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Customer Reviews


We have been most pleased with the owners and staff these past few months. Mother seems to be content, the facility continues to be spotless and fresh. The staff is caring and attentive to her needs. We recommend Serenity at Cedar Park.

5 stars!

Mom has lived here for about 15 months, but only the last 3 months have been under the new ownership of [name removed] with the name Serenity. The new owners have already incorporated a lot of positive changes and the whole environment there is now much more relaxed and comfortable for both residents and their families. The new owners have listened to our feedback and suggestions and are striving to make living at serenity as pleasant an experience as possible. The home has always been clean and there are no unpleasant odors like you may find in the larger, more institutional type facilities. The home is in a very nice neighborhood, it has a great open floor plan with a very spacious, comfortable living room and a large, family style dinning room table. There is a beautiful back patio where the residents can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The home cooked meals are always good and prepared according to the individual needs of each resident. One of the things we like best is the high caregiver to resident ratio. Since the new owners took over, there have been 5 residents with at least two caregivers each day, and one overnight. There are often nursing students and other helpers there as well. And the new owner is also on site regularly, and sometimes the director is there as well. The caregivers are all kind and seem to enjoy what they do. Often times, the residents are gathered around the table playing bingo, or flashcards, or coloring together. The residents all seem content and well cared for. All in all, I would recommend Serenity Cedar park as a good home for your loved one when living alone is no longer an option.

A good option when independent living is no longer possible.

My Mom seems happy at Covenant House and enjoys interacting with the other residents. The caregiver to resident ratio is pretty good. Covenant House is always clean, and being an actual house versus the more institutional type facilities, and being in a nice neighborhood, makes it a nice "homey" environment. Covenant House is a good transitional place when independent living is no longer an option.

Most excellent!

We have only had my mother at Covenant House for a couple of months, but so far everything is exceptionally great. The staff and all concerned are compassionate, efficient, and ready to help us, or our mother in any way they possibly can we appreciate all they do for her.

Home Care

My mother was at Covenant House for almost a year and this was the most caring and compassionate home for her. She needed 24 hour care and our home did not meet her physical needs. We moved her into Covenant House where she had the care she needed and it was like being in a real home - because it is a real home. The staff is loving and truly cares about the residents. There is also a very low ratio of residents to care-givers that is just not possible with the larger, more commercial facilities. I highly recommend Covenant House if your loved one is in need of full time care and you want them to live in a true-home atmosphere.

Never use Covenant House!

Inconsistent in home care, home health and hospice. [Name removed] is a flake and [name removed] the house manager runs the show poorly.

My father has had the best care possible for 17 months at Covenant House. If your family needs peace of mind for your the sake of your loved one, reach out to them.

Great place for Mom

Covenant House has been the perfect place for my 93 year old Mother for the past 3 months. The staff is kind, super attentive and extremely professional. My Mom now feels like one of the "family". It truly is a relief to know she is in such a comforting and safe environment.

Disappointed by the owners of Covenant House

The owners of Covenant House misrepresented Covenant House as capable of memory care and a place where residents can age in place. Shortly after relocating my 92 year old grandma to Covenant House, we were asked to relocate her with no notice. (Their contract specifies a 30 day written notice). They are unwilling to refund my grandma's money. We are concerned the owners of Covenant House are moving seniors in and out and relying on keeping their funds to fund their business. We are opening an investigation to make sure seniors aren't being scammed.

We didn't anticipate needing to move my grandma to a 3rd home but I'm happy to recommend a reliable and experienced assisted living home with a separate memory care unit if you need a new place to consider in your search.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

We are very confused by this Review - We built our Assisted Living to care for our own Mom. Covenant House has a 2018 - “5 star rating” which hangs on our wall. We also passed our state mandated, un-announced drop in inspections with flying colors.

This residents grandchild is obviously upset. Social media and reviews are often one sided, we hate to have to defend our exemplary care and integrity but this review is not factual.

The facts:
We have a goal of doing everything we can to insure that a resident in our home can “age in place” and never have to leave. Every family is told both verbally and in our contract, if their loved one becomes a danger to themselves or other residents or our staff they could be asked to relocate and find a facility which is more appropriate for their care needs. Sadly, that was the case with this resident.

