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Customer Reviews

A very happy family

Perfect situation for our needs. A real, “ homelike, “ feeling.
Lots of freedom to cater to personal needs and diet restrictions. Friendly staff; “ dog friendly,” one residence dog and can bring small ones for visiting. SPOTLESS! No odors of disinfectants or fresheners. Beautiful, sunny, well appointed bedrooms w/ private toilets. Perfect neighborhood for wheelchair walks to: 3rd. St or the Grove.
Family encouraged to visit twice a day, every day.
My husband liked it from day one! We’re thrilled!
[Name removed]

Review of Astoria II - Los Angeles, CA

I looked at 5 different communities. This one really stood up. Very clean, friendly caregivers. Owners seem to be hands on. Overall I was impressed.

Loosing my mother.

I was really excited that my mom was going to be moved to a new nursing home. Before I could even visit with mother who I hadn't not seen for over a year, living off the mainland; I was taken into a back office to hear the life story of the owner, [Removed]. I would have been more appreciative if she had talked about my mother's needs instead of her back, and her treatments with magnetics. Which alarmingly she didn't remember discussing the following day. We talked about it for over 40 minutes!

She asked many personal questions and seemed personally concerned about me rather than my mother. And had plenty of advice of what I should do.

BUT when I asked a favor of her, she was immediately combative. First about my mother having her personal items in her room. She prefers her rooms easily cleanable for her staff rather than comfortable and homey for her charges.

She was also unnecessarily irritated when I asked to have mom's t-shirt changed for a hair color appointment - She said this was not her problem.

It took a half hour of her yelling, in my attempt to reason with her.

I was distressed that she complained about one of her other clients calling this statuesque warm and lovely black woman "STUPID."

[Removed] complained that the trustees in charge of my mother were justing pissing away her money. BUT don't tell them. That my mother isn't even present to appreciate going out.

She obviously had not spent time with my mother, who had just got out of the hospital.

Her interest in gossip in rather than what is best for my mother, is very distressing.

She said two caregivers taking my mother out for a movie, with this [Removed], who my mother adores plus J[Removed] who my mother also loves and helps pick her up. (She's half paralyzed.) IS BIG WASTE.

My mother is a feeling person and she deserves gentle kindness and stimulation. They never turn on the TV in her room in the evening but leave her alone in silence while all day she listens to the blaring golf channel.

I tried to reason with her to tell - [Removed] that I need you to watch other my mother, that her caregivers give her much pleasure. I asked [Removed] to kindly not speed feed my mother to be gentle with her.

Ever since I arrived home, when I call they hang up on me. Won't pick up the phone. This never happened for the last two years at [Removed] where she was staying. These people at Astoria are punitive (ask a local Ombudsman if you think I am being biased) and have no right to punish me for asking about the food they were serving. Not fresh and gorgeous meals like at [Removed]. Where they called mom "The Mayor."

My mother used to say she loved 20 times in one call. Now when I do get put through when the machine isn't on or I've called three times, and she can't hear me, or I'm hung up on 3 times and I call back and am hung up again, and then finally get through, I hear [Removed] say, that's enough and he takes the phone from her and hangs up. [Removed] is the cook. No goodbye or explanation.

If I am doing something wrong or they honestly believe when I call my mother I need to address her a particular way, I would be more than appreciative for any advice. I want to be up beat and have mom content. I want to know what's going on with her.

When [Removed] complained about the clothes mom had. I went out and bought exactly what she asked for. She liked one shirt so much she said she would wear it. I sent more lounging day wear, easy to wash. I asked mom if she got it. She said no.

I can only surmise from they way these people treat my mother, is that this is entirely a business for them. Not a calling. A military operation, not a beloved home for people who should be treated with dignity.

When she asked to go to the bathroom, I was told they all go in diapers and get cleaned at the same time. I protested that she had UTI infections..

This would not be my choice for my mother, but I ultimately trust the trustees mom has in place and believe they will see what I have in time and address it.

The best part upon first inspection of the ASTORIA ll is a general cleanliness. But if you look closely, the wheelchairs are filthy, it's clean look is due to a stark newness.

Completely absent of warmth.

There was no entertainment while I was there. Beautiful people who have had full brilliant lives live there. I was so impressed with the clientele. They all deserve better. Instead of books in the living room, that are never used, why not games, a guitar, music, singing, this place is joyless and all about the money.

I timed the dinner, from table setting to finish, 10 minutes. I understand the need for routine but there was no real caring for the quality of life, and my experience makes me fear even worse that I am loosing my mother. I have no idea what is going on.

Review of Astoria II - Los Angeles, CA

lovely place on the small side but that is a good thing for a lot of people looking and the rep there Inna was very quick and smart regarding all of the issues that I raised about my Dads care and needs...the building was homey feeling and clean nicely furnished and a pleasant environment from what i was able to determine

Outstanding quality of care

My mother is not an easy person to get along with, however, the owners and all the caregivers helped her to adapt to her new environment with relative ease. I am so happy that her final years will be spent in such a loving house with such a devoted staff

Owners always present. Caregivers are outstanding. Excellent experience for the past five years

With wheelchair not less than 3K. Sma...

With wheelchair not less than 3K. Small private is 3,500. Staff asked good questions and were good to discuss with.

From the Community

Astoria is a family owned residential care home for seniors nestled in a quiet and private neighborhood near Famers market and The Grove. Our commitment is to serve our residents with respect and compassion while leaving families with the peace of mind that their relatives are being well cared for. We stand out from the rest with our personalized services, because when it comes to care, we know that one size does not fit all.

We passionately believe our purpose is to enhance the quality of life for our residentsl we are a mother and daughter team that started building this home in 1996. To us this isn't just a house; it's a home. We are involved with staff and residents on a daily basis.

We carefully observe our residents and report all findings to their physician and family members. We strive to never overlook any physical or cognitive changes that might lead to complications.