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Customer Reviews

Safe and Caring

They have done a great job of taking care of my father and accommodating his special needs. He feels safe at Lanier Place.

Not the right place

I toured this community and I didn't get a good vibe here things are way out of date and dirty. It would be a nice place if they would clean it up and make it more modern.

Good Tour Of This Faciliy

We toured this community for my mother in law, and her needs. Everyone was kind to my family, and friends. The community looked good, everything appeared to be well maintained. The staff we met was kind, and friendly. It was a good experience, but we did find another community that met our needs better.

I loved this community

I had a wonderful tour here, the staff did a great job showing me around and answering all my questions. I would have loved for my dad to have moved here but unfortunately, they did not have any availability. I do have them set up as a back up should anything change

She likes it here

My friend is still getting adjusted to living at this community. She does not like the food, however she is able to make her own food in her apartment. The staff and the resident are all friendly and she has started making friends. She likes to attend some of the performances that have come in to entertain. The community is well maintained and they will work with you on the financing. I would recommend this community.

Friendly Staff!!

My loved one was only in this community for a short period of time due to him needing more care then they where able to provide, but I am pleased with the overall experience.

Great Experience for us in This Community

Everything is working out well for my mother with her move to this community. It has been a great experience for us in this facility. They have a great group of aids here. They have been very attentive, and kind. We are pleased with all they have done for us, and I would recommend this community.

Mom's Care

This is a nice community for the care of my mom. The staff are caring and keep me informed on how she is going. The community is clean and we enjoy the outside community area. The menu is appealing and she seems to be pleased with the nice variety. I like that she is involved with the other residents. I would recommend this community to other families

Not what we need!

This community was very nice and very clean which we like because there were no smells. The place was well lite and looked like they had big enough hall ways. The place was exceptional. This just was not what my mother needed at the time.

I like the care at this community. The staff is friendly and attentive to his needs. The community is clean and I like that he is enjoying the meals. They do offer him activities to enjoy with the other residents. I would be happy to recommend other families to this community for a good value and great care.

We love it!

This community is lovely and we really like it. My in laws have finally gotten involved in some of the many activities that they offer. The only thing that is a complaints is the food. It is very bland and they do not serve enough.

Lanier Place was a huge disappointment!

We had a terrible experience at Lanier Place. They assured us that my dad would be well taken care of and did not follow through on their promises. He was in the memory care unit, which was completely understaffed. My mom only let him stay there 8 days before she brought him home. He was no clean, he was so out of it and just hung out with one lady he thought was his wife. There was no supervision, and the staff allowed them to go in each other rooms alone. This was a very costly mistake as they would not refund any of our money. So disappointed!

Mom is doing great

I am so glad we found this community. Mom's roommate has become her best friend. She likes the food and the community is kept clean. The staff are encouraging, very empathetic, caring, assisting, friendly and compassionate. They offer daily activities and this is in a good location for us. I have already recommended this community.

Best Staff

The people at Lanier Place are very caring and loving. I am very happy with my choice to place my mom in their care.

My Father Likes It Here

My father likes this community. Everything has worked out very well, and I'am satisfied. I know he is safe and in good hands. He is doing well since his move here, they are taking good care of him and his needs. It is a community I would recommend.

Salesman Tour Guide

I wasn't very impressed with my tour of this community. I feel like the tour guide was just telling me what I wanted to hear. If my parents were to move here, they would have to be in memory care. There were many factors that played into where to move my parents too, and budget was one of the. This was not the place for us.

Couldn't ask for anything better

Lanier Place is truly about families and people. It's never an easy decision to place your loved one but knowing they're taken care of by compassionate and loving people who truly care about them and their families makes the decision much easier. We're so grateful for everyone who treats our family member as if they were their own

Experience and summation

This is my mother's third facility and this by far tops all the previous..although the previous facilities were great, this is exceptional...Staffing ratios, attitudes, cleanliness, interventions, professionalism are all first class. This facility's operation, philosophy, mission and skill levels are very impressive. I would highly recommend this to stress level has declined significantly with the visible and audible actions noted...

Friendly Residents!!

My loved has really been enjoying her new living environment, there is a great activity program for her and lots of friendly residents to keep her company throughout the day. I have no complaints about the food, they are healthy and well proportioned.

I'am Very Pleased With This Community

My father is in good hands here, and he is doing well. They have a lovely staff here, they are very helpful and attentive. They also do a good job with keeping with the cleanliness of the community. There are nice activities available for the residents, he enjoys them. The meals are excellent, he enjoys the food. He is being cared for well and I'am pleased with all they have done for us. It is a good place and I would recommend it.

Not The Place for My Mother

My tour of this community was decent. I was very impressed with the way the community looked. The cleanliness could had been better. The room they showed me didn't have a shower in it. They have a shared showers, and I wasn't very comfortable with that. They have both assisted living and memory care. I wanted a community that focus just on memory care. Also it isn't a locked down facility. It was a decent tour, but not the place for my mother.

My Loved One Is Well Here

Everything is going pretty well for my loved one. She is doing well here and has adjusted well to it. The staff is good, we had so minor concerns at first, but now they are better. The community is pretty well maintained for the most part, but the side entranced could be better maintained. She is always busy,they offer many activities for her to choose from. She is pleased with the meals, the food is nice. I know she is being cared for well, so I would recommend this community.

