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Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I visited for the first time today and was impressed with the overall size of the building. The look on my sister's face said it all. She looked so much happier here than when I saw her at the hospital. The receptionist and physical therapist are both more than helpful.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They take care of the elderly. They try to help them out. There are just all types of good things about them! This is the best one around. They have a wonderful therapist there in particular. He really does good job and gets them back on their feet. The nurses are doing a good job. I have no objections to them. I have never been in there and seen anything negative. They helped me get my loved one settled in. It never smells like urine here. They make you feel right at home. They have really good meals. They get vegetables on their plate and not a lot of junk. The communication is very good.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I am not unhappy by any means. All of the nurses have introduced themselves so far. Some of the hallways smell bad, and it isn't just from one room. I don't have a problem with the food so far. I just didn't think she needed to be on a special diet. I don't even know what the meat is.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

It was great.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

With the attention that they are paying to my loved one, it just seems like everyone is available and helpful. It seems like they really want to help. Everything is fine.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

My loved one only been there a week, but the people I have met so far have been extremely good. They make me feel calm. They call me on everything. I haven't seen anything that hasn't been sparkling clean! Everything has been positive!

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The nurses are good and assertive. They are very available to answer. The therapists are trying to do what they can. One of the techs remembered my loved one from last year. He is assertive and attentive. This year they have multiple garbage bags in the garbage can and this did not happen this last year. When the techs come in, they do not always put her back on her oxygen. When she rings the bell for help, they do not come right away. The TV remote and the bell to ring for help need to be accessible. The food is cold when it gets to her sometimes.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The nurses are great. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. It is very clean with no smells. He does not seem unhappy. He likes the food. He needs more assistance to cut it. There is not enough staff. Measures that would help him to be more out of bed would be nice. I find the administrator to be helpful, but not very empathetic. I asked the staff to do something, and the nurse wrote this on the board in his room. I went in yesterday and it was not done. There is a problem with getting through on the phone.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I have been here four times this year and I have recommended it. At this place, you could eat off of the floor. The meals are great. They give too much food and you will get fatter in here. They are all kind and friendly pretty much. Everyone is treated with respect. I am totally informed. They do not hide anything and talk with me about questions I have. The therapy people do well. There are a couple of nurses who are just absolutely fabulous and a couple I would not pay for one day's worth of work. Some of the staff are fantastic, but some are terrible. There are some things that could be different, but overall it is adequate. It is not fancy.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The nurses have been very nice. The workers have been great. Two of them stayed late and helped us. At the end of the day, they made everything great. The communication has been fine. The meals are fine. You don't get options. They do not check his blood sugar before he eats and they need to.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I have spoken with the therapists almost every day. They are very informative. They are okay. The cleaning is okay. The first room was pretty bad. Because of noise from a machine and another patient, he is not resting at all. One time he said the CNA's were friendly. Now, he says they give off a sense that they are angry. His bed is a crank bed, so he can't raise it. The nursing button is broken. They are not communicating anything unless I ask.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The nursing staff and caregivers were very good, but overworked. I had trouble getting the nurses to do something for my loved one. There were too many people roaming around the halls unsupervised. One person in the afternoon made it a point so I couldn't see her badge. A nurse was trying to be cooperative and very helpful. The management of nursing staff was terrible. It was always clean, and they always changed her diaper. Our nurses with hospice were very good about getting back with me. I mentioned a problem to the nurses, and when I called back, they did not have it on the charts. It was a nice facility.

