Brentwood at Fore Ranch - Ocala, FL has yet not published prices.

  • Complimentary Transportation
  • 3 Balanced Meals and Snacks Per Day
  • Availability of licensed nursing staff 24-hours per day

Customer Reviews

This facility is well maintained and the rooms are clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to rate Brentwood at Fore Ranch four-stars. We take pride in providing our residents with a beautiful community filled with professionals that treat each resident like family. Seeing this review lets us know that we are achieving this. We thank you for being a part of our community. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by phone, Facebook or in person. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

The 2 bedroom apartment was roomy,big closets and was nice.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good afternoon, thank you for taking the time to rate Brentwood at Fore Ranch five-stars. We are ecstatic to hear that you enjoyed our two-bedroom apartment. If you need anything from us, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us on Facebook, phone, or in person. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

Disappointed After Being so Encouraged

After extensive research & visits to several other places in early 2017, I moved my 87 yr. old Mom & 89 yr. old dementia-diagnosed Dad to Brentwood. I was so happy. The prior director ([name removed]) & her staff were absolutely stupendous. A year+ later, after mgmt’s unexplained removal of Brentwood’s astoundingly fantastic hands on director, Brentwood is now limping along with new mgmt. & constantly changing support personnel.

The dining experience is so very important to our elderly & yet, regrettably, it is surprisingly disappointing. Although new chef is so much better than the prior chef, I gather Brentwood’s food budget has been reduced cuz meals are repetitive, boring, & non-inventive. Some servers (with the exception of [names removed] & a couple others) are not enthusiastic about our precious elderly residents, some of whom are mentally compromised. Thankfully, the aforementioned servers are super attentive to our residents, lovingly relating to them by name! Compared to visits to 1/2 dozen other facilities 2 years ago, I thought Brentwood was the perfect place. But after 1-½ years, I’m now very disheartened. I wish Brentwood offered more interesting activities (run by actual staff rather than no one showing up) & made more of an effort to encourage residents to participate in them.

I’m sad to say I’m seriously thinking about looking at other assisted living options... & I certainly don’t want to. At 88 years old, Mom doesn’t want to move but how can I allow her to stay?!

No phone connection in the room

A close friend of the family was transferred to Brentwood two weeks ago from a local rehabilitation facility following a fractured hip. This friend has been at Brentwood for a full two week period without a landline connection in his room. I have brought this to the staff's attention on multiple occasions, including today. There is no phone jack outlet in this friend's room, as confirmed by their staff. A local cable company reportedly provides the phone service, and a recent response from Brentwood's management is that our friend has a "hardware" problem in his room that has led to the lack of telephone service. In the meantime, this 88-year-old gentleman does not have a working cell phone, and must wheel himself (via wheelchair) to a staffmember's office or to the receptionist's desk and ask to use their phone to place his calls. This is socially isolating for our friend. Brentwood advertises itself as a luxury facility, but serving macaroni and cheese as the main dish is a second indication that all is not well at this facility. Before moving your loved one to this location, take a thorough tour of the facility especially during meal time, and be sure to ask if a basic feature such as a landline connection is provided.

This was a beautiful newer facility, which is currently full with no vacancies. The manager was very knowledgeable, and was thorough in answering our questions. The rooms are good size, and well-laid out, and all have a window. After the tour, they provided us with a beautiful lunch. Very impressive!

Brentwood during Hurricane Irma

I was hunkered down with my parents who reside at Brentwood at Fore Ranch during Hurricane Irma in Ocala, FL. I was so impressed at the organization and dedication of those who work in this facility to continue the highest quality of continued care during the storm. My parents have lived here for a yr. and a half. I was always impressed by the facility and the care that they receive, but in the face of a national disaster, I can't be more sure that choosing Brentwood was the best decision. This certainly is a sturdy structure...I never heard Irma during even the worse. There was a temporary loss of power, generators kicked in for 14 hours, before full power was restored to the facility.

