The Horizon Club - Deerfield Beach, FL

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  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

5 star experience

My mother has been living here in independent living for 4 years and I give it a 5 star rating. I am a retired social worker who has experience in visiting multiple facilities and feel this is one of the best. I live nearby and am able to visit my mother on a regular basis. It is a beautiful facility. my mother has her own spacious apartment. The activities are enjoyable, I often attend with her. My husband and I often visit to swim in the pool and eat in the dining room (food is very good). There are very nice nurses on staff. A shout out to [Name removed]the nurse who has been above and beyond for my mother as well as the weekend nurse [Name removed]. I feel my mother is in very good hands and highly recommend it. I also feel it is a great price for the accommodations. My husband and I were wondering if we could put in a reservation now for 20 years from now!

Nightmare on Military Trail

Assisted Living is a nightmare between awful care from the majority of the staff to the director of Assisted Living being untrustworthy. It took our family too long to see through their deception and smiles. Before moving our family member out we have to hire help to make certain of our loved ones safety. I agree completely with a review stating that bad things are going on. Seniors deserve respect and dignity and that is not what you receive from most of the staff here. Do not be influenced by how lovely the physical structure appears because it is the lack of medical care and the lack of true care that matters. Horizon Club Assisted Living Five Star Premier Residence is Worth a zero star rating.

Five Star Reviews

Local Representative

At the Horizon Club, it is our goal to exceed expectations for all our residents and families. Our staff strives to deliver quality care to all of our residents, is trained to follow all industry protocols and procedures and is held to the highest standards of care and safety. I am the Regional Director of Operations and was sorry to read this was not your experience. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your observations. Please contact me through the community to set up a time to discuss your concerns. Kind regards -- Melinda.

Sooner than later

We're to start? For all the people that are considering independent living there is no need to go any further than the Horizon Club! My dad 95 looked at 4 places ,found Lisa the sales agent and the rest of the story is. why and we're was she last year!it has been a delight in every way they really care and just everyone in the place too many names to reach out and say THANK yOU too a perfect 10 to say the lease. They have more activitys and more of everything. :so for all the kids in pa ny mj. This is were mom dad belong and if I can live as long I'll be living here too!! I truly ask if you need to talk to me ask Lisa for my number I will be glad to give you my true insight. As they say sooner or later,I've never been so comfortable having dad living a1000 miles away knowing he has made new friends and I don't have to worry we're what he is doing its a tough and hard decision but I wish I helped my dad find Lisa at horizon club long time ago what a wonderful experience

Don't Be Fooled - All That Glitters Isn't Gold! Stay Away!!

My relative was in assisted living there. Looks nice, but there are a lot of bad things going on there. They gave male aides keys to her apt. without telling her - never even had the respect to introduce her to them. So when she saw a strange man roaming around her apt., she got very frightened - she said "suppose I was undressed or in the bathroom?" When I informed the manager of AL about this, I was promised it would not happen again - it did. She was supposed to receive reminders about activities in the building, as she has dementia & can't remember when something is going on - most of the time they didn't bother to tell her (she was paying for reminders), so she sat alone doing nothing in her apt. When she first came there, they didn't tell me to take her medication with me in case we came back after 10:00 PM. So when we returned from the evening after 10:00 PM, they REFUSED to give her her meds - which they kept locked in her drawer in her apt. She needed them to stay well, yet they refused to give them to her!
Also, the elevators in the AL building could be death traps (especially in the heat of the summer), as there is no ventilation in them, & it is VERY hot when the doors close. There is a fan u can hear, but it is covered up by the light. Whenever the elevator breaks down, which was a few times in the few months my relative was there, they take their good old time to fix it, & in the meanwhile, the resident has to walk, depending where their apt. is & which elevator is broken, all the way around the square to get the elevator to go downstairs, & then, all the way back around again to get to the main building once they get downstairs.
Also, no common sense here. When there was a hurricane approaching, they brought in the plants from her terrace, & the bugs with them. Instead of spraying them first (common sense), they didn't. She therefore got bugs all over her apt.
There are many more bad things that happened there, but too many to list on here.