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Nursing Home Care in Medford, OR

The concept of nursing home care might fill seniors with a little trepidation, as the mention of the term may bring up unfortunate images that are associated with the stereotypical notion of an old folks' home. Yet while these stock images may bring a less than enthusiastic response to the concept, it should be noted that such things are rooted in inaccuracy. The fact of the matter is, nursing home care is an ideal form of care that provides round-the-clock treatment for golden agers that are in need of receiving the kind of physical, occupational, or speech therapy that in order to regain full control of their lives in the aftermath of a surgery or a sudden medical ailment such as a stroke. In Medford, Oregon, there are a wide host of these special facilities for golden agers to choose from. These facilities may all go about conducting their business in different ways, but they all share a common connection in providing seniors with a special level of care that is gentle, professional, and ultimately dignified.

Medford at a Glance

Usually, the image that comes up about Oregon when the discussion gravitates from the greater Portland area is one that is filled with lush greenery and rustic sensibilities. Indeed, this is a rather ideal way to describe what Medford is all about.

The big reason as to why this city of some 78,000 residents taps into the classic bucolic Oregonian motif is due to its unique landscape. For one thing, it has a unique foundation, as some of the city is built upon what's left of old volcanic flow. It is also enveloped by green plant life for about as far as the eye can see. Additionally, the city finds itself roughly 75 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, and about 27 miles from the Oregon/California border. This positioning not only lends itself to shepherding four distinctive seasons, hot, dry summers and wet, cool winters are commonplace here, but it also allows the city to enjoy a bit of a secluded vibe, as it is decidedly removed from some of the more prominent metropolises that are found in both Oregon and California.

With that being said, Medford is a little larger than what one may perceive. When the city's metropolitan area is taken into account, the region's population swells to roughly 209,000 people. The city can sustain this size through a diverse economy that is driven by modern industries, something that marks an evolution from a time where agriculture was the prime economic mover. The major industry behind the city's economic landscape is the healthcare industry, and it is prominent to the point where it is looked upon as a key regional hub. This could be considered rather intriguing information for seniors that may be a bit unsure about what kind of healthcare they may get upon moving here, as they can take comfort in knowing that the coverage that they receive here will be nothing short of top notch.

Medford Nursing Home Care at a Glance

Nursing home care, also known as skilled nursing, is representative of the highest non-hospital based level of care that a senior can receive. There are two types of care that a nursing home care administers. The first type deals with long-term care of seniors that experience extreme difficulty in carrying out various activities of daily living, otherwise known as ADLs. These functions could include functions like getting dressed, taking a bath, or eating. The second type of care is focused on short-term care of golden agers that are in need of therapeutic aid in the wake of an injury, ailment, or surgery This type of treatment would involve helping the senior with administering physical, occupational, or speech therapy, depending on the malady, until a full and completely healthy recovery can be achieved. And even though these types of care are rather different from each other, they are all executed in a manner that protects each patient's dignity unconditionally.

Getting Better in Medford

The need for rehabilitative therapy is a concept that is extremely vital and should not be overlooked, especially in the wake of a sudden incident. As such, the need for round-the-clock aid for those that are in need of such assistance is something that should be carefully considered. And because of the way in which the nursing home care facilities in Medford operate, seniors can take great care in knowing that utilizing one of these special services will provide them with precisely the kind of care that they need, and at a level of respect that they deserve.