Don't go

Beware and run for your life. I had a love one there and the care for him was alright because I was there everyday tending to him. I have seen other residents that do not have people checking on them and the care is worse than you could imagine. The cost is high and service and majority of the administration is only there for their pay check. The listening to residents and their concerns are not taken to heart, it goes in one ear and out the other. They talk wonderful to your face then laughs behind your back.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The people and nurses are awesome and very attentive. The nursing care has been awesome as well. It always looks nice. My loved one seems to be happy with the meals.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They have been excellent. I cannot tell you how happy I am with her there. It is one of the best nursing homes I have seen. I wish I had had a place like that for my mom when she needed it. The nursing is excellent. She has always been clean and proper when I go. The friendliness is excellent. It is spotless. The communication is excellent. We don't have to call or wait for information. They call you and let you know how things are going. They reach out to you.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The therapy is great. The nurses are very caring and efficient. The people are very friendly. The cleaning is excellent. The meals are nutritious and attractive. There is a turnover of staff. I push the call button and I cannot speak with them. Some aides are caring and some are not caring.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

My loved one does not like the food, but he likes the help. I like the person who communicates well who works in the office.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I like how clean it is and I like the mannerism of the staff. We like the food and her room. I am pleased with the nurses' care. There was some confusion with the medication and it is ironed out now. I am pleased with the staff. The whole facility is clean. She likes her meals and they will change what she is eating if she wants this to happen. The front desk receptionist is very helpful. There have been a couple of incidents, but it is new.

Dementia/Alzheimer’s mom deemed ready to go home and take care of herself from physical therapy and the socialWorker here!

Be careful where u put ur loved ones! Thought this place really was communicating well until yesterday afternoon they told me that my mother who has dementia/Alzheimer’s, diabetic, neuropathy, and uti and can not fully understand on what she’s doing half the time . Also that was supposed to be here for long term care! They informed me that physical therapy would be releasing her on the 20th of this month and she could go home!! Wow what???!!! Did her dementia/Alzheimer’s, neuropathy and uti that was just treated after three weeka of asking for one to be done finally just disappear along with her feet that are so swollen they look like tree trunks since pretty much half the time she has been here! They weren’t even like that at the hospital! This place is all about the money and they can’t get their stories right that usually means there is something to cover! Her Dr that was treating her who is probably working for them as well didn’t even know about her leaving!!! He begged us to stay but understood why we had to leave that I felt like it was now not safe for her. When u walk in to the place hold ur nose cause it stinks like feces all through the halls. The staff is overworked and the staff over them well apparently they don’t know what’s going on or do they care!! Check out there ratings that are very low before u take ur loved ones here wish I had before I sent my mom there! O and they don’t read well either do be sure to check everything that is told to u and who told u what because they like to go through their things and take things from ur loved one and tell u later that u can’t have things in their bathrooms. Or like them to close their doors! I would to if I would stuck there the smell well
Make ur stomach turn !

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Everybody has been really helpful. They're doing well. It's very clean. So far, the food looks good.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They're taking good care of my loved one. Everyone has been really nice. The building is clean. They call me with information.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I love the nurses. Sometimes, I don't have communication. They did take care of a problem my loved one had. The problem is that I wasn't aware that it was taken care of. There's a nurse who is very good. The aides are very good. The staff are friendly. It's a nice facility. I did recommend it to one of my friends. The meals are very good, and even the attendants when they bring them, but there's not a lot of food from my sister's culture. It's not what she likes to eat. She doesn't really eat that much. They try very hard. They are good at keeping me informed. On certain things, they do.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They did not have it all together, and it was stressful. They were not in order, and now it is great. Everyone has been wonderful. So far, they have kept me informed. They call with whatever needs to be done.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I had rude responses from one of the aides. My mom has been having trouble getting her medicine. The nurse said the family refused the medicine, but we didn't. My mom really needs the pain medicine on time. It takes them a long time for them to respond to call button. They come in and say they'll be right back and then are gone for 45 minutes. The nurse came in and knocked really loudly and inappropriately yesterday and was very flippy with me. Another employee is fine. She has a job to do and says she has to keep to state regulations. Some staff are friendly, and some are not. They are not very good at keeping me informed.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

My loved one has been there for years, and I can't say more than that it has been a wonderful experience there. I referred a lot of patients. The nurses are wonderful. It could use some new furniture.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

