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Customer Reviews

Steadfast Categivers were there when we needed them. They provided quality care to mom at a time we didn’t know what we needed.
The only reason I didn’t rate 5 stars is that nobody is perfect.

Alex Prieto

Local Representative

Thank you!

An Exellent Resource for all of your home healthcare needs.

We were referred to Steadfast Caregivers by A Place For Mom.
We contacted them and they responded immediately. On very short notice, they provided caring, pleasant and very competent caregivers and were responsive to several schedule changes. We worked with the owner and with his son and they were both extremely easy to deal with.
We would not hesitate to recommend Steadfast Caregivers to anyone needing homecare help.

Alex Prieto

Local Representative

We appreciate your kind words. We feel very lucky to work with some of the most fantastic families in the community.

Nice care givers

We only used this agency for a short time but the caregivers were very nice, caring and professional with my grandmother. I was happy with their service and I would definitely recommend this agency and their caregivers.

Alex Prieto

Local Representative

Thank you!

Great office Staff!!

My mother has recently been using this home health company and I have no complaint of how things are going for her. The office staff and owner have been wonderful to work with and have made sure to accommodate our needs to the best of there ability. The caregiver we have been assigned is lovely and I am very comfortable with the care she has been providing mom.

Alex Prieto

Local Representative

Thanks so much. We appreciate our clients and always strive to give them our best!

They Were Great For The Short Time

We only had this service for a short time it just wasn't working out well keeping them at home. The agency was great the caregiver was nice they kept their appointments never late. They worked with us when we would have to change something and most important of all they did what they promised they would do. I would recommend them.

Saving Grace

Our family needed care for our 93-year-old mother who had serious physical limitations as well as emotional and cognitive issues, and was quickly spiraling downward. Steadfast Caregivers carefully evaluated her condition, providing expert caregivers that dovetailed well with our mother's personality and needs. Compassionate, professional and well-trained, the aides quickly established a personal relationship with our mother, helping her feel comfortable and secure. And the agency's hands-on management provided great relief to our family during some difficult times, for which we are most grateful.

Alex Prieto

Local Representative

There's nothing more important to our organization than being able to provide a bit of personal comfort to our clients. We're so happy to hear that we achieved that goal.

[Removed] are absolutely amazing. I was in desperate need of assistance for my grandmother and not only did they come for an assessment just about immediately; they had someone there for me the next day. And the gentleman they sent was simply amazing! I like to think that the universe placed us together! If I could give 10 stars I would!

Alex Prieto

Local Representative

Little do you know, the universe DID place us together! We're always happy to help. :)


They are some of the most professional and compassionate individuals I have met and genuinely give my mom the best attention. The owner is hands on and available 24/7. The caregivers are absolutely all in. We failed with the first organization we hired and we're so afraid of making the same mistake but [Removed] made it his mission to get it right and he did. Love them.

We could not be more satisfied with the service we receive from Steadfast Caregivers. The aides for my mother, a stroke victim, are very kind and attentive in helping her with her daily living activities and therapies. after months of hospitals and rehab facilities she is making progress now and is much happier at home.

Steadfast Caregiver 24X7

The ladies from Steadfast Caregivers were extremely accommodating to my mom. They fed her, kept her clean, and at time anticipated what her needs might be. They also kept a very clean house. When company came to see her, everyone was comfortable as the ladies gave them their privacy.

The ladies also made sure they kept me abreast of any changes or concerns that may have come up since I live in a different state from my mom.

We will miss them.

Really Liked This Home Care Agency

Unfortunately we are no longer receiving services from this home care agency, but it was a good experience. My father at the moment feels he doesn't need the help. They were great to work with, and they were very patient. The care giver was good at helping at with the cooking, cleaning, and his personal care. It is a home care agency I would recommend. I would use them again.

Emergency need of a caregiver

I am very impressed with how quickly they responded to me. My mother's caregiver for more than 2 years was hospitalized in an emergency and was not able to contact me. Steadfast arranged a meeting with both me and my mother the same same day I spoke to them. Two days later they had a pair of caregivers that each come two days a week and are wonderful.

The agency was and still is in constant contact with me by telephone, email or text. I could not be more pleased .

Easy to Work With Home Care

I was very satisfied with the services my parents received. The owner of the this home care agency was great to work with. He was very helpful, and easy to work with. The care giver they had was good. Overall this is a very good home care agency, and I would recommend it.

What we needed!

The caregivers from Steadfast are great. They are on time and do light housekeeping. We have not had any problems with any of them. [Removed], the owner, is very nice and was very helpful in the process.

