Azura Memory Care of Kenosha South - Kenosha, WI

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  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Azura Memory Care South

We toured Azura South while looking for a place for my grandfather. We had looked at the Azura North which we liked, but if we would eventually need financial assistance, we would have to move to Azura South at that time. This facility is a little more outdated and unkempt, but still felt comfortable.

Paula Gibson

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Kenosha South home and for this feedback. Unfortunately, some of the information you may have gleaned may be a little misunderstood.

Azura Memory Care has never discharged a resident who ran out of funds, provided they were admitted with at least two years of funds available initially. Our belief is when someone commits this time and funding to our family of care, it is our duty to work hard with the FamilyCare provider in each of our communities to ensure their continued placement. However, ultimately this decision is up to the FamilyCare provider.

Unfortunately, we know that many providers are using this “promise” to fill their buildings, but the majority change their tune once they are filled up and without a written guaranty the family and their loved one are left out in the cold. For over 5 years this has been our pledge to our Azura families and thus far we have been successful in ensuring it happens.

However, out of respect for this system and how it works we would never make a promise that ultimately would be out of our control and in the hands of the FamilyCare program.

Good tour

We toured Azura Memory Care of Kenosha South. The staff was friendly and explained what care our loved one would receive. We chose another community with bigger room accommodations.

Paula Gibson

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback and we are so glad to hear that our amazing Team was able to assist you and explain the exceptional care you loved one would have received. At Azura Memory Care we know it's hard to understand when you don't have this disease how the environment affects those with dementia. It's one of the reasons we use the Virtual Dementia Tour coupled with our exclusive MOSAIC Training to help us walk in the shoes for those of whom we care. When you do this, you realize that big spaces are not what is beneficial for those with Alzheimer's disease or really any of the more than 70 different types of dementia. Smaller spaces are more to their liking and actually help them remain independent, navigate their environment more successfully and feel supported to engage in life fulfilling activities. In fact, we ask that our residents and their families to treat every part of our home, as their own. As a result, unless they are taking a nap or it's night time, our residents are out with us in their Azura home engaged in chores, music, games and meaningful conversations. Our belief is at the end of the day room size doesn't matter, but personalized care, loving relationships and personalized happiness does!

Care for family

We toured this community and did not like the feel from the staff. They did not make you feel welcomed. We did not like the neighbor hood in that area of town. We would suggest that others see this community for the care of a loved one. We were not empressed with the menu and they could use some improvements. A suggestion for families to tour for making a decision on the care of a loved one.

Paula Gibson

Local Representative

Thank you for this feedback, which we have shared with our Team. Customer service is always important, but even more so when you are charged with caring for others. We take great pride our Kenosha South Team, which is typically praised for their compassion and caring attitude toward our residents, families and friends. However, we recognize there is always room for improvement. We actually have three homes located in Kenosha two are tucked in more a residential type setting, which may have been more pleasing to you and we would recommend taking a look. Our Kenosha South home is more centrally located so it is easy access for working caregivers and to local shopping centers too. As for our menu, we base it on the wants and desires of our residents and work with a team of dietitians to ensure that it is nutritious, dementia specific and delicious! We agree with you that every family needs to tour our home and any home that they are looking to place their loved one. In addition, they should do it at unscheduled times and a couple of times to truly ensure they are seeing the actual care and engagement of the home. Our belief is that Azura is our resident's home and we only have the honor and privilege of working in it. What we do is centered around their needs, wants, desires and personalized joys!

Care and Attention

I was not happy with this community. They asked me to take her out of the community due to construction was starting. I was not informed that she could not stay here. I had to ask for her personal items back. They did not warn me that she could not stay. They would not use my mom's pharmacy at all. I did like the staff and took good care of her when she was there. I paid a deposit and then due to having to take her out they ask me if I was going to bring her back. I would not recommend this community for other families . My mom has a room mate that is taking her personal items.

Paula Gibson

Local Representative

We apologize for the issues that you and your mom incurred due to the construction at our home. Our goal is ensure the quality of care and life of our residents and given the extensive nature of our whole house remodel having her remain within the building would not have been in her best interest. We thank you for working with us to ensure her wellbeing during this time period and would welcome her back, once the remodel is completed.

One of the ways we ensure the quality of the care received at Azura is to work with OmniCare Pharmacy who provides many additional services to our residents and their families. However, for an additional processing fee, we do allow our families to use the pharmacy of their choice, provided that pharmacy is willing to follow our packaging guidelines.

This really feels like a great place for a family member. We have not yet made a decision as to where we will place our father.

Paula Gibson

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to tour Azura. We greatly appreciate it!

From the Community

Providing compassionate care begins with a secure, warm setting. When people with memory loss feel at home, they respond more positively and interact more with others.

At Azura Memory Care our relationship-based care philosophy recognizes each person is an extraordinary individual and focuses on engagement.

Azura has earned a reputation for elevating the standard of memory care through our evidence-based, cutting-edge training called MOSAIC. This exclusive training program ensures every Team Member understands the disease process of dementia and how to effectively approach, communicate and engage those within our care to successfully help them have a joyful experience.

Our belief is that every part of our care needs to be a personalized MOSAIC of love and support that encourages our residents to live, not just exist.

We're proud of the caliber of programming we provide, and we promise you that your loved one will be cared for with respect and unparalleled support for their physical, mental and emotional needs.

Experience Azura, Experience Joy!