, I picked the room I thought would be good for my husband, and she explained that it was the smallest room in the facility. Now just so you understand I literally live six minutes up the road so I can be here in three minutes if I catch all the lights. for the first three months I was there every single day because I wanted to get to know the people that were going to be in direct contact with my husband, and wanted my husband to feel at home and feel like he wasn't alone through this transition.
Now what I'm about to tell you is 100% no lying and no exaggeration, I'll start from the bottom up.
1. cleaning staff consist of one older gentleman who I have walked in on many times while he was attempting to clean my husbands room..never scrubs the shower, never cleans the kitchen sink, does not bend to sweep under the bed or behind anything and mops every room with the same dirty smelly mop!! I buy my own cleaning supplies and I've slowly tried to train him on how to clean and what to use in my husbands room he did it for a while but because there is no supervision or accountability he does not continue, so I clean his room my self.

2. The Aids: The Aids have been my biggest challenge for two reasons 1.because of the communication barrier
2. and most of them just don't care
From the very beginning I knew that if I didn't make it easy for my husband and the Aids that are caring for him it would make my life very sad and difficult, so I made my husbands room very easy and user friendly basically dummy proof everything is right in front of your eyes... all undershirts, socks towels wash clothes organized and labeled in their draws. dishes in their place all his hygiene neatly placed, linen neatly placed, laundry basket with wheels so they don't have to carry I come in the mornings to make sure I get to know the girls and they get to know me, I work with them side by side bathing my husband, shaving him dressing him, teaching them where everything goes and how much easier it is to put everything in it's place after a couple of weeks of this process finally they are doing what they should be doing the proper way..not knowing if it's because they like me, because i'm helping them do their work or if they know I'm gonna walk in at any moment not sure, but it's a lot of work for me...
just when I think they are doing a good job, on the first of the month to my despair I find out that they change the aids every 1st of the month so I would have to train their entire staff every month a new aid!!
I try very hard to stay on top of everything with the aids, but I had to face the brutal truth that some care and some don't and the only thing that will make it better at Brookdale at Deer Creek is if their is one person who is holding the Aids accountable on the day shift and a different one on the night shift and I don't mean a weekly meeting I mean some real foot work, that their sole job is to walk from room to room all day everyday, checking behind these aids to make sure they are doing their jobs instead of sitting in the hallways on their phones the aids at night are a complete joke, Ive only seen one that will come in the room and speak kindly to him, gently waking him up and making him go to the bathroom so he didn't have an accident. The aids leave his clothes in the laundry room and I have to go searching for his clothes, several times Ive complained about his clothes being missing but it's no use, everyday I go to the laundry room to find his clothes in one of the machines, the night aids leave his food on the tray un covered for hours and hours and Ill walk in and there's food in the sink and roaches all over the place because they are not taking the food out of the room and cleaning the sink out.
Two months after I was there I had my brother come with me removed everything out of the room took my husband home and bombed the room and continued to exterminate every two months just to keep it under control, I very seldom see roaches that much now but it would really help if they would clean up after themselves and removed the trays out of the room in a timely fashion. Accountability!!!
My husband has been there (9) months and I could honestly say that I think I have been through every aid brookdale has to offer and my evaluation and opinion is that maybe if every aid had to care for only one floor a day instead of two or three floors the residents can get a better quality of care. There are only two aids that take pride in their work and genuinely care about the elderly other than that, I can probably tell you a couple of stories that would blow your hair back..that I have personally witnessed my self, but I personally addressed it with that aid and actually have not seen her again.
for the amount of care they get at night, you might as well save your money and let the night desk clerk do a walk through.
3. The nurses station:
I have no complaints about the nurses station, Ive only observed that they have too much to do and not, enough hands on deck, they are just overwhelmed.
4. Front Desk lobby Reception:
We have Carol 8/4 shift who doesn't greet you with a smile but is always professional and if you smile and converse with her she will extend the same courtesy.
Silvia 4/8 shift, will always greet you with a smile and will chat with you if given the opportunity.
Dino 8pm to 6 or 7am he is always pleasant not sure what his job duties are but he sits there and puts his time in and is always very pleasant.
Tony One day a week Sunday 8/4 knows his job, is professional loves to joke and make you feel like you matter.
5. Jason Business Office Director: Loves to sit behind his desk and eat his snacks, that much I'm sure of and there's nothing wrong with that but he always made me feel as if he was pulling my chain, stringing me along, nothing is important, nothing is urgent..just hurry up and wait.
6. Finally last but certainly not least,
Matthew [Removed] Executive Administrator:
When I First arrived at Brookdale Mr. [Removed], gave you the impression that he was on it..door always open, and even though I tried to not bother anyone there has been times when I felt I needed to talk to him, in (9) months I might have been to his office between 7 to 10 times at the most, because of a financial transition in my life, I had to make some changes in my life and my husbands life as well, I went and spoke to Mr. [Removed] I asked for his help, asking him to please allow my husband to stay in the room that I worked so hard to set up for him and let sunshine health pick up their part and I will pay the difference, because it is the smallest room in the facility..., he said he had spoken to his superiors, and they declined, ok so I informed him that I would have to move him to a shared room right away so that I can reduce the rate, he said he would show me what he had available I called and called and called left message after message after message,never a call back, than finally i went to his office made an appointment with him for the next day and then sadly i screwed up, I missed the appointment, after that it was over I feel he avoided me at all cost, at least it seemed that way, I'de walk past his office he saw me and he would lower his head as to not look my way, every time I would walk by his office he would make it a point to turn around so I didn't bother him, now I just avoid him all together and have my eyes open for another place that my husband and i can be happy.

