Avamere at Waterford Assisted Living Facility - Medford, OR

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Customer Reviews

A wonderful place to live

My wife and I have lived here at Avamere Waterford for quite a while. We really love the care we receive from the amazing staff. It really like a family here. We have and will continue to refer our friends and family to live here as well.

Not even my dog..

First, let me say, my siblings and I have been very active and involved in my fathers care at this facility for seven years. Early on, when he was mobile the care was "adequate". The food has always been marginal, but the food staff has always been top notch. Granted, this is a hard job and Avamere doesn't pay well I am guessing, but the front line staff seems to care. Turnover is high, and there are very few skill medical professionals on staff. If you are looking for a safe place for your loved ones, this is not the place. My father, a 96 year old veteran of WWII in the Pacific has had so many falls at the hands of staff that neglect their duties, we ended up pulling him out of the facility and moving him to a private facility. Thanksgiving evening, we returned him to the facility after recovery from a heart attack, and instructed the staff "he cannot stand alone, he must not be left alone if he is on his feet, he is an extreme fall risk". We contracted our own RN with extensive cardiac experience to assist us with the handoff to Waterford. We were home 45 minutes, and a call from Waterford and he had fallen in the bathroom, because the caregiver had left him alone. This is just one of many occurrences. Yes, he is 96, and a fall risk. We were told " we cannot guarantee he wont fall". We know that, but you could act like you care. I am so disappointed with the performance of the management staff. Their arrogance and complete lack of concern for the residents safety is shameful. The Executive Director is lackadaisical about the family concerns and gives little or no indication that she gives a crap. At $4500 per month of care cost to the resident, you would think she could be just a little responsive to our concerns. The RN on staff must be a reject from the professional medical community based on her snarly bedside manner, and her lack of concern for patient safety and disregard for risk to patients. I cannot say enough about the poor quality of everything from care to cleaning to safety at this facility. One thing is for sure, very few residents make it out of there alive. Thankfully, the didn't KILL my dad. If you love your family member, DO NOT move them into Avamere at Waterford at Medford.

Good Physical and Occupational Therapy

My dad was in the skilled nursing part for his broken hip. We were real concerned there when we first moved dad in but we were too quick to judge. They had to learn about him and they did. The care was good. The place is old but the care is good and I think that they're under staffed but they did really well I think. They have a really really good physical therapist and occupational therapist.