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Customer Reviews

Absolutely beautiful facility. Very impressed with the programs for dementia, but it is big and a bit too fancy for my Dad's taste. However, the staff at this location has continued to be very helpful and kind. If it were me, I'd go there without reservations!

I really enjoyed visiting this community, and [name removed] was very informative and helpful. She gave me a number of useful suggestions and recommendations,

I enjoyed my stay here

I was here for 14 days for respite care and it was great. The food was wonderful and 3x a day was good too. They tried to engage me to join in on the daily activities. The caregivers were nice and friendly. I loved the PT I went 2x a day. The housekeeping did a good job at keeping it clean. The only thing I would have to ask or change is they expected you to use your towels more than once before getting more clean ones. If that is a policy just tell people in advance. I would recommend this community.

A little too pricey

Belmont Village West Lake Hills is a big and nice community. It looked like they provided a lot of wonderful activities. The people there were very friendly and nice. It was just extremely expensive.

Starting Off Well

My mom is still adjusting to being apart of the community. The staff are doing a good job with all they do for her. She tried a few activities and she liked some of it. She likes the meals and it has been all okay.

very nice facilities but a bit pretentious and about 50% more than other similar places. We also were not given a clear picture of all the pricing while there.

Very Nice Facility

This is a very nice community, but their rates were to expensive for our budget. It was a bit over the top for our taste overall. Everything looked neat, and tidy. The staff was kind, and friendly to my family, and I. The experience was a pleasant one, but I did find another community that met our betters.

beautiful facility. Not sure want to start with Assisted Living facility -- it's probably would be a 'name' thing with my mother. Even though there are independent's there.

My visit

The person that took us on tour was nice and knowledgable. The community looked clean. This community offers a lot of activities and amenities. The community we chose was closer to family.

The Belmont is lovely and seems to be well run. I liked the fact that they had therapists onsite. I think their community fee is too high for us to pay at his stage of his life (Dad is 98 years old). The Belmont offers no church services onsite and going to church is important to my Dad. The Belmont was willing to transport him to a church but his church of 55 years is in another city, so he could not go there. If they transported him to our church someone would have to be with him during the entire service. My family's responsibilities at our church would prevent us from looking after my Dad during the service so we were looking for a place that held church services with music on the premises. Belmont does offer bible study, but there is no music or singing with that.

I like the care that my mom was getting here. When she was here she did like the activities. She enjoyed the meals that wer services. They offered her activities to participate in. The community is well taken care of and clean. I really liked that they offered my mom great attention at all times. I would be happy to recommend other families to this community for the great care and value received here.

Belmont Village is heads and shoulders above usual assisted living facilities.

A beautiful well maintained facility. Activities are more stimulating than the usual Bingo and trips to Walmart. For example: group crossword, rabbi lecturing on the Psalms. Staff are consistently upbeat and friendly. Very responsive to requests and finding solutions. Meals are restaurant quality. Everyone appears to be authentically interested in making sure Mom is happy and comfortable in her home. It's also clear they want me to be happy too.

really helpful

My mother is now living at Belmont Village West Lake Hills and it has been a good experience. They have been really helpful with my mother's transition into assisted living. They have really taken her under their wings and given her a lot of one on one care and attention.

Transition from one center to Belmont for our mom with dementia

We are so grateful to have our mom at Belmont Village. She had been at another memory care center for about 4 days and was miserable, crying, angry, and just so unhappy. It became quickly very clear that it was not just a transition period, but that it not a good fit for our mom who has dementia but still very high functioning physically.

When we met with Zack at Belmont Village, he showed us around and we immediately noticed everyone smiling and happy - the staff, the residents, the support care ... it was just a wildly different atmosphere from where my mom had been. We went out and got her, brought her in to show her Belmont Village, she agreed that it was a much better fit, and we were able to pull her out of one facility and bring her to Belmont Village within a 48 hour turnaround. The staff really worked hard to make this happen, and we are so grateful - my mom is so much happier at Belmont! She has activities and is settling in and transitioning well. It is such a huge weight from my sister and I to know that not only is she getting great physical and emotional care, but she's getting a great environment and new friends. Thank you to everyone at Belmont Village! We finally feel at peace with where she is living!