My son seems to like it. It's clean and doesn't have an odor.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They are very good and everything they do is good. There are no problems yet. We are really impressed with the cleanliness of the place. The meals are great. They tell us stuff when we go there. We approach each other with information.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

We were very satisfied with it. It is very clean. The meals are very good. The staff have been very good at keeping me informed.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Everything is going well, and my mom is getting better. She was not able to walk, and she is taking a few steps now. The nurses are really good, and they go above and beyond. My mom has a language problem, and the staff help with this. They are very nice and smiling. They clean a lot, and it is very clean. They are trying their best with the meals, since my loved one has a particular diet. They make sure there is something for her to eat. They let us know of any kind of issue, and we go there every day. They are going out of their way with the language barrier.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I haven't had any complaints. It's a nice facility. They keep it really clean. My mom's happy there. From what my mom tells me, they give her a lot of exercise. I can tell a difference in her mobility since going there. I don't know a lot about the meals, but she says they've been good.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

My loved one seems to be doing well there. They are doing everything. The therapy is wonderful. When it's time to get her, they get her, and it's wonderful. They push her pretty hard. When first admitted, my loved one needed a certain medicine, but she couldn't get it because it wasn't on the list. That has since been rectified, and they finally got her that medication, so they are on it. One of the nurses is wonderful. Anytime I ask her for things, she gets it and is there in a second. The aides are wonderful. The staff all seem very nice. I'm sure my loved one is getting treated well. They serve small portion sizes. My mother has an allergy and she doesn't drink tea or coffee, so there isn't anything to substitute those things with. They only serve cranberry juice in the morning, and never serve that at any other time, so we have to settle with water for her. They don't really come give us updates, however, the nurse gives me the update every morning when I come in.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They gave my loved one clothes to wear until we brought her clothes to her. She keeps saying her meal is not hot and forgets to ask them to reheat her meal. Since we had a meeting, they do not call me, and I have to call them. They need to contact me more to let us know how my loved one is doing as soon as possible.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The nurses are there are great. The showers are lacking. My grandmother was there for two weeks, and only was showered there twice. She didn't get on the shower list. They have corrected it and taken measures and written up the person that didn't write her in, but they made sure this time she was on the list. My grandma complains about the food. There is a lack of flavors. They are great at keeping me informed.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

It is kind of early to tell, but it is okay. Based on one individual, there has been an issue, but the other nurses are great. I will not deal with the one anymore. She has an attitude. I spoke with the management staff about the situation. They have done well at keeping me informed.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The therapists are doing awesome. The people in the kitchen are doing a good job, too. Sometimes I have a little problem, like telling them to change my father's diaper or clean his bathroom. There are some staff that are really nice, and some that are not. The administrators are really good. The aides sometimes have to be called two or three times before changing my father's diaper. They have been giving him his showers. There are some that are really friendly, and some that are really rude. Only two are not that friendly. Everyone else is fine. The meals are good. My father is happy with them.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

They are friendly, and it is clean. They have not contacted me for anything. They do answer my questions when I approach them.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I appreciate how things work with rehab. I would like to see a quicker response time to help with the bell button on the bed.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The therapists have been working hard. The response time is not what we would like it to be. The service of meals is excellence. My loved one gets tired with the same breakfast. They are very good at keeping me informed.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

I would rate everything a 3 and I would recommend to a friend.

Review of Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

The quality of service is not what we would like it to be. It is not great, but it's not the worst. It is kind of hard to tell, since my loved one is back as a new patient. We have to constantly remind the staff of what he needs. We had a disagreement with the nursing staff because of his level of care, because of his bed rails being down. The communication was poor. There are some nurses that are good, and some need more work. The aides are okay, and my expectation is higher than what they provide. Some staff are nice and helpful, and others not. They should be more sanitary. I am not informed, and I have to ask questions with no doctor or nurses to talk with me about my loved one and plan.