We are not a lock down facility yet we worked with her medical staff to do everything in our power to protect our residents and staff and allow her to stay with us. It was not possible.

We followed our contractual obligations and we did give this family a 30 day notice. Our staff and the owners were actively helping the family to find an appropriate facility. Her family was able to do so in about 2 weeks and we refunded them the funds for the rest of the month.

There is no “scam” as losing a resident is never beneficial to the family or the facility. You can’t “fund” a business with less residents which is never desirable.

And lastly our staff and other residents build relationships as we are only a 10 bed facility. A resident leaving the house because they are asked to or because they “age in place” and relocate to heaven is difficult on everyone.

Regret Moving to Covenant House

Moving my 92 year old grandma to Covenant House proved a poor choice. She was there 2 months before the owners asked us to find her a new home. We ended up moving her in and out of Covenant House twice in 2 months and incurring 2 community fees. They recommended we move to the facility we just came from.
As you can imagine, moving took a toll on my grandma and I'm sad they weren't willing to refund her Community Fee. Just know they can ask you to leave immediately and keep your loved one's money. We trusted them as loving Christians and didn't anticipate them taking advantage of my grandma's bank account.
Our lawyer is reviewing the contract but make sure you add a few clauses for your loved one's protection.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

As this review is from the same person as above we will address those items which are not factual or previously addressed:

We do have an appropriate industry wide non- refundable community fee, which is contractual and understood by all. This resident was not charged a 2nd community fee which would have been immoral as well as not according to our contract. There is a 1 time fee.

We mentioned the facility she did come from along with other local lock down facilities we had found through an internet search. It is not typical yet our staff and we as the owners were doing everything in our power to assist this family as it was difficult time everyone involved.

We could not “recommend” a specific lock down memory care as it is not our field of expertise.

As Stated before: We gave this resident 30 day notice. We family and staff were all working together to find her an appropriate facility which was accomplished in 2 weeks. This family was also refunded a prorated amount for the remainder of the month.

We did nothing that was not fully discussed during admissions, not only verbally but through a signed contractual document. Which the owner goes through with all families page by page.

We have not heard from any lawyers.

FYI: The medical professionals be it MD, RN, Home Health or Hospice, individuals which are in our home on a regular basis, who know this industry praise us. They have told us “You are the very best residential facility we have ever seen” - “I’ve never seen a facility run so efficiently” “you have more true hand on care then any of the facilities we visit.” And these well respected professionals refer possible residents to us on a regular basis.

Not the right fit

I really liked the Assisted Living by Covenant House. It is a very nice and lovely community. My loved one is not very old but she needs a lot of care. I did not think it would be a good fit for her, that she would need people who she would be able to socialize with on her same level.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

Thank you -

The Right Place For Now

It is the perfect place and they are doing a great job. However there is not enough people for my parent to interact with. It is a very small home and they are getting bored.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

We do many different personalized as well as group activities with our residents. Our residents are often at many different levels of need for care both physically and mentally - It is our desire to focus on each resident individually, as well as together to insure they are happy and engaged with everyone and everything going on in our home. Discussion with our resident families is important. We wish this was not an "Anonymous" review so we could specifically focus on him/her.

Options for care

I toured this community for me the care for my husband. This was not the feeling that we were looking for. The atmosphere was dark and did not give a good feeling. The had a list of activities for the residents. We would suggest that other families tour this community for care of a loved one.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

Thank you for saying "We would suggest that other families tour this community for care of a loved one." We usually have all of our blinds open and it is usually very bright and sunny.

Gret care.

This is the best place for my mother I have ever found. The team is focused on providing quality physical care and they take time to spend personal time with the residents. They also provide spiritual care which is so important especially at this stage of life. My mother feels truly loved.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

Thank you Kim - We loved Beth she was such a bright light! We were honored to be caring for her during all the time she was with us, including the moment she relocated to heaven.

Things are going well

The caregivers are doing a wonderful job taking care of mom. I liked this care home as the staff are professional and I like the attention they give everything. The food is homemade and she seems to like it. They keep the home clean. I would recommend this community.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

Thank you - We always try to be the very best we can be! We have a wonderful staff!

