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Customer Reviews

Wouldn’t Recommend

I had a friend who stayed in this community and it was mediocre at best. She lived in a room with no heat and numerous request went unanswered from the maintence. The help was friendly but did the minimal job. She got sick with loose bowels and throw up and they didn’t clean it up they waited for her daughter to come and do it. It was clean and neat. And they had lovely parties for the holidays.

Stay away-ship it down by the state

Thank goodness this place is closed! It was terrible! My mom was there for 1 year until it closed in May. During her stay there, everyone, including her, was neglected. Now that she has moved, I can see the dramatic improvement in her personality and cognition in just a few short weeks.

I'm writing this now because I suspect that in a few short months, the owners of Ashley court will try reopening. Beware!


Place is shutdown by state for licensing violations. It was shutdown before for similar reasons when it was known as Berkley Court. DO NOT go here. Our mother received good care but the owner did not follow through with licensing.

Too loud to sleep

My Dad couldn't get any sleep! Every eight hours during the shift change rap music would come blasting into his room. The driveway was right behind his room and employees would blast their music at 11 pm and 7am everyday. It was a horrible experience go elsewhere if possible.

Incredibly loud and disrespectful shift changes

The staff is incredibly disrespectful. Every night when the staff changes at 11:00 pm the cars come with the music blasting waking many of the residents. Again at 7:00 am cars come with the music blasting. They could show respect by turning down the music when near the residents rooms.

Nice place overall, been making improvements to services

Overall we're pleased with how things have turned out at Ashley Court. It is a nice looking facility, and the staff is friendly and professional. They've made quite a few improvements to their services since our loved one has moved in, which I think is a good sign.

Pleased with the services

My mom was there for 2 weeks and overall I was very pleased with the services they provided.

They've Done A Great Job

I think that they have done a great job of keeping us informed of my loved one's condition. They work with the hospice, which has been my main contact. They have always been very friendly and willing to respond to any questions.

Engaging and comfortable to speak with

I like the management is very engaging and comfortable to speak with and to reach. The only thing is it appears to me not enough caregivers for the residents. There has been several times when I walked around no one was around. I'm very happy she's there.

It was dark and dreary and smelled of urine.

I kept hearing that they had one price that you paid, and they didn't nickle and dime you. It was dark and dreary and smelled of urine. The people were all sitting and watching T.V. After a short visit I realized I would never put my mom there. I don't care how much money you save.

Visited, very nice, out of price range starting at $5k/ mo

My mom was in a situation where she could not go to assisted living and she was not at a level where she needed a nursing home and Ashely Court provided the perfect middle ground. Overall we're happy with it.

Very nice place!

My Mom absolutely loves it here! It's a beautiful place, and the community is on the small side so she doesn't worry about finding her way around. The staff are friendly and helpful, and they do a great job looking after the people who live here. I would highly recommend it!

Ashley Court of Livonia is a good, safe place for my mom.

Ashley Court has kind employees but not enough to keep watch over everyone all the time.
The rooms are very nice with a semi separate sitting room and private bathroom. The common areas are air conditioned but individual rooms are not, but a fan is enough as most patients chill easily.
The food is basic but nutricious, patients are happy but I don't eat there.

This is not a drop off and discard your elderly facility. All the residents have some degree of impairment and benefit greatly from regular family visits. Most families are good about that. The rooms are nice and the residents have plenty of space to gather or walk if that is their inclination.

A nice and friendly atmosphere

This community has a very nice and friendly atmosphere. The residents seem pretty friendly and upbeat. The staff is friendly and upbeat. Residents seem to enjoy the meals and activities. They play bingo and every holiday they have parties. They also celebrate birthdays. My overall rating of this property is 5 stars. I like the atmosphere and I'm glad that my loved one is happy here. I would recommend this community.

I loved them, loved them, LOVED THEM!!

They were AMAZING. I loved them, loved them, LOVED THEM!! They were comforting and caring, and took very good care of my loved one. I can't even say enough about them, they were so, so good. I gave them fives on everything!