They are very responsive and caring and I appreciate that they are.

Great place

Expensive, but awesome place.

Best senior care & memory care in Austin!

Belmont Village Circle of Friends dementia program is by far the best in Austin. I say that with the experience of having to find dementia help for both of my parents, my mother's downhill slide starting 7 years after my dad's, giving me 12 years’ experience at 7 different Austin assisted living centers. Of them all, Belmont Village is by far superior on every aspect from facilities to care to food and parking. It has truly been a Godsend to our family. Mother's been there a year now and has not deteriorated but instead has improved cognitively and physically, which we had been told wasn't possible. She now initiates conversations and can sign her name again after losing these skills for a while. Unlike the places where the caregivers stay on their cell phones while assisting clients, Belmont's staff is dedicated and attentive. Their programs are outstanding. If an activity is listed on a schedule, you can count on their staff to follow through and do it with love and enthusiasm. They have daily exercise with a personal trainer, water aerobics and cool crafting projects, but most important to us are the relevant and contemporary mental exercise games that are actually fun to participate in, even for visiting family members. These range from trivia games to crafts however they are never infantilizing or contrived as they often were at Mom's prior places. Belmont Village has helped our family honor and care for mother as she deserves. They have many family holiday functions and entertainment events and consistently great food that if it were a restaurant, would be one of the best in Austin. They've deleted high fructose drinks and fatty snacks, which are the mainstay diet at most assisted living facilities. It costs are on par with the other facilities were Mom was, however pricewise, you get far more care and action here for your money than you do elsewhere. Double rooms & a roommate can help you save and rest assured their intake staff keeps their word. If they say no price increase for a year, they mean it. They also have a hospitalist doctor from a nearby hospital serving the facility who is now Mom's primary care physician. This is a medical care option that has benefited Mom's health tremendously and made a transition between a hospital stay back to Belmont as seamless as possible. As a frequent visitor, I've made friends with many of the residents who live in the independent living apartments. Most are delighted with the facility, the grounds, the food and the activity options. I wouldn't hesitate to move my parents here from any other facility ASAP as Belmont Village Westlake Hills is by far the best we have found. The only down side is they offer no skilled nursing, however they do work with other facilities when needed.

West Lake Hills has an excellent sense of community fostered by the administration.

I was surprised to read some of the earlier negative reviews of the administration at West Lake Hills because our experience has been quite opposite. My siblings and I moved our mother into West Lake Hills last December and our experience with the administration has been very good. We did quite a bit of research before choosing West Lake Hills and reviewed several other communities in Austin and in Houston. Our reception at West Lake Hills was initially and has continued to be both warm and professional from the people who work there. I'm sure having paperless communication and medication management would be a benefit, and I'm confident these improvements will be implemented. But we have frequent in person or telephone contact with the administration, in many cases initiated by them. And what I am most impressed by is the sense of community and care that the administration fosters. In six months our mother has regained vitality and youth and her outlook on life is so improved my siblings and I are astounded. No paperless system can substitute for that.

Very nice. All very friendly. Pool. Exercise classes. Book club. Church services. Van and SUV. Weekly outings and grocery runs. Rooms very nice. Avg size compared to all seen. 15 min car trip to for me. $$$. (reason for 4* due to price.)

Don't Move In, Can't Trust Administration

We explained my mother's needs before we moved in (wheelchair, significant help needed with ADLs) and were promised that she could stay there unless she became bed bound. Turned out not to be true. My mother was there 8 months, and when she began to have difficulties she was kicked out (I say this because she was not allowed to return home after a hospital stay for a relatively minor condition - dehydration. With no notice. She was not even allowed a transition period to move out, so we were left scrambling to find her rehab care, while we worked to find another facility. Worse, no consideration for my mother's feelings, hardhearted to kick someone out of their home

I was incredibly disappointed and surprised because my mother generally did well there. The Circle of Friends is an excellent program. Their medication management, though, needs serious work. At one point they let my mom go 4 days without her medicine due to a miscommunication with the pharmacy. At another point I found someone else's meds in my mother's room. They use a paper system, no electronic tracking of meds, though that too was promised when my mother moved in.