The nurses are all just really great! Someone always calls me and lets me know everything. My loved one had to go the hospital and they made sure to call me and keep me updated.

The therapy is going good. The nurses are efficient and attentive to my mother's needs. Everyone is nice. The facility is kept clean. They change her sheets, empty her trash, and her room is always clean. They give her the correct meals according to her diet and they also provide different options to choose from. They keep me informed about her health and/or changes in her medication.

The nurses give my loved one his medications on time and are very friendly.

My loved one wasn't real pleased with the food. They did have options for him, but he just didn't really like the food. They kept us informed very well.

There have been some mistakes with food, and they need more timely assessments. I'm not really sure how the therapy is going; they haven't called me about my loved one's improvement. I haven't really spoken to anyone, I don't even know what medication she's on.

Everything seems fine to me, but she complains that the food is not good. So far everyone seems friendly. No one has contacted me yet to keep me informed. I wish that communication was better

They are really good as far as when I ask them or make a request for something, they are very good at doing or getting it. I just wish that they would pay more attention to patients’ records because some of the struggles my mom has had could have been avoided. The head nurse has been really good about calling me. I saw my mom this morning and she is still in her same clothes that she’s had on for two days, as well as in the same sheets. There are a couple of staff that are just doing their job and are not very warm and welcoming, but they are doing their job. The facility is very clean. In the beginning she liked the meals, but they give her oatmeal for breakfast every day and she doesn’t like oatmeal. After some initial hiccups, they have been very good about keeping me informed.

My loved one is doing a lot better with the therapy. Some of the nurses are awful and don't want to give you the time of day and then there are others that are just awesome. The in-processing was easy. The staff are slow, but they get it done. I wish someone would come in the room and mop the floors and keep it a little bit tidier. The food isn't really that good. I wish they did better with keeping me informed about his health.

We had a meeting today about some of the issues that we have had, and hopefully they will be improved from here on out. My mom’s roommate’s TV is always loud when my mom is sleeping. They just don’t seem to have enough help. You have to ask for help, they don’t check in on them. Some of the physical therapists and some of the nurses have been a little rough and too fast. There was an occasion where my mom was in pain because of it. They need to slow down a little bit. The food, from what I have seen and heard, could use improvement. There is a lack of communication between the staff, nurses, and therapist. Staff will help if they are asked. It seems like there’s just a lack of common sense sometimes. They keep the whole establishment very clean and prettied up. The rooms are clean. She only eats in the room, and they bring her meals to her. Everything but the food itself is good. They are now giving her a menu to choose from, for a week at a time, after six days of not having any options. The coffee is awful. There is supposed to be coffee and soup out but there is barely ever coffee left and there is never any soup. I have not been informed about how she is doing at all since she has been there. I have had to ask and answer my own questions

It is very clean. There is no smell at all.

We are all very happy with my loved one's experience!

They were really friendly.

The facility is not the cleanest.

I was not really pleased with them, they could be more quiet at night. It was so loud all of the time. There were screamers and the staff was too loud. At 6 a.m. they would start buffing the floors. The people were nice but it was not a good place for Dad.

I did not have a very good overall experience at all but the rehab was awesome. The staff ruined and lost my clothes when they washed them. None of the nurses ever answered the call button at night time. My room usually wasn't cleaned. The staff seemed to never have time to answer my questions.

We've seen much improvement since he stated therapy. They keep us informed of his treatment plans and progress.

So far it’s going well! They are pretty good at providing me with updates.

They are taking very good care of my sister. The staff is very good to her. They have a lot of patience. They have been very kind and informative.

They help us out a lot with every issue. They have been keeping me updated and I really appreciate that. The therapy is really helping my love one become stronger.

I would recommend Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation &
Healthcare Center.