Over all the place is not bad, it needs a couple of stitches and bandaids to stop the all boils down to one thing, ACCOUNTABILITY!! everyone from top to bottom needs to answer to someone you have to check on the aids, cleaning staff, front desk administration everyone needs to get shopped. The people who are in direct contact with the residents need supervision everyday all day thats your bread and butter people have to be cared for correctly and all the other stuff could be dealt with. cleanliness and care for the residents is paramount it will make you or break you.

I'm just saying these things for the well being of Brookdale at Deer Creek the residents and their families, it's a win win.

Happy and content with my father at Brookdale.

The management at this location is excellent. I've found the team to help full and a pleasure to work with.

Insufficient care

When I took my husband for a 13 day respite care stay, he was walking independently, toileting with guidance to the appropriate place, continent, eating well and talking. We were asked to give him a few days to adjust before visiting. I had left instructions to call my son or daughter any time they were needed, but no one called to say he was having a problem. On the 5th day, my son visited and found my husband lying on the bed in soiled diapers, food and water untouched. He was unable to sit up unassisted. He had diaper rash. My son had to stay in the facility with him. After a few more days, including a fall, which required paramedics, we hired a personal attendant to stay with him and get him to meals. When I picked him up he was in a wheelchair and very frightened. After I took him home, he was walking , talking and making all transfers without assistance within 24 hours. He is still in diapers but stays dry most of the time and can tell me when he needs to go. They also misplaced all of his underwear and socks. Clearly not a place where we will return.

Friendly, attentive aide staff

Our experience with Brookdale Deer Creek has been a very positive one, I'd give them high marks across the board. The aide staff is friendly and very attentive to the needs of the residents. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they do a good job looking out for the people that live here.

Not a great experience. There is definitely room for improvement.

Not what we were looking for

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. I wasn't particularly impressed by this place, but I wouldn't say it was bad. It just seemed a bit run down, and we were looking for something more upscale for our loved one.

Frustrated and Disappointed- Hoping for Improvements in Memory Care

My mother has been in the Memory Care Unit for about 16 months now. We are growing more and more disappointed in the service here. It was still under the Emeritus Corp when we first moved her in and overall seemed like it would work out. There was always SOME level of frustration trying to reach and get calls back from key staff... but there had been activities, decent food and living space and overall it was decent. And affordable as Mom has a budged limited to Social Security and some other Financial Aid.

