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Customer Reviews


Wish I could give a negative Stars would give it negative thousand. Many members of the nursing staff. This includes Rn and cna's are unhelpful and not sensitive to patients needs and abusive. You can tell they're spread very thin.

Many of them should not even be in the nursing profession at all you're supposed to have compassion and care for patients absolutely horrendous.

Treating patients like inmates in a prison and ordering them around.

Evidently they don't pay much as they're hiring bottom of the barrel people that I'm sure we're fired another places at least hospital or doctor type settings. Maybe they can get away with it in nursing homes as the management probably doesn't care either.

There were a couple CNA and Rns that were nice and helpful and you could tell that they genuinely cared.

But that was about it.

Always short of staff- every time I visit my mother needs change-. Staff all are nice but overwhelmed with the amount of work and little support- not recommend at all

Stay away!

Bella Terra is owned by[Removed] and is a huge, greedy corporation that is indicative of the typical nursing home system that charges $8000 a month for memory care and provides nothing to its patients. My mother was in here. We took her out after a competitor nursing home director visited her to do an assessment and found her sitting with food all over her face and clothes and no one attending her.

Like so many nursing homes, they are short-staffed while the corporate bigwigs are as rich as they can be. There were so many unattended patients here and it was just so sad. I felt like I was going into a dog shelter, not a nursing home. I couldn't shake off the feeling of how depressing it was and how stressed out the staff was because there were so few of them.

My mother was sitting in the middle of the foyer all alone in her wheelchair, as were tons of other patients were, while no one attended to her. She fell in the bathroom because no one was there to help her. She smelled, she wore the same dirty socks for three days. Half of her stuff was stolen - either by staff or by residents - then miraculously appeared when I called them on it. When I see things like this, I am just full of rage. Everyone should be.

Corporations like [Removed] aren't about patient care, they are about lining their pockets by neglecting the elderly and robbing them of their life savings. I would never tolerate this shady treatment out of any other business. $8000 a month? Who can collect that kind of money and provide such terrible service? Nursing homes can! Besides, when you deal with children, animals, or the elderly, they are vulnerable and can't fight back. It's disgraceful.

My mother was put on three anti-psychotics (chemical restraints) to keep her quiet and no one ever consulted with me about putting her on them. When I saw her, she was a blithering, babbling zombie. The new nursing home doctor has successfully gotten her off these drugs because she never needed them in the first place!

These are lonely places and it's disgraceful. I would love to see the owners on their yachts, turning their faces away from how they treat their patients, laughing all the way to the bank, while they pay the minimal staff they have barely anything.

There are nursing homes that are fantastic (my mom is currently in one) but this is not one of them. Unfortunately, there are far too many like Bella Terra. I would never recommend putting someone you love in here - maybe your worst enemy, though. It may be a suitable revenge.

Quality of care

I am a caregiver for someone who lives there. She was in the nursing section of the facility for some time when it was owned by the previous owners. When the new company took over on 10/1/14 the quality went down. When the new owners took over within 4 months they raised the room rate to an amount that was not justified what so ever. They were always short on CNA's everyday. The ratio was 1 CNA to 15 residents. They tried to hire new employees but with the amount the were willing to pay and the amount of work they had to do, almost all left very soon after being hired. The new company is so greedy that it just made my patient sick. The quality of the food is awful. It was so much better when the old company owned it. The place is clean and for the most part does not smell. They did make a deal with her and put her over in the assisted living side where the room rates are much cheaper. She does not qualify for assisted living because of her advanced condition so in order to be there she had to get an additional caregiver besides me for 7 days a week care. She is savings money with this set up. The nurses and the CNA's are the BEST you could ever get. The is no abuse or anything awful going on there like some of the nursing homes I have worked in before. Everyone is friendly and is as helpful as they can be. That is the one thing going for them. It's the corporation that is the real problem. They do not have enough staff and cut corners way to much. I would say overall I would say it is a good place to be based on the quality of the staff.

Home now for Mom

Recently my mom underwent a slight set back in her health condition and it was necessary to back track to the Rehab Wing from her Private suite. We are impressed with the care she received and with extra considerations from personnel. I don't understand what the person means by 'cheap hotel' they must NOT be talking about Bethany. Please, if you are giving a reveiw be honest.

Bethany in Morton Grove

The Staff are what makes a place what it is. We are happy and grateful that our mother now is safe and has professional assistance with her RX and her needs. The open layout of Bethany and it's gardens are a plus. What appeals to me first hand is: patience and uplifting attitude of the trained people who interact first hand with my mom. The private little suites are nice. The flexibility in accomodating a person with numerous needs is appreciated. There are no smells here that some one has posted!! Really!! Recently there was a ThanksGiving Traditional meal served and that gesture goes a long way to the credit of an institution with true goals to help keep a home like feeling, when the home has been left. There are different levels of care. It ALL has been a God Send for our family, thus far. Thank you

We used this for my father for a few years.

We used this for my father for a few years. The activities were pretty interactive. They would toss a ball and have the residents toss it back, and they would play bingo and you would see people participating. It was a pretty nice place.

This is like a cheap motel!

I looked at this and another place, there is no comparison. This is like a cheap motel! It was a shared room, and the bathroom was down the hall. It was smelly too. It was the same price as the much more upscale place that I chose.

Very nice looking community

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for my loved one. This was a very nice community overall, the facility itself was attractive and clean, and the staff were all friendly and professional. However, as per their assessment she would have been placed in the memory care section, and we did not think she was quite at that stage yet. I also did not like the layout of the apartments that we saw, using the bathroom at night would have involved walking across the whole apartment.

