Allegria at Ocean Grove - Ocean Grove, NJ

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I chose this place because I had to get my Uncle out of the Rehab he was in. Very disappointed to begin with but they claim they will make things right. We will see.



Not what it use to be

The staff turn around is poor. Also, the complaints about not having enough food is bothersome, how long it takes someone to come help someone. A suggestion would be to be able to make an online payment so my payment makes it to where it needs to go and no late fee is charged due to someone else's fault. This place seems to be going downhill. It is hard to keep someone there who dislikes it as times goes on. And the fact that my Dad has been robbed twice!!

Our search for our mom.

My mom has been here for about 5 months now. The nursing staff is very caring and friendly with residents and their family members. There is a lot of activities that they can partake in. My mom loves the bus trip around town and the trips out for breakfast and lunch. Their summer BBQ days were always great inviting family members to come and enjoy with their love ones. I cannot thank you for the help you helped me and my family to find a place for my our mom.

To much turn over of staff. Nursing staff does not always return phone calls

Like a Consumers Reports Best Buy - Value & Quality

The biggest advantage for Allegria was their pricing. The downside is Mom can't easily go outside since on a high secure floor, so I visit more and get her the sunshine fix she seeks... Not as many activities as her prior home but she prefers that! It makes the activities they offer more meaningful.

Allegria also isn't as high strung with sending them to the ER unnecessarily. I really like the balance they strike.

Great place

Great experience

Renovation is lovely. Rooms a wee bit small, but certainly manageable. Wonderful regular activities for residents. Right on the water and views of the lake. Really nice. Staff is wonderful and caring.