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If you only knew?

The only reason I give this place a 1/2 of a Star is because I wasn't able to give a 1/4 of a Star! This place has got to be the WORST Nursing Home in TX! After doing my own research on this place, after seeing what was happening with my Father. I found that Beechnut Manor has FAILED EVERY "Annual Health Inspection" performed by the State of TX upon their facility since 2013! How does the State still allow them to stay open? How does the State still house people there who are awaiting Medicare/Medicaid approval?

They have the bare necessities in that place and trust me, when I say BARE necessities! I really do mean it! The Customer Service is HORRIBLE as well! My Father was in there for 2 months and during that time, he had one (smartphone) phone STOLEN as well as the facility LOSING every stitch of clothing my Father had. He's been wearing other people's clothes that the facility gave him to appease him with SOME clothes, anyway. EVERY STITCH of clothing he had, they LOST! My Father, and a family friend who goes to see him 4 times a week have told me some horror stories about the way the Staff treats the patients, as well as my own Father. For the 1st 3 weeks he was in there, his television didn't even work. Then there was a ceiling leak in the room they moved my Father to, and it took a phone call from me, in order to get that fixed! It was right between his Bed and the Bathroom. There was a puddle of water from the drip.

I live out of State and had to do all the business by phone. That was a whole other matter in and of itself. I was told when they moved my Father into this facility that someone would call me from the facility and arrange payment. Since I'm my Fathers Power of Atty. I requested that they give me a Statement showing that I'm paying them a couple thousand dollars. Without that it looks like someone just took a couple thousand, with no record of the bill in the first place. Well, they didn't call me and didn't call me about payment. However, I spoke to them several times a day, concerning some of my concerns about the way my Father was being treated. But when the Business office FINALLY got around to calling me for payment, they attempted to collect a "Late Fee" on the bill. The lady in the business office is a [removed]! [removed]! She's extremely condescending and insulting when you attempt to work with her.

I obviously put my foot down and refused to pay ANY late fee whatsoever due to THEIR negligence! When I paid the lady the money owed, I instructed her that when she's ready to charge the card for the next months amount, to please just e-mail me and let me know she's going to charge my Card and I'd approve it!

Well, here it is the 15th of April and I just received ANOTHER condescending phone call insulting me for not paying my Fathers bill! I mean this's NOT a huge facility. Why didn't she put a note in my Fathers file regarding my request? So because SHE was too lazy to make note of my requests, (since I'm out of State) that she has to call and be so condescending! My Father got STUCK being in that facility for 2 months! I would NEVER send one of my loved ones to this facility unless you just don't care about them anymore. Because the people that work there, don't [remove] about the patients NOR the family members!

The left hand doesn't know what the [removed] the right hand's doing in that place. I actually don't think, it really CARES, what it's doing!

The Staff is worthless, with very few exceptions (LaQuita, in Admissions was the only bright spot I found). After dealing with the staff at this facility for 2 months, I'm ready to go Postal! I'm sure you could add ALL their IQ's up together and you'd still come up 2 points SHY of a MORON!

In closing, I'd say... I'd only put someone here if you don't give a [removed] about them! If you love them, even a LITTLE, keep them OUT of here!