Not Happy

Not happy with Lanier Place.
I brought my mother from another assisted living facility and I am more worried about my mother's care at Lanier Place then the other facility. I walk in at Lanier Place and I see workers playing on there phones, eating or just doing nothing. Now that would not be a big deal if they were on a break but when I walk in and 30 minutes or more later when I leave, there they are still doing the same thing, nothing. There are not enough care givers for the amount of residents.
If I do not see positive changes soon I will be looking for another place for mother.

I would not take a dog to Lanier Place!!!

My Father in law was at this community for about 6 days before he ended up in the hospital for 10-11 days. When we first looked at the community we were told there would be an RN on duty at all times and there was not. They did not give him his medication and they did not know the protocol is for a resident in a crisis. It was too expensive compared to other communities. the only good thing I can say is the nurses tried to be good to him.

Communication could be better!!

I would recommend Lanier Place but I would suggest you do your homework before moving in a loved one. The staff are friendly for the most part but there have been a few issues. There was an issue with my mom's medication when she moved in and the Director was not quick to act. The community is clean and while the food is fairly good there is not a lot of variety. My mom does like to participate in the activities and enjoys the morning stretches.

Working well for us

Things are working out well for my loved one at Lanier Place. It isn't the fanciest place, but it is generally clean and well kept, and the people seem friendly. It's been a very good fit just in terms of proximity to family members and price. I do really appreciate their dining set-up, they've got nice silverware and glasses, and linen tablecloths!

Under renovation

Decorating was very outdated and sterile, people very friendly and warm. Currently going under renovation, can’t wait to see the improvement.

food needs to be looked into

They could use more help. The activities could use more varieties. The food could be looked into a little more, it could be a little better. It seems like at the end of the month they budget runs out and the food is not high quality. There are small portions given out.

Very friendly and attentive staff

My mom is residing at the Lanier Place Community, it is very friendly and the staff is attentive to my mothers care and needs. Right now she just receives the basic care from here which seems to be doing ok.

Lanier Place was the best choice for us!

I'm so grateful for A Place For Mom. Jessica worked very closely with me to find a place suitable for my dad and recommending that he move outside of New York State to avoid putting him in a nursing home was the best move we could have made. Lanier Place in Georgia is exceptional, from the care, the staff, the activities, the meals, my dad is living life to the fullest right now.

They have been great. They have been very helpful.

They have been great. They have been very helpful. For the most part everyone is pretty friendly, and the keep it clean. Sometimes the response time is a little slow, and their attention to detail could use a little improvement. They offer plenty of activities. He says he likes the food, and they were pretty close in price to the other place we were considering.

I really like the nursing staff a lot.

I really like the nursing staff a lot. They have been really helpful, and they go beyond. I appreciate all the communication, they call me all the time. On the other hand, the director has been difficult to get in touch with, though that has been the case before we ever moved in. It's very clean and the food is good. It was a little bit more than what we wanted, but we really liked how clean it was and how good the staff was.

Everything has been going good.

The Lanier Place is very nice. The people are nice. Everything has been going good. The communication with the staff could improve. Other than that, I haven't had any issues. The parking and location is good. The food is good. I would recommend the Lanier Place to anyone in the Cumming area. It has been a really good experience so far. I can't rate the activities because it is not applicable. I don't participate in them.

nice and friendly

Lanier Place is a very very friendly and kind place with very helpful staff. The place itself is not quite as new as some places. It is a bit older than some places. My mother said that the food was ok, but not consistent.

Overall though the key thing about Lanier Place as compared to other places is that the staff there was just incredibly nice and friendly and they really made her feel very welcome.

They are doing a good job.

They are doing a good job. The food has been okay so far, though they did change food delivery services, and now somethings they used to have they don't anymore. The staff is pretty good. They just upgraded the furniture, and it's pretty clean, and the odor isn't too bad. The price and the location, were good for us. The residents seemed to be generally happy and active here, which is one reason we chose them.

They do a great job.

The Lanier Place is a nice facility. They do a great job. My father in law seems to be happy there. It's clean. They take good care of him. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. It has been a good experience. Everyone there is very friendly. The staff is nice and also helpful. The care services are excellent. I can't rate the activities because he doesn't participate in them. It is not applicable.

very caring and attentive

My father has been at Lanier Place for about a month and thus far everything has gone very well. They have been very caring and attentive to his needs. The food there is very good also. They have been very caring ad accommodating all throughout. It has been a very positive experience and I would highly recommend them.

Acceptable Care

My loved one is in the memory care unit at Lanier Place (formerly known as Tara Plantation). The staff is generally very friendly. The facility appears clean, and there is never any unpleasant odor. The meals are delicious. I can attest to that because we've attended "family day" events and ate there. There is minimal staff on hand and some of them work other jobs outside of Lanier Place. We have gone in later in the evening and found them sleeping. Staff turnover seems high, but this might be a good thing as it could be an indication that efforts are being made to get better staff. There are some extremely hard working staff there that are very attentive to the residents needs and there are others that seem to do the minimal amount required. Care issues are addressed when brought to someone's attention (which shouldn't have to be done by the family), but sometimes they return and need to be readdressed. The cost is reasonable, but it would be a better value if we felt that my loved one was actually receiving the level of care that we are paying for (care costs in the memory care unit is based on the residents overall care requirements).

My mother has only been here from 3 months. The staff comes and goes so that could be a reason why the activities are lacking. My mother says they play the same games over and over.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you every day. Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine to create a wonderful living environment every day. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.

Amenities and Services
• Daily assistance with bathing and dressing
• Medication management
• Dining assistance and special diets
• Assistance with reminders and redirection
• Escorts and assistance with walking
• Emergency response call system
• Housekeeping
• Laundry and linen service