Caring, home-like

The facility truly looks and feels like a home, and the staff treats each resident as if they really were their family. Unique needs of residents are given special attention, and caregivers are highly skilled. This place is infinitely better than a nursing home!

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

Thank you - When you said "Unique needs of residents are given special attention" That is part of our vision to meet each and every resident moment by moment at their point of greatest need 24/7.

Outstanding Community!!

I have been very pleased with this community, the overall staff have done a wonderful job at making sure my mother is comfortable and feels safe in her new living environment. She has been participating in many of the activities and has really enjoyed the company of the other residents. The chef does a great a job on the meals he prepares for the residents and makes sure the food is healthy and well balanced. I have no complaints and would recommend this place to anyone.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

THANK YOU! Wonderful - Comfortable - Safe thank you for those kind words.
We will continue to strive for excellence.

They are friendly!

Everybody has been extremely helpful and reassuring during this transition! We can not thank them enough for all they have done to help us.

Loyce Dixon

Local Representative

Thank you!

Good option for a loved one!

We were able to take a tour of the Assisted Living by Covenant House. The nursing staff were accommodating and friendly to help us with the tour. The community was very nice and well kept. It was kept very clean from what we viewed on our visit.

We moved my Mother-in-law from a nursing home to Covenant House and are glad we did. It has been a blessing to Mom and us.

I loved This Community

I was very satisfied with everything they did for us. Everybody was great. The staff was extremely caring and accommodating. The community is very nice and clean, everything looked great. The food is good, but I think the service could be better with menus. A place for mom was amazing with all the help they provided. This is a lovely community and I would highly recommend it.

From the Provider

Assisted Living by Covenant House. We are very unique. My husband William and I created this home for Imogene, William’s mom after our own journey to try to find a safe and loving place for mom. 

Assisted Living by Covenant House is unlike any small or large assisted living facility you will visit. After touring many different types of facilities for over a year for Imogene, and finding them deficient in many areas, we established Covenant House, which is our personal purpose and passion and Imogene’s legacy. As owners we (Loyce and William Dixon) are very present and involved.

We are care focused, which you will see for yourself when you tour with us. We were honored with being awarded a 5 star rating with Senior Advisor. This puts us in the top 1% of the nation for small assisted living facilities.

We understand what your family is going through trying to find a safe and loving place for your elder loved one. We were forced to move William’s mom, Imogene, several times as her care needs became greater. Those moves were very difficult on Imogene as well as the family. That is why we have an “age in place” commitment. Our goal is for our residents to never need to go to a hospital or nursing home in their final days but to remain at Covenant House surrounded by their resident “family”.

Our "boutique" residential assisted-living is elegant and is in a higher-end neighborhood. We have succeeded in creating something different - beautiful decor, exemplary care, amazing, loving caregivers and most importantly, complete acceptance and dignity for each of our elders.

We are fully licensed with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and
we recently had our state mandated (unannounced drop in) inspection which includes “Life Safety” inspection of the building from top to bottom and “Health Safety” inspection of all aspects of care for the residents. These were both full day inspections and we are in full compliance!

We have only 10 beds. We are a home, not an institution and our goal is to create a family!

Our staff Includes:
Our full-time credentialed experienced Administrator Kitt, several wonderful Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA) and Caregivers, and our house helper/activities girl Maddie. This enables us to have a high ratio of caregivers to elders. 2 to1 - 5 to1 depending on the day of the week. (you will NEVER find this ratio elsewhere)

 We also have a variety of exemplary outside service providers such as MD’s, Hospice, Home Health, Rehab, Podiatrist, Hair stylist etc. as well as weekly worship service with our Chaplain and fun personalized activities.

We are private pay only. Our cost is $4,500.00 per month for a shared room which includes everything except incontinent care products. There is also a one time $1,500.00 community fee.

We’d love to schedule a tour so you can meet us and get all of your questions answered.  We believe you will find we are more committed to loving care than any other facility you might consider. Most importantly  we want to learn more about your loved one. 

On our website,, you can read about  “Imogene's Story" and "Our Story" and see our Gallery of Photographs.