Bickford of Gurnee - Gurnee, IL

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Customer Reviews

Amazing CNAs, Terrible Management

My grandmother is a resident here, and the only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the amazing CNA’s here. While Bickford is a gorgeous facility and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the CNA’s, something absolutely needs to change with leadership/management here. The turnover of staff is so high that the CNA’s are expected to perform not only their job description, but also pick up the slack from being so understaffed that they’re expected to cook in the kitchen, clean the cafeteria/eating area and do residents laundry. My Aunt takes all of my grandma’s clothes with her weekly and washes them at home to alleviate some of the stress on the CNA’s and because we can’t trust that it’s going to get done. Not to mention their washers are often broken for extended periods of time. We have seen so many good CNAs and cooks come and go because of the amount of work that’s required of them. It’s especially difficult for the residents that have memory loss because they will finally get used to a staff member only for them to resign a short while later. It’s a total revolving door and it stresses the residents and their family members out. Understaffing has also lead to multiple residents walking right out the front door without notice, which is very scary for being on busy a busy intersection of Hunt Club and Gages Road. When family members sat down with management (including the District Manager) to voice concerns and ask what was going to be done, family members were given typical corporate blanket statements with no real sense of urgency or care. It comes off as though all they care about is the money and cutting expenses (staff) to increase their profit, even if it’s at the expense of their residents. For what we pay monthly at Bickford (which is a VERY pretty penny), we will be looking for another establishment for my grandmother if management doesn’t make changes soon. This area has plenty of nice assisted living facilities to choose from and we’d gladly give our money to one who cares more about the wellbeing and care of not only their residents, but their staff as well, rather than greed. Bickford has huge potential to be run the right way and be a wonderful facility for residents, but even the nicest facility with beautiful esthetics can’t outweigh or hide the real issues that are happening.

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