The administration staff is very good. At one point my dad was an outpatient and my mother was there for rehab. They have been very helpful with doing all kinds of things. The rehab portion is excellent. The nurses were good and I understand they have a lot to deal with

The staff is very helpful and it's a nice facility. She has improved from the therapy. The staff is very helpful staff and the place is clean

This is a great and wonderful place. The therapy department is amazing. The staff does really care and want to do the right thing

The administration staff is awesome. They do a good job. It is very clean

I would recommend Baywood Crossing Rehab to a loved one. My father-in-law enjoys the food!

They are very good with my son. He loves the place and he feels like they're family. I love that there is no smell and that they are always clean.

Both of my parents love the people here. Any questions we've had they have been more than willing to answer. Both of my parents are receiving therapy through them and they said the therapy they are getting is much better than what they had at the hospital and a previous rehabilitation center

Therapy has been wonderful, I am very pleased. They have been pretty good to my husband. The care is very good and the staff is caring towards my husband. They are very friendly and helpful.

I would recommend them. Everything was alright and the
community was clean.

They do a good job of keeping her included in events. They offer BINGO games, bible study and they had a fair amount of success in providing food for cook-outs with live music. I remember fondly one time the activities director had to set a list of rules for BINGO and have everyone sign because the game was being taken too seriously by the residents! They also offer an in-house salon that does hair and nails. This was nice because if someone feels good on the outside it makes them feel better overall. I could find anyone on staff and they would answer questions or listen to my concerns. The food did improve during her time there. They offered more variation in the food. They are doing quite a bit to accommodate residents. She was on a purred diet and they made sure it was prepared correctly

They were all very friendly. The food looked great.

The staff was not answering the lights in a timely manner. The community was not doing a good job with keeping my husband’s room clean. I never saw anyone ever come in to sweep or mop.The food was not fit for a person to eat.

The therapy is excellent. The nursing staff could be better. They do make a great attempt to accommodate us in every way, but I know they are busy. It is very, very clean. I selected Baywood Crossing for this reason. I am an attorney and have been in a lot of nursing homes. There is no smell and it's always very clean. This rehab center is one of the best in that perspective.

I would recommend Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center to a loved one or a friend. The sinks could use some cleaning sometimes and restocking of the paper towels

Everything is very good as far as my uncle has informed me. Any time they are going to start him on a new medication or anything they always call and inform me first.

They do a great job with communication.

My father is here and the staff takes very good care of him. They always answer our questions and are very helpful.

I am very pleased with the community. We have had a couple of incidents, but it is still good. The staff calls me personally if there are any issues

The staff is friendly and helpful. There isn't enough staff on hand to care for all the patients. They could mop more often but they do a good job of keeping the facility clean. They reach out to us to follow-up

I would recommend Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation Healthcare Center to a friend. The breakfast is cold by the time it gets to her,but that is the only complaint she has

The therapy has been just great and has helped her. They are not as good with communication, but when we went to them about this they have started to improve

I would recommend Baywood Crossing to a friend. It is clean. The food is not good as far as I can tell. They serve carrots and the carrots are hard. My loved one cannot eat that. I think that they think they are doing the right thing but they need to accommodate the needs of the patients more

I would recommend them to a friend or loved one. But the entire system is broken. The people are understaffed and underpaid. [Removed] and that all you guys want to do is place people and take their money. I have been through 3 different places and none of them are good this place just seems to be better than the last two. The therapy is better than it usually is. I have to go to them to find anything out. Then I have to play the game in finding out who is taking care of my loved one.

The quality of the meals needs improvement. They're never hot.

She is happy there. It is always clean and it never smells. The food is horrible. It is not hot and the kitchen is always ‘broken.’”

We have had some difficulty, but we were able to have a conference call. If there is something wrong we call them. Not everyone is on the same page. There were a few nurses that were not up to par. The nurses did not properly clean his wounds. They keep up with the uptake of the community. We have been having problems with the dietary staff. The staff did not give my brother his food tray. The food is good, but no one explained how to work the menu so it was always a problem with getting what my brother wanted. It took them several tries just to get what he wanted.