Since Brookdale Corp took over there has been a lot of changes and instability in the senior exec staff e.g. Exec Directors have changed 3 times, Senior Nursing Staff fired , Memory Care Director let go more than 6 months ago and still not replaced...and new Nursing Director gone after 4-5 months.

My family members that have come on visits have sometimes found her or other residents unkempt, in unchanged Depends. Not all of the time. 25% of their visits seemed to bring reports of such nature. Other times reports were OK.

Long term problem: Of all her belongings, like clothes and shoes and bedding... over 80% of her stuff is missing and what is in her closet is not hers! New stuff family buys and brings, even labelled with her name and room number were found to be missing a few weeks later! I am working on seeing if the Facility will be accountable for these losses.

Food is one area that we do NOT have complaints about. Unlike other reviewers Mom enjoys their meals. And it seemed OK the week I stayed in the area visiting her daily. The facility WAS having periodic entertainment, parties for the residents, playing memory games, medicine ball, taking them out on field trips etc. That was a year ago May. As of now, I have found there to be a drop in many activities offered, no field trips, etc.

More aides have reportedly been hired, but, yes, the language barrier speaking directly to aides is a problem , as is general communication with staff.

One of the persons fired when Brookdale took over was the Director of the Memory Care Unit and while there was some areas I had been trying to improve in my dealings with that Director, at least there was someone who cared about the residents and was there as a go-to person. I am 3000 miles away and financially cannot afford to visit as often as I'd want, and having fast reliable communication is a MUST!

The new Director seems eager to improve the situation, but so had the other New Director who was there just a few weeks before leaving, and I had promises of well-intended improvements by the District Director. Now there is a New Exec. Director and I am in the process of seeing what he can/will do about all this. He's just been there a short while and I do not yet know what things will actually be DONE (rather than just talked about) to improve and rectify the problems.

I will update my review as more developments occur. I am in the process of seeing what other options I have; we are hampered by having a rather low budget to work with.

Run don't walk from this property

Wow - where do I begin...we were minimally promised and they have managed to under deliver from there.
Staff - the worst aids I have ever encountered. Untrained - no customer service, no real care for their residents, they seem to run the facility as management other than sales people are never around or off site.
management: revolving door - my mom has been there for two months now and their have been their directors, two nursing director changes, aids director changes and the best is that they don't work weekends and all management comes in after 9:30 So most activity for aids is between 6:30 and 10:00am and they have no supervisors there... so third world aids that don't speak English - just do not care at all. - Really not a complaint but a verified documented observation for the last 8 weeks. Poor care - poor food - no activities to speak of... and staff all hate each other...

4-Star Rating

My ratings for the categories are only based on a one time visit; I only visited the facility once with my father whenever we went the first time and then I was out of the process, so I do not have much to say about the place.

Nice place, overall

Our experience at Brookdale Deer Creek was a good one! Everyone here was very helpful and very kind, and they did a great job taking care of my loved one. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they've got a lot to offer their residents. He ended up needing to move to somewhere that provides more one on one care, but Brookdale is a very nice place overall. My one suggestion would be that their food service could use a little work.

I think basically everything is good.

I think basically everything is good. There are complaints about the food. It would be nice if it were open seating and dining. I was told that dinner was from 4:30 - 6:30 but really by 6:00 they are clearing everything off. The food really is the biggest issue. We have had to stay on top of things a little bit more than anticipated. It's in a lovely location, and it's a nice community, and the people are very pleasant. I would like to see cameras in the hallways as well, I think all of these places should have them.

Terrible experience

This was a horrible experience in Memory Care. The place had a terrible smell There was no activities as they portrayed to us. It was always hard to get in contact with the staff. [removed] He had the same clothes on for 3 days. Myself and his son had to shower and shave him. His son and I both saw German cockroaches in his bathroom. I pulled him out of that place in 12 days
They still owe us money back since the middle of January. I have pictures of Joe before he entered and after 5 days there. [removed]. It has affected me emotionally with such guilt that I put him in a place like that. Joe is now in a real caring place and they have wonderful activities 6 hrs a day. The staff is wonderful and take a personal interest in Joe

Pleasant Surprise

Great tour! Jennifer was extremely thorough and helpful. The staff was friendly and the entire facility smelled clean and looked clean. The residents that we saw seemed pleasant and content. Also, the surrounding area is landscaped and attractive.

