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Customer Reviews

Horrible experience

Horrible experience. Hired aides to work overnight and they slept during the shift. I paid them to sleep!
When they arrived late I was still billed for the entire shift.

My Review of BrightStar - Woodbury

The BrightStar Care - Woodbury is a group of caring wonderful people. They provide service with integrity. They care about their Clients and they Care about their Aides. They go above and beyond. They are what caregivers should should be like.

Don't let them care for your loved ones!

It's the saddest thing in the world when you rely on an agency to help out your elderly parents and they turn out to be completely unreliable. How do you not show up when people are relying you? This agency should not be in business. The aides would tell the agency they showed up and they didn't. All they care about is money, which we were giving, believe me. I'm so disheartened and disappointed.

Very pleased with the service

They were a great service to work with, the girls they sent over were always friendly, professional, and great caregivers. The office staff was pleasant, and happy to help us resolve any issues we had quickly and efficiently. The only complaint I have is that the service was very expensive, but that is just par for the course with this type of care.

worst care

agency was awful
aides supplied were negligent and ignored patient and did not care for patient during shift
agency supplied multiple aides who did not care for patient
agency did not care about resolving any complaints, just getting paid
would never recommend agency to anyone
they should not be in business

It's been lovely.

It's been lovely. Either she has been lucky or Bright Star is really good at hiring people. She's thrilled! So incredibly flexible the caregiver clearly did not have a pre-conceived notion of what my mother would need. From her experience people would come in with an idea of how they should caregive. She has had one caregiver so there aren't different people coming and going. They are flexible with minimum hours and day requirements. Bright star seems like it has a closer eye on the business than the other one I looked into. I got the owners on the phone whenever I would call. We met the head nurse, and the owners. Very professional. I felt like they would be more responsive. The one thing that really resonated with me was, we had something set up where she had more hours than needed and the caregiver would sit in the other room untill she needed something, and the woman said that might be fine for someone that stays over night but since this girl is only there for four hours she doesn't need to sit. The owner clearly makes it clear to the employees. They have individualized my mothers care and that is just what we needed.

They were excellent

When we first started the service we were getting four hours a day seven days a week, and were paying twenty-two dollars an hour but with 24 hr care, we were only paying ten dollars an hour. Over all I thought was an extraordinary value. The first person they sent was good, solid, not outstanding, but good. The person they sent that did the twenty-four hour care was caring, and timely, and would call on her non-duty hours, and was very, very good. They were excellent and there were so many times when I called them at the spur of the moment and they got someone right out. I dealt with the president and the head nurse and the two different care providers and they were all tremendous. The first person was just good but everyone was great!

I Would Recommend Them

There were several different caregivers but overall they were good. The care was good given the circumstances. At the time, I originally had hired them to have somebody in my home for a certain number of hours a day for my mom. Then she went to the hospital and had to go to rehab so instead I had an aid with there in the rehab facility for a number of hours a day to assist her. It was fine. There were issues sometimes because some of the aids were going to be late or had to cancel at the last minute but the owner was always very on top of getting a replacement. I would recommend them.

From the Provider

The inspiration for opening our BrightStar agency came from our personal family experience. As our parents grew older, we were surprised by how difficult it was to find quality homecare professionals to help care for them. We made calls, left messages, and did a lot of waiting. It was a long and difficult search before we finally found people we could trust. We are forever grateful for the help our caregivers continue to provide to our parents.

Our BrightStar experience stems from our journey with our parents. Our promise to them is the same promise to you and your family: To provide families and their loved ones with only the highest level of accessible homecare, offering compassion, ensuring dignity, and providing the personal attention they need and deserve.

BrightStar hires and trains only the best caregivers, who are willing to give more of themselves to their work; who are committed to the highest standards of integrity, quality and reliability; who don’t simply care for families – but become a part of them. Their backgrounds are thoroughly vetted through Federal and State criminal record investigations, drug testing, and reference checking. All of our caregivers are CPR trained and are Certified Nursing Assistants and/or Home Health Aides. And equally important, they are caring professionals eager to offer you and your loved ones the best possible homecare services.

BrightStar offers the full continuum of care, from childcare to elder care, and our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Director of Nursing will conduct an initial medical and home assessment as well as regular follow up visits. We guarantee that we will provide not only the best in caregivers but one that is completely compatible with your needs. BrightStar makes life easier!
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