[Removed] is very nice and professional to work with, and the aids he has taking care of my mom are also very nice.

Fair Experience

We had a decent experience with this home care agency. Everything went pretty well, but my mother did end up needing more care than they were able to provide. I have since placed her in an assisted living community, and she is getting the care she needs. Overall it was a fair experience with this home care agency.

We have only been working with these caregivers less than a month but they are very professional and communicative with our family which we very much appreciate. so, far they have seemed very knowledgeable and very responsive to our family's needs. We look forward to continuing this relationship with them. We are grateful for the help from A Place For Mom in finding them.

I Did Not Have The Right Helper

When I was using the services from this agency the caregivers were on time and ready to help me. However, they would send people who was not able to drive me to places. I felt I didn't have the right person and my accommodations were not met.

Main location too far to feel comfortable with engaging for daily home health care services in Manhattan.

Personable and caring

I needed a companion for my mom overnight during her stay in sub-acute rehab. The rehab was awful, they left my mom in her own vomit for an hour an a half and later that same night in her own stool for 2 hours! She has stage 4 metastatic cancer and is always in pain. We were referred to steadfast caregivers by . Steadfast responded to our needs promptly and created a schedule of caregivers for her based on her needs, our scheduling requirements, and matched the caregiver to my mom's personality. Andrew from steadfast called me daily to check on the care and confirm the upcoming schedule and also would text and email me the dates, times, and names of the companions working with mom. "Flo" from steadfast visited mom to see how she was and if her care was up to par. They were wonderful! The companions were compassionate, kind, and caring. Any issues or needs were dealt with very quickly by Andrew. I recommend steadfast caregivers, they provided excellent care and service.


It's hard to write this, it makes me relive the very hard moments of my Mom's final days. But as I said in my thank you note to Steadfast and in fact in my eulogy at Mom's service, and to anyone who would listen, I thank lucky stars for the amazing angel aides who looked after Mom and came to my sister's and my rescue. These are the toughest times and Steadfast's aides were indeed angels. Could not have asked for better for Mom. So grateful.

When Ma is happy, everyone is happy.

As my mother just turned 94, and having been totally independent she was very reluctant to have someone in her home let alone offering to help with the things she once found so easy to do. We started out on a trial basis only two days, but when she got sick, she agreed to 5 days a week. Steadfast was able to make the arrangement with short notice. With her hearing not so good, her health aide provides conversation, helped with meals, her wash, exercise and a couple of times grooming when she permits it. It makes it easier for us to not have to worry about Mom at home all those long hours, answering the door, the trying to get to the phone without tripping. The aides will remind her of her pills, take her blood pressure and do the little things that make her happy. And as we all know when Ma is happy, everyone is happy.

Everything is great. They have been wonderful.

Everything is great. They have been wonderful. We haven't had any issues so far.

They did a good enough job while we had them.

They did a good enough job while we had them. This was only supposed to be temporary, so it worked well for what we needed. Though we did have a couple of instances where people showed up late.

They have been great.

They have been great. We have been really pleased with them. They have been reliable and helpful. It has worked out really well.

It's worked out so far.

It's worked out so far. They have been reliable, and we haven't had any billing issues, they deal directly with the insurance company. Every time I have spoken to them they have been prompt and responsive.

Best agency we have worked with

Steadfast is the best agency we have worked with (it is the third one in the last year). They carefully evaluated the case (unlike the others) and recommended just the right person for the job. Then, the owner followed up with both us and the new aide to make sure things were going well.

Excellent, caring agency

Excellent agency with a hands-on owner. We had tried 2 different agencies before we called Steadfast. Neither of the caregivers from the previous agencies lasted long. Steadfast seems to vet their caregivers better than any other agency and most importantly, looks for the right personality to match the case. The owner had come to my mother's home and talked with her extensively before recommending the appropriate aide. Other agencies we had worked with seemed to just offer whoever was available without any thought of how good a fit they'd be.

This company has been very good at "g...

This company has been very good at "gently" following up by mail. We met with a rep and feel we may have find the "right" agency to work with our family.

From the Provider

Steadfast Caregivers is the companion agency to trust when you or a loved one requires assistance at home. Steadfast takes extraordinary steps to understand your individual needs and provide a compassionate caregiver just right for YOU.

Our companions are the very best on Long Island. All are well-trained, caring individuals who take enormous pride enriching our clients' lives and making it possible for them to remain safely at home.

Complimentary in-home assessments.

Quick placements when needed Drivers available.

Live-in care available Fully bonded and insured.

Affordable rates.