Extremely pleased

I am very impressed with the Brentwood facility. After working with both [Removed] for over a year, and visiting many other memory care facilities, I decided to take my beautiful wife to this wonderful facility. She is in the late stages of Alzheimers disease, and has now been there for appx. 6 weeks. The people that work there are fantastic and very caring,. My wife is doing better now than when I moved her there. The people that work there are there because they care, not just for the almighty $. They know her name and are genuinely concerned for her well being. The place is always clean and the food is terrific. I do not worry about her, because I know she is getting the best of care. Both [Removed] are very accessible. They are just as helpful after you are a resident there as before. I am confident that my decision to move my wife there was indeed the right one.

A beautiful Community for care

This is a beautiful community. The food is good and I was offered a meal and was, please. The community is very nice and I was happy with the cleanliness. The do have a lot of activities that are offered for the residents to participate. I would recommend that families tour the community to see if this is what they are needing for a loved one.

Mom is In Good Hands Here

My mother is doing very well here at this community. I'am pleased with all they have done for us. She safe, and receiving great care. This is a nice community, and everything is working out very well. I have ready recommend this commodity to my family,and friends.

Father's Happy Home

I am happy to see my father in happy with this community. the staff is nice and caring to his needs. the community is always very clean and maintained. The food is excellent and a good variety of meals. He likes talking with the other residents. They do offer nice activities. We would recommend this community to other families for great care and value.

All is Well

Everything is working out pretty well for my parents since their move to this community. They are happy, and I'am satisfied with their move to this community. They are pleased with the meals. The community is well maintained. They have not had any problems with the cleanliness of the facility. Overall all is well, and I would recommend this community.

Kudos to Laura and team there

Many thanks to Laura, who is in charge of wellness, at Brentwood. After two "problem" issues with my dad, it was very refreshing to deal with someone who had a comprehensive and logical plan for my dad's care. He has transitioned very well and I thank Laura and the staff for that.

Interesting place

The food is wonderful and the help is great. However, somehow Mom's paper work fell through the cracks. Part of the problem was my DR. was in the process of moving. The other problem what paper was there never made it to the nurses' station.

That is now Mon's new home.

Fabulous place

A beautiful place with all the amenities. Cordial and accommodating staff from the tour guide to the nurses. Most importantly the people living there seem to have a zest for life and enjoy each day. My husband is now there and I thank A Place for Mom for suggesting this facility.

Nice place for mom.

There is always room for improvement.

Visit often

Its a really nice place and for the most part a good place for mom. But as with other places its important to visit and stay up with the care they receive. A place is only as good as the people that work there.

Very Happy

I want to give a 5 star rating to Brentwood and the wonderful staff. My brother and I moved our parents there in [Removed] and have been very happy with their care. The staff is very friendly and that makes me happy - I feel they really like being there too. I especially want to thank [Removed], Director of Nursing, for the outstanding job she does each and every day. I feel like she knows and loves my parents almost as much as I do. She always makes sure she is available to answer all my questions. I do not worry about my parents thanks to her and her caring staff. Thank you Laura! And Lynn, you are outstanding too💗😊💗

Excellent Care Here

We are pleased with the excellent care and wonderful staff! They are always concerned and attentive. My dad enjoys he chats with staff about politics and the navy. I find this it is a clean community.My dad does have a small issue, since he is in memory care he gets his meals picked for him. If in the dining room he has options so when we visit him we take him to the dining room. We are pleased with everything

The Truth

Brentwood at Fore Ranch used to be a decent place to place your love ones. Unfortunately, it is no longer like that. They are always short staffed. The food that they serve to the resident's is deplorable, they often use the same food in the same week. I definitely would not recommend this place to anyone. Because of the shortage of staff the residents do not get the best care that they deserve. Too many times they wait 30 to 45 minutes for help to arrive in their room. They need new management desperately!