Review of Emeritus at Deer Creek Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Deerfield Beach, FL

Nice place. Stach was very helpful. We liked the place, price wise???

Not impressed by what we saw

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for a loved one. I was not impressed by what I saw here. There was a strong urine smell and the cleanliness and upkeep in general just seemed to be a problem. The residents seemed sad, and for the most part appeared to be just sitting around in wheelchairs. Nobody appeared to be participating in any activities.

Absolutely disgraceful from...

Absolutely disgraceful from the reception staff to the literal human warehousing of the elderly.I wouldn't place my dog there leave alone a human being!!!

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We would like to address your concerns, but need more information to do so. Please reach out to our community management team, or you can also contact our Ethics First program at

Good Commnity

They’re a good a good community. They are very clean and the staff has always been very friendly and kind. They have a lot of activities, even though my loved one does not participate really. It’s worth the money.

Don’t send people there.

Don’t send people there. We have moved my loved love. They sell it to you, but bottom line they can not fulfill. They are not friendly, not helpful. The staff does not go out of their way to help residents.

The community is alright.

The community is alright. It’s clean enough and the staff is friendly. I haven’t had any concerns about the level of activities or the care services. If someone is looking for services for their loved one, this would be a good community to consider.

Larger rooms and closets sk...

Larger rooms and closets skilled nursing on site, reasonable cost

Muy bueno

Muy bueno

Each Person Personally

So far Emeritus has been fairly good for my mother.

There are two items, however, that could be improved for her.

First she says the food isn't very good. I'm not sure what is likely to be done about that. From my experience, my mother is more likely to eat because the food is delicious, not because she "needs to eat something". In her active, earlier life my mother was an extremely good cook and baker.

The other problem I feel could be solved without inconvenience to the staff: She could be given her evening sleeping pill at a more favorable time for her.

At first it was given to her just about every night about 8 pm which meant she must be ready to turn off the TV (and miss her favorite shows) and go to sleep much earlier than normal for her. Now she is given the pill anywhere between 8 pm and midnight! When she receives it so late in the evening, Mom still must rise early for breakfast when she's not had a long night's sleep; consequently, she falls asleep after breakfast during daylight hours.

This is all my mom wants: TV, reading, good food, and a quiet, safe life. For someone who is 95, I don't think these are unreasonable requests. I feel very confident she is being cared for and help is only a push of the button away, but I am concerned for the other creature comforts she most desires. So far, better food and a more definite evening time for her sleeping pill is all she would like.

I realize that people in the same situation (assisted living, nursing homes, etc.) are probably prone to wanting and yearning for their past situations and tend to complain-- at least this is what I have heard from families and neighbors with whom I've talked since we began the search for "a place for Mom". But can't each person be treated a little more personally?

What would YOU want if you were in my mother's place? What would YOU expect? What would make YOU a little happier?

Nice community, very responsive

We've got our loved one who lives out of state here, and it makes us feel very secure knowing she is being looked after. It's a very nice, clean facility, and the staff are all friendly. They're great about feedback, they get in touch with you quickly regarding any issues or problems, and they've really gone out of their way to keep us informed and updated.

Poor response times and ongoing theft from resident's room

Like a previous reviewer, my family member had to phone emergency services when staff failed to respond to repeated calls for help (residents are given a pendant to push).
My family member had several thousand dollars worth of jewelry and belongings stolen from her room over a period of 7 months. Despite reporting this, no action was taken and it was not investigated.
Whilst some members of staff were kind to residents, others were not. When problems arose with regards to the care of my family member, management were defensive rather than helpful in finding solutions.
My family member was very unhappy at this facility. Sadly, she has now passed away but was actively looking for an alternatie facility before she died.