A few concerns

Some of the caregivers are very good, and some are NOT very good. There is a big turnover with the staff. There has been a change in management, and they are getting rid of people who have problems with tardiness, or not showing up at all. There aren't a lot of activities, and especially ones that appeal to my loved one, they do bingo and making cupcakes and things. My concerns are that my loved one has had two falls. The staff doesn't leave the alarm on the bed, and he will get up and wander and fall. They put them in bed at 7 at night, I feel like they should be checking on them more regularly. There is an inconsistency with their safety measures. Some of the food is good and some is just okay, but they don't give a copy of the menu, until I ask, it's supposed to be posted but often isn't. However, when I ask they will bring me one, and what is listed is what they are having. This was one of the more reasonably priced places. It has a very good size room, and they have about twenty people in each building, with different levels of severity. They have never changed their phone number it says Berkeley Court, even though they have been Ashley Court for two years now, I would think that they need to update their phone system. I very rarely see visitors for the other residents either, which is quite sad.

I would not recommend this place a...

I would not recommend this place at this time. Ashley Court is under new management so many things are not followed up on and its very disorganized. There is poor communication and not enough accountability between management and aides. There is also a high turnover rate with the aides which does not provide good continuity of care. Nurse is also new and appears very overworked.
On a good note, most of staff is friendly. There are few that go above and beyond and seek to address needs of my relative, but only FEW.
Price is good compared to other facilities.
If anyone is considering this place, I would suggest you wait a while to see if positive changes will come with the new management.

Good facility with excellent care

My grandmother is 75, and has Alzheimer which has been accelerating pretty fast over the past year. My sisters and I found this amazing facility 7 years ago. The staff walked us through each step of this challenging time; taking care of Grandmother's needs and helping us cope, too. We have developed a relationship with the entire team. My Sisters and I cannot be happier with the care and assistance from the staff. I will continue to post updates as our experience continues.

Bad reviews, has assisted ...

Bad reviews, has assisted living Allows pets

Stay Away!!!!!!!!

This is place was the worst. Their incompetence hastened my father's death. He was there for less than a week when he had to be sent back to the hospital because they failed to follow proper procedures with his catheter.

On top of that the activity programs which they touted as being good for alzheimer's patience was non-existent in his building.

Stay away!!!!!!!!

Nice looking place

We toured this community when we were looking into senior care options for our loved one. This was a very nice looking community! The facility itself was clean and well kept, and the staff all seemed very friendly. We ended up selecting another community, but this one is definitely worth a look!

lousy care

had my husband there had to remove him because of the bed bugs and lack of care. this was the advise of a former doctor who was there.

Excellent care

They did an excellent job providing the care that my loved one needed. Eventually the dementia care my loved one needed just became more than we could handle, but the staff here were friendly and professional and took excellent care of her.

I haven't seen anything that needs to be improved yet.

They are clean, and friendly. I haven't seen anything that needs to be improved yet. So far it seems to be working out pretty well. They have people come in sometimes and dance or sing to entertain the residents.

Change in management meant change in quality.

There was a change in management about a month into our stay, things were good at first but went downhill from there. It was very disappointing. It's a pretty place, it's been remodeled, and it's new, it looked well kept. The manager that worked with me going into it was great. The food was terrible, the staff was adequate, but there wasn't anything to do. The nurses and doctors they brought in from the outside were very good, but the people that worked there were not that great. The common areas were clean, they had me go through the kitchen when I needed to walk from one end to the other. There were ants. There was one wonderful person that worked there, their marketing person was great. The nurse was overworked. It was not a great experience, and it was expensive. They used to be Berkley Court and they were shut down.

Stay away!

Stay away! I wish I would have read the reviews. The room quality was horrible. The bathroom was nasty, everything was old. He would steal food from the refridgerator because they wouldn't feed him. I took him to the bank one day and asked them to save his lunch and when we got back they had nothing for him. They ran out of food. I saw one time the residents had to share dessert. They were very rude, at the end it was awful.

Ashley Court of Livonia

My father has been here for 6 months & it's been a very rocky start! First off he owned a Hoover lift because he is bed ridden & they had a company pick it up & take it away. No one could give me a straight answer as to why & where it went. Plus cloths, linens & pillows have disappeared from his room. There's no communication between the stag & the family when supplies are running low. And no communication at all from the doctor that sees him!

found the place to be brigh...

found the place to be bright and clean Mom was not happy at all. Feel I need to keep looking.