I would give this community a 7!!!!

Brentwood is a clean community and the scenery is beautiful. This is a top notch place. The food is good and they even had a 4th of July party. The staff seems concerned about the welfare of the residents. The doctor and the head nurse are great. The head nurse is very professional and takes the initiative to see how the residents are doing. The staff try to get the residents involved in daily activities. They treat the resident with the respect they deserve.

A Wonder Place.

My husband and I toured this facility recently and all I can say is it is fabulous. We are moving my mother in law here from California. The staff were attentive, caring and seemed to know each and every resident. The place is clean, well kept and the residents seem very happy. I wish I could live here!


Brentwood need new management and im going to call the state as well

Brentwood is a fantastic place to live!

My father came to live there from Hospice. Unfortunately he only lived there for a month before he passed. We found it beautiful, clean and friendly. I only wish he could've lived there longer so he could've enjoyed it longer. It's a wonderful place!!

The facility changed hands in 2015. The new ownership and management of the facility is excellent. The change has given me quite a level of comfort in the quality of care and the responsibility of the staff. The hands on relationship of staff to resident, especially in memory care, has been great. Having experienced all of the changes that have taken place at Brentwood over the years since it opened, I can say that I am confident in the level of care and the quality of the team now in place.

Promises Promises

I would not suggest this ALF to anyone! The management team would rather argue with you then fix The problems. Get everything in writing even to the smallest detail. It may be a pretty ALF, but when you are paying that kind of money pretty doesn't count.

Daniel Shelley

Local Representative

Dear Ginger, We at Brentwood at Fore Ranch sincerely apologize that we have caused you any stress, frustration, and/or any misunderstandings between us - We believe in having An Open-Door Policy for our residents, family members of residents, staff and more, to talk with us about any concerns and/or issues that cause any dissatisfaction. Allow us the opportunity to fix the concerns you have - there are 8 Directors in the Community in which you can come in and talk freely with and we urge you to do so. We appreciate your willingness to come in and talk with any one of the 8 Directors of the Management Team...if you wish to remain anonymous, please tell the Director(s) you talk with about your preference. We also ask that you be open to revising/rewording your review once we know the problems and able to provide resolutions that work for us both, and more importantly, for your loved one/resident. Thank you,
Shane, Laura, Danielle, Don, Barbie, Clay, Ginny, and Daniel - Your Brentwood Management Team!

It was kind of a mixed bag.

It was kind of a mixed bag. It's new and beautiful. There were some good connections, and there were some snags. It was hard to get a response, and to get things done. They are still new, and they need some time to work on some of the snags.

Very nice place!

My parents are settled in and happy here! They do a great job at Brentwood at Fore Ranch, I'd give them top marks across the board! They are a great value, and even offer fully furnished apartments for only $100 over the normal price. I also really appreciate that my parents are allowed to live together despite requiring two different types of care. I would highly recommend this community to others!

Daniel Shelley

Local Representative

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful feedback with The Brentwood Team ... we are very glad to have earned your business as well as provide the safety and care of your parents within our Community. As always, we have an Open-Door Policy, so if any concerns should ever come about, please feel free to come in talk with any one of our Staff and/or Management Team, and we will certainly work to find a resolution that works for us both.
Thank you,
Shane, Laura, Danielle, Don, Barbie, Clay, Ginny, and Daniel,
Your Brentwood Management Team

Not a good fit

They went through all new help – from the administrator to the caregivers they had a very high turnover rate. The turnover rate contributed to my loved one’s agitation and anger issues, which then caused them to evict him.

Very nice

The community was very nice. It was brand new with a lovely building. The pricing put it out of our range though. It was clean and the staff was friendly. It was a very nice community overall and worth checking out.


