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Customer Reviews


If neglect on every level is what you are looking for you found it. Terrible care - no care is offered. Most of the staff even the administrators can't be bothered. A sickening experience. No patient supervision. They drug the Alzheimer's patients and stick them in bed in a diaper. 8 hours later they check on them. Absolutely a horrible place. Go elsewhere and keep your family safe. A very unsafe environment.

Don't believe what marketing tells you.

My father was at Boulder Manor for two weeks of rehab. He is unable to communicate because of stroke from several years ago. The good things were that the facility was fairly clean. It was however dated. Personal care staff ranged from indifferent to good. Skilled nursing staff was were kind. Therapy staff was mostly good with the exception of one therapist who was unkind and impatient. Generally, there was too few staff for patient needs. My father is unable to use the nurse call device, nor was his roommate so both fell within the first 12 hours of check in by trying to get our of bed by themselves. I toured this place before choosing it. A significant reason I chose it was that was told by their marketing person that patients are toileted every 2 hours. This was a major issue for me because of my father's inability to use a call device and his nightly routine of using the toilet every 2 hours. After checking him in I left feeling that he was in good hands only to find out in the morning that he had fallen trying to get our of bed, most likely because he normally needs to urinate every 2 hours. His shoes and cane, necessary for him to stand & walk, were kept out of reach because they didn't want him to get up on his own. Doctors seemed detached. While my father was being examined the doctor barely spoke to me. I had to stop him before he left to ask questions.

I had assumed that a skilled nursing facility would have a high enough level of staffing that they could toilet patients every 2 hours as they told me, and meet other patient needs. We spend thousands of dollars for night sitters, and I spent the remaining 16 hours of each day essentially making sure that he did not fall a 3rd time.

Meals were huge, enough for 2 active people at each meal. But these were being served to mostly immobile people. I had to edit half of each meal. Vegetables were meager.

I was very dissatisfied with Boulder Manor.