Not what I expected.

This nursing center is very clean and does not have any smells. The food is very good, not your typical fare and the staff is friendly. If you can take care of yourself this is a good place to recover from surgery. If you are lucky enough to get a good physical therapist that knows what can be expected of you and will listen to you, then this is a nice place. If you cannot help yourself and will not have visitors to check on you then this is not the place for you. The private mini suites for recovery are the best for surgical recovery.

From the Community

At Bethany Terrace, it is our mission to provide holistic health care for people of all faiths in a safe, cheerful and compassionate environment where the individual’s dignity is preserved. We approach residents’ diverse needs with a variety of therapies, activities and environments. Our highly experienced professionals make our residents feel comfortable and help them to enjoy life every day and truly feel at home.

The latest addition to our facility, the Terrace Suites, offers the comfort and beauty comparable to an assisted living type environment while providing 24-hour nursing care to meet individual needs.

With the 1984 launch of our Alzheimer’s Care Center, Bethany Terrace Nursing Centre became one of the earliest providers of care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Complex care services such as our Wound Management, Oncology Management and Infectious Disease Management bring a unique comprehensiveness to Bethany Terrace.

Dialysis patients receive the highest quality of care coordinated by a specialized team of professionals, including dieticians and social workers.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists are available for residents that require individualized rehabilitation services. Coming in January of 2007, Bethany Terrace Rehabilitation Suites.

Potential residents of the Bethany Terrace Nursing Centre and their loved ones will want to know more not only about the hospitality and care of the senior living community itself, but more about the surrounding city of Morton Grove, IL. Morton Grove is a relatively small, close-knit area, with a population of just over 23,000. Geographically, the town is idyllic and woodsy, with plenty of forest preserve land and the Chicago River running straight down the middle. This creates scenic, recreational opportunities for seniors and their visitors.

- Skokie Lagoons: This fishing and boating hub is nearly 1,000 acres in size, with almost 8 miles of trails to walk. Younger boaters can try their hand at fording a canoe or kayak down the Chicago River, while older ones can enjoy the Skokie Lagoon waters from a more relaxed distance on a sailboat.

- Horseback Riding: There are several other attractions in the Cook County woods besides boating, and one of them is riding through groves, down country lanes, and around peaceful lakes.

- Water Parks: For the younger crowd, Morton Grove is too tiny for any exciting adventures, but it isn't far away from the action! Needless to say, the town is only a half-hour drive from Chicago itself, and it's also a half-hour from Lyons, both of which have thrilling family water parks.

- Birdwatching: Returning to recreation that's suitable for seniors living in Bethany Terrace, not only is birding a popular activity in Morton Grove, there's actually an active birding community. Both new and seasoned birdwatchers are welcomed to explore the Cook County woods with several ongoing ""bird walks"" and competitions.

- Fishing: From catfish to bass to bluegill, Morton Grove and the whole of Cook County are teeming with great fishing spots. Nearby boat vendors make it easy to fish on the water and purchase bait right on location.

- North Branch Trail: These twenty miles of trails are fitting for older travelers, being all asphalt and on flat terrain. Biking, skating, and, in winter, cross-country skiing down more hilly clearings in the preserve are great North Branch activities for younger folks looking for fun along the Chicago River.

- Parks and Dog-walking: Recent legislation in Morton Grove allowed leashed dogs in all parks so that owners young and old can enjoy a leisurely park stroll with their four-legged friends.

- Shopping and Restaurants: Morton Grove has several staple retailers, including Homegoods, Marshall's, and T.J. Maxx. There are popular restaurant chains like Giordano's Pizza, but also homegrown favorites such as Las Fuentes Restaurant or Kappy's American Grill. People with any tastes, whether in shopping purchases or favorite cuisines from all cultures, will find something right for them in Morton Grove.

- Leaning Tower of Niles: This tower is one of Morton Grove's best-known and most eclectic and fun tourist attractions. As the name suggests, it's modeled after the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is half the size. This replica is definitely something to stop by to get a memorable ""selfie"" with.

For more logistical information on the town such as crime rates, look no further than the ""New Resident Guide"" created with the help of the Morton Grove Police Department. Bethany Terrace residents can feel safe knowing that partnerships with local businesses and neighborhood watch groups as well as out-of-town agencies work together on crime prevention. As for the crime rates themselves, they are quite low at 47 violent crimes per 100,000 individuals.

Residents can feel secure walking around town, but the next question is, how walkable is Morton Grove? Because the region is mostly residential and because 20% of its total area is reserved for its beautiful forest, there are some difficulties presented for residents who want to easily travel from the residential district to commercial businesses. gives Morton Grove an overall walkability score of 60/100. As calculated, one out of the nearly 100 restaurants and coffee shops is accessible within a five-minute walking distance; this means that in some areas of town, walking five minutes to a restaurant is not possible, whereas in other locations, walking five minutes yields multiple options.

In addition, the city is taking pains to bridge itself to metro areas: the Metra rail station commutes from the far north suburbs of Chicago down to downtown Chicago, so Morton Grove is overall a well-connected small town.

Whether one is enjoying a game of baseball in the Morton Grove Park District, or enjoying senior programs directly connected to Bethany Terrace itself but also civically organized, Morton Grove has a small-town atmosphere that's great for seniors. At the same time, there's also no shortage of nature activities, sights to see, family bonding activities, and nearby big attractions, so that Bethany Terrace residents never feel bored or alone, and always feel like part of the bustling, friendly Morton Grove community.