They can improve by being ready and on time. Some of the staff is friendly and some are not friendly. The friendliest people are the ones that work in the hall: the aides and the medication staff. The upper staff members don't even look at you. Of the receptionists,2 of them are friendly. I keep the room clean myself. The housekeeper does not clean the bathroom. If it looks clean she does not do anything to improve it. The bottom of the toilet has not been cleaned. The sink and mirror we use it all the time, is not getting cleaned. I have to ask them to come in the room clean. It's supposed to be cleaned daily. My husband loves the meals. They are not keeping me informed with details; if I don't ask it doesn’t get communicated. I had a meeting with the 72 hours admit, after that no one has spoken to me.

Things went okay for the most part. The aides were not good and they would get an attitude. The staff would not change my mom and leave her for an hour. One of the aides said that they are not her butler or her servant. Rudeness was on a high around here and that was not called for. It would take forever for them to clean things up unless we told them. The community did not let me know what was going on with anything.

I would recommend Baywood Crossing to a friend or family member. Sometimes they are a little bit short of staff. The community always looks really clean. She never had a menu so it was strange at first. Now she has a menu and it makes better. I have to make sure that I ask to get answers. I haven't had any phone calls about anything. I have gone up to them to get any information I’ve received. I was supposed to have a meeting yesterday, but they never had it.

Everyone was so friendly and nice. That's what made it such a positive experience for my mother.

The place was very clean.

Everything has been great. The therapy is going good. But they do not have a set schedule for it.

The rehab therapy has been phenomenal. Some of the nursing care is poor. Even the nurses are frustrated with the nurse’s assistants. My mother had a sore throat, and when she asked for Tylenol, the nurse never came back. It is kept very clean. For the first few days there, she did not have a menu

The staff was very friendly and it is a very nice place. The lobby is very nice. When relatives came to visit, we sat there in the lobby and it was a very nice visit.

I like it because it is convenient and she knows some of the people that work there. She also knows some of the people that live there so she already has friends. They are good; the receptionist is great about making sure that my messages get to the right people. If they are not available, she tells me why and is very nice. The staff does a good job. The cleaning is great. She is not used to the meals, but she is getting used to it. This is why we needed her to be in here. I have gone to their meetings and we did talk as a group and I really enjoyed it. They keep me informed.

The people and the CNAs are very nice and they try hard. We were recommended by a friend to come here. The place could use a wipe down and the floors can be cleaned. They have not kept me very informed. I am waiting for the meeting I know we will have.

The rehab therapy has been great. There have been times where our experience needs improvement. Every time I go in the afternoons, the afternoon nurses and staff cannot answer my questions.

They are sometimes short staffed, but I understand they are helping everyone else.

Overall, it has been a positive experience. My father doesn't really like it, but I think it's great. I know it's not a hospital, but I wish the nurses would pay a little more attention to my father, like check on him a little bit more to make sure he is okay. Everyone is very friendly to me from what I've seen. I always have to ask to get more information. No one ever just calls me to let me know how he is doing.

Baywood Crossing is a nice, clean place. The people are very friendly, but it is very understaffed as far as nursing. They are slow; it might take 30 to 40 minutes when you call for help. That is for everyone. They also have one nurse per hall way. The rehab therapy is great. They are doing an awesome, wonderful job and my loved one is improving. The housekeeping could be better. It is a problem because there are people in and out constantly. My loved one went to see her doctor that performed her surgery, and I was not even notified.

From the Community

Baywood Crossing Rehabilitation & Health Center is located in Pasadena, TX, near Bayshore Medical Center, Fairmont Infusion Center and Baywood Imaging. . Our goal is to improve our patient's' overall health, level of functionality and quality of life through care management programs which guide a patient's progress. While we know that nothing can replace kindness and caring; we utilize advanced technologies to complement our excellent services. For those requiring short term rehabilitation, our Transitional Care Unit specializes in physical, occupational and speech therapies utilizing the newest technologies available.