Lorena Grimes

Local Representative

We’re very sorry for the challenges that your family is facing. Transitioning to a different level of care is not easy and we too are disappointed that your mother was not able to return to our community. As a provider, this is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make, but it is our responsibility to ensure that our residents are able to receive the appropriate level of care, and that sometimes exceeds what we can provide within our license. We’re also sorry that you did not feel your transition was managed to your expectations. If you would like to discuss your concerns further, contact our regional vice president of operations, Diahn, at [removed] or [removed].

The bad thing is that the administration is uncaring and the place doesn't operate efficiently. While the nurses are great, the operation has some significant problems. It is not paperless, and most concerning, I am familiar with instances where medication was not given as prescribed due to communication issues. The support staff are mostly very caring and efficient - but there are some who are not, and training seems lax

The great thing about this place is the Circle of Friends, which is a structured set of activities for a class. Residents who participate have a group that they hang with and learn with - 7 days a week. Mostly brain activities, but other types of activities. Creates a caring group run by a really good instructor

Lorena Grimes

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback – resident and family input are essential in helping us to maintain a high standard of care. We regularly evaluate our programs and services and have recently taken steps to improve our medication management system by increasing staff, working directly with our pharmacy, and continuing to work with our automated systems provider to re-enable that function. We provide ongoing training for new and existing staff members and make adjustments as needed. We appreciate your input and will share it with our training department as a part of our ongoing evaluation process.

some issues with Belmont but mostly happy

They seem to have some issues with staffing, especially on the Memory floor. This contributes to some lack of communication between employees. Over all we are very pleased with Belmont, so far. One thing we were lead to believe on the tour and on admit, was that one could "die in place there" if needed. This turns out to only apply to if hospice is brought in. We were told at a meeting that if "the resident is bed bound, they would have to leave the facility" due to lack of skilled nursing. Again the only exception is if hospice is brought in.

Nice clean place, communication could be improved.

It's very clean, and the staff is pretty friendly. The biggest thing is that there are a few different contacts, and it seems like information doesn't flow seamlessly between the people there, so getting answers can be difficult. Other than that, there really isn't anything that needs to be improved or done better. There is a pretty robust calendar, but whether they are great about getting people out, and encouraging is something I am not sure about. We liked the newness and cleanliness of the facility, when we chose them.

great experience

The experience with Belmont Village West Lake Hills overall has been great. Dad enjoys it there, and the staff is very friendly. There have been a few issues with his medication which is a small cause for concern, but overall it has been a great experience.

When we first came in contact with Belmont Villiate, they gave us an excellent tour. The facility was nice and the staff was very friendly. Me and my siblings unanimously agreed it was the best place for mom. Mom is very old and needs a lot of special care and attention, and she is getting it there. My only small complaint is that on one occasion they over-medicated mom (slightly). It turned out to be no big deal, but they need to be extra sure to give their residents the right doses.

Very nice, quite pricey wit...

Very nice, quite pricey with a lot of nickel and diming. Still a very nice facility.

Absolutely beautiful facility, although layout is confusing

I toured Belmont Village before it opened, so I cannot comment on whether or not residents seemed to be happy. I will say that every staff member greeted me with a smile, and they all seemed very committed to providing residents with a positive experience that enriched their bodies, minds, and souls. Their memory program is outstanding - they have a fully detailed and themed schedule for every single day of the year - I think it was called "Circle of Friends." The activities are specifically catered for those with memory impairment.

All of the room layouts seemed comfortable, and the interior and exterior of the building are sooo beautiful. My only concern would be that it was a bit confusing to get around.

From the Community

Belmont Village West Lake Hills is on track to be completed in spring 2014. The three-story Texas Hill Country-style community will host 141 private apartments and a full continuum of lifestyle and support, including Assisted Living, Memory Care and Belmont’s range of signature, award-winning programs designed to maintain mental acuity.

Belmont Village West Lake Hills’ vast array of features will include a professionally managed fitness center for wellness programs and therapy services, a swimming pool, a technology center and Wi-Fi access. Hospitality and dining will include chef-prepared meals with over 24 daily menu choices, a bistro for casual dining, concierge and transportation services, along with a daily calendar of activities and outings.

Studio and one-bedroom apartments will be available. No buy-in is required and monthly rates include a variety of services and amenities.