Run don't walk from Brentwood at Fore Ranch. This place is like polishing a turd. At the end of the day it's still a turd, a quite nice looking one from the outside. But don't let looks deceive you. The upper management doesn't care about the patients care. My father has Diabetes and was given fruit, cake, cookies, pizza anything you can think of and it caused complications. He feel a bunch of times and xrays didn't reveal a cracked rib which they should have caught and just general issues with medication. The pharmacy they have is horrible. The Exec Director is a smug jerk and basically rude to my wife when she called about some things. The Marketing Director makes this place out like it's the Senior Utopia of Wizard of Oz senior living. The Owner a diabetic himself says they take care of diabetics and they have diabetic menus. Nope they don't have that. It's basically a high priced facility that has caused way more harm to my father than good.

Hence the reason I say Run don't walk from this facility. The lower level staff and CNA's really do a good job of working with what they have. But they can't help the upper management is just milking people for money while providing a in my opinion a sub par product. Dad has been out of the facility since March 4th and they haven't once called to ask how he's doing or checking on him. They don't do a lot of things that are just plain common sense. I highly regret ever putting my father here. Don't believe all the hype.

From the Community


Brentwood at Fore Ranch is the new standard of excellence in providing care to seniors in need of assistance or those living with Diabetes or Alzheimers. While most communities focus on what you need, here at Brentwood, we focus on both what you want and need to live a rich, full life, surrounded by people who really care about your well-being. Our service and commitment to excellence will make you feel like you are living at a five-star lodge, all while getting the distinct quality of care that will help to improve longevity and enhance your quality of life.

Contact us today to schedule a personal appointment and experience Brentwood first hand. While this piece may be informative, nothing compares to seeing our community in person. Come, take a walk with us. Let us introduce you to our staff and residents, let us indulge your senses in a delicious meal made from scratch, and let us show you what life at Brentwood is all about.

The Brentwood Standard: 24/7 365 Days a Year to Respond to Your Needs

For our residents, only the best will do. The staff at Brentwood at Fore Ranch has been carefully selected and is made up of dedicated professionals who have experience in providing care and who do it with incredible compassion. We pride ourselves on giving you quality one on one time and meeting your every need. From our most active and healthy residents to those who need a little more attention, it is our pleasure and we are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We understand you need care. Our standard is that all staff is trained in geriatric health and wellness and everyone works hard to create an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles. A licensed nurse is on-site each day and on call during night time hours giving you that much needed peace of mind. Keeping you healthy and in touch with your favored physicians is important, so in addition to monthly wellness checks we help to arrange physician visits and any necessary transportation when a specific need arises. We strive to offer peace of mind not only to you, our resident, but also to your family members who have trusted us with your care. As they say, “If mama ain’t happy, no one’s happy!”

The Brentwood Standard: Preventative Health and Wellness

Our commitment to you in­cludes programs designed to keep you physically, men­tally and socially active. We believe this enhances the quality of life in the entire community and most importantly to you or your loved one. We offer guest lecturers, seminars, exercise classes and social gatherings in an effort to motivate, educate and inspire residents to take the steps necessary to live a vital, full life. Whether cooking with friends on our upstairs landing, getting a treatment in our spa, or participating in a lecture on Diabetic awareness, you will never be at a loss for something to do here at Brentwood. We encourage family members to participate in our events as they are life changing and beneficial to all generations.

The Brentwood Standard: The Quality Care You Deserve

Although Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia can impact your loved ones ability to engage in their daily routine, the Brentwood at Fore Ranch team encourages resident independence through an activity-based model of care which encourages a sense of fun and joy for residents and their families. Our caregivers are incredibly compassionate and make it a priority to preserve resident dignity by giving people and a sense of security, stability and togetherness. We also provide you, our family members, with much needed support. Our goal is to bring families together through quality care and an understanding of what it means to live with Diabetes or Alzheimers.

Brentwood at Fore Ranch is located in Ocala, FL. The town is full of history, art, and nature, making this a great place to live.

