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The best place out there.

A really good place. My father was here. I toured many other places and this was by far the best place out there!


I have visited my dad many times since he has been here after he was sick in the hospital for weeks. The people that work here have helped him heal so much. They make him feell ike family. They are always kind to me and are happy. This place is his home until he gets better to come home and i am happy there is a place like this for him.

Good place

My neighbor is there. It's a good place. It's clean and he's happy.

Back on his feet in no time

My grandfather has rehabbed here and loved it. He said the therapists got him back on his feet in no time. Every time I came to visit him I would join him for the Ice cream happy hour. The place always looked clean when we were there, even their public bathrooms were kept very clean. My grandfather never complained about anything, sometimes said her= wished there were more CNA's but he knows this isn't like the hospital and he knows that there's more patients here than the hospital. He would tell me "I know i'm not the only one here." If he needed rehab again, he would go back to Alden.

Great Place.

Great place. Will recommend.

Will never choose another nursing home!

My grandpa was just here and we had an enjoyable stay. The therapy department really helped get him back up on his feet. The nurses and nurses aides were wonderful. They run their butts off those girls do but they are the sweetest little things. The food was great! better than the hospitals. We looked at a few other places and i wouldn't send my dog to some of the places we looked at. This place saved my grandpa and helped get him back to his old self again

Good experience

Great place! I wouldn't send my family anywhere else. The care was good, the food was good, the therapy was good, the girls that work there were good. It was all around a good experience.

Great bunch of people

We had a good experience with this rehab. Friendly people that work there. Lots of smiles. Good bunch of people. Rehab kicked butt. Food is out of this world for a rehab place. Will recommend to everyone.

Amazing Place!

I need to say that my stay here has been amazing! The food is delicious! The therapists have been amazing at helping me get ready to go home. The staff here should be called "the DREAM TEAM!" The dining room girls have been absolutely wonderful and they have been so accommodating to my vegan diet! Just beyond amazing! I will only recommend this facility to my family and friends!

Utterly disgusted

We had my father in the rehab facility. He was unable to advocate for himself and communication was horrible. We were lied to about him receiving pain medication. He ended up being sent to the hospital and passed away shortly after. Our phone calls to administration notifying them of his prognosis were ignored. No condolences were offered. I am appalled by the way we were treated. I am so thankful that he did not live his last days in that facility. We had sent extended family to retrieve his belongings. There was no contact made inquiring if we authorized them to take his items. It is clear they they only care about money.

Do not send your loved one here!

Honestly, the worst experience I can remember in a long time. Place looks good on the surface, but service was absolutely terrible. A lot of young, inexperienced staff. My mom called me every other day begging me to get her out of there. Mom also had at least 4-5 falls (the last one resulting in a 2nd fractured pelvis) and also developed urinary tract infection while there. All the promised services that were promised (such as baths, etc) were hardly ever done until I actually came to visit her and repeatedly inquired about them. My mom told me that they don't really pay attention until you come. They reported to the insurance company that she was not making any more progress in her rehab so they discharged her to an assisted living facility when they knew she had a fractured pelvis and could not use a wheelchair or walker. We ordered a wheelchair a week prior to discharge (which typically takes a week or two) and 1 month later Prism said the paperwork was never signed off on. Even though Alden reported that their records showed the wheelchair