It's been great, they have been so accommodating, Philip Lord and the whole staff are so great.

It's been great, they have been so accommodating, Philip Lord and the whole staff are so great. This was the nicest by far of the ones we saw. Two of the things that helped me make my decision were, the others that I went to had everyone lined up in lobby like it was the receptionist's job to look after them and this one didn't have a smell. Dixie Laflair with A Place For Mom was an absolute doll, she helped me so much, she listened to me when I was crying. She was great! She was very knowledgeable. She was an intricate part of making this happen.

I would give them less than zero stars!

Don't be fooled by their appearance! There is not enough professional care to provide the quality of care to the many residents that are unable to adequately care for themselves. My sister was never taken out of her room for any of her meals or for any activity, and was kept isolated in her room. She was paying a nice chunk of money extra for level 3 care that she required but did not receive.

My sister was there for less than a week when finally one morning, thank goodness, she had the presence of mind to call 911 for help because after ringing for help many times, Emeritus employees did not respond. The police, however did, and called the para medics. She was brought to the Emergency Room around 10 am - hungry, agitated, and somewhat confused. Blood work was done, she was examined, and then fed 2 lunches because she was starving for food, as she hadn't had her breakfast yet. From the emergency room, she was sent back to Hospice until we could find a group home that could provide the services she needed, and where she is now living and being properly cared for.

Emeritus management is presently trying to go after my brother, who signed the Contract as Power of Attorney for my sister, to pay for another month's rent because a month's notice of her moving out was not given, even though the Emeritus Contract says that the resident would be immediately released from the Contract and not be financially penalized when a doctor deems a higher level of service is needed for the resident. My sister's physician provided a letter to Emeritus stating that a higher level of care was needed beyond that which Emeritus provides, but they are not honoring their own Contract.

I recently learned that an expose about Emeritus was done on PBS TV's Frontline called "Life and Death in Assisted Living." It accurately describes what Emeritus is about. This is the link for those that want to see it: [removed]

I give Emeritus at Deer Creek a half-star rating which is poor, but in my opinion, they should not be allowed to operate as an assisted living facility to even earn a star. I can see them as a retirement facility for active adults that need no assistance whatsoever. Beyond that, they do not measure up and are, in fact, the kind of facility that gives a bad name to "assisted living." This has been reported to the state of Florida Ombudsman authorities.


I'm very pleased with Emeritus, the place itself, the staff, the attention given to Arlene, etc. They have made good on their promise to get things fixed. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


It was small, and I liked the person that showed us around. Since we viewed, I believe they have changed owners. The grounds were good, not nearly as upscale, but acceptable for our price range.

Excellent Food and Staff

The care is pretty good. My mother is not used to needing people to help her to do things so sometimes she gets a little impatient when they're not right there to help her. There are some staff members that my mother absolutely adores. They are wonderful and they take excellent care of her but once in a while it's not so great.

The activities are pretty decent. They have bingo, movie nights, entertainment, happy hour on Fridays, exercise classes and a lot of other games and things. They take them shopping if they are able. Sometimes they take them out to lunch. The food is fantastic - my mother raves about it!

Very clean,property in good...

Very clean,property in good condition, friendly staff, small number of residents.Already have a Memory Care Center in place, undergoing 1 million renovotation

Helpful staff

We chose Emeritus at Deer Creek for my dad because of the decent value for the money they give, as compared to other places we saw. Everyone is very nice and very helpful. They have gone out of their way to help my dad adjust. Even though it is independent living they check on him if he misses a meal. There is a stale smell that has lingered since he moved in and when I requested linen service nothing happened 3 hours after the request. As far as activities go, I don't think it's Emeritus' fault but the residents are not that active, so there are less activities because of the less active residents there.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you every day. Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine to create a wonderful living environment every day. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.

Amenities and Services
• Daily assistance with bathing and dressing
• Medication management
• Dining assistance and special diets
• Assistance with reminders and redirection
• Escorts and assistance with walking
• Emergency response call system
• Housekeeping
• Laundry and linen service