- Population: The population of Ocala is around 59,250 people. The average age of the residents in this area is around 36 years old.
- Walkability: The walk score of Ocala is only a 28. This score means that you really need a car to navigate the city.
- Senior Facilities: There are quite a few senior facilities for a smaller area.
- Weather: Residents can expect mild winters with lows around 45 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer and hot and humid summers with temperatures in the 90s.

Ocala has a lot to offer with several museums and places to enjoy nature. The more adventurous can enjoy the amusement park or water park.


Residents can schedule transportation services with Brentwood at Fore Ranch, or they can use one of the other city services. There is a Greyhound Bus station in town that residents can use to take trips to nearby towns. There are also plenty of transportation services like cabs and shuttles.

- Signature Taxi: Taxi rides provided in and out of town
- Ocala Taxi Cab Service: Taxi rides in and out of town
- RFX Transport: Car service
- Marion Senior Services: Seniors can get rides to appointments and shopping on a sliding-scale fee

Medical Services

For those who wish to settle in with a new primary care physician in the area, there are plenty of options.

- Kindred Hospital Ocala: A full-service group of physicians for urgent and routine care
- Ocala Regional Medical Center: A full-service group of primary care and specialists for urgent or routine care
- Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hosptial: Inpatient and Outpatient speech, occupational, and physical therapy hospital

Sports & Leisure

Ocala has a few different senior centers for residents to choose from with a variety of activities.

- Ocala Senior Activity Center: Offers a variety of programs to seniors in the area
- 8th Avenue Senior Center: offers programs and services to seniors.
- Senior Wellness Community Center: offers health screenings and education for seniors/

There is plenty to do outdoors in the Ocala, FL area. For residents looking for golf there are a few options in the area:

- Pine Oaks Golf Course: 18-hole golf course with dining
- Ocala Golf Club: 18-hole golf course with dining
- Ocala Palms Golf: 18-hole golf course with tournaments

Tennis courts in Ocala: Fort King Municipal Tennis Center offers several courts for use. There are also the following courts available:

- Golden Ocala Tennis: Courts available day or night, lessons available
- Coehadjoe Park: Nature trails and tennis courts

There are many options to enjoy the outdoors in the area. Some of the local favorites are:

- Silver Springs State Park: Expansive park on the Silver River with many outdoor activities
- Ocala National Forest: Beautiful park with several natural springs and pools to enjoy as well as camping and other activities
- Discovery Kayak Tours: Kayak rentals, guided tours


There are a few shopping centers in town for residents to enjoy. From designer clothing to thrift stores and unique shops, there's something for everyone.

- Paddock Mall: A collection of popular stores and restaurants
- Market Street at Heath Brook: Popular stores, unique stores, and restaurants
- Shady Oaks Shopping Center: Popular stores and restaurants

For grocery items residents can head to any of these great stores:

- Bravo Supermarkets: General grocery items, deli, and produce
- Segar Indian Groceries: Unique grocery items
- Earth Origins Market: A collection of organic foods and health items
- Walmart Supercenters: Three convenient locations in Ocala


Residents can find all of the usual fast food options in the area like Chick Fil A, Freddy's, and Zaxby's. For family-style dining options some of the most popular are:

- Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille: Seafood favorites cooked Cajun-Creole style.
- Brooklyn's Backyard: Backyard BBQ-themed restaurant serving American classics
- Gator's Dockside: Family-style restaurant serving classic comfort food


- Marion Theatre: Movie theatre showing the latest blockbusters
- Charlie Horse Restaurant & Lounge: Karaoke and music
- AMF Galaxy: Bowling lanes

Religious Services

For those looking to find a church in the area, there are plenty of options. These are the closest ones to Brentwood at Fore Ranch.

- Meadowbrook Church: Place of worship that is open to the public
- Berean Baptist Church: Place of worship for the public
- Destiny Church of Ocala: Christian church open to the public

Ocala is a great place to live in the beautiful Sunshine State. It's small yet has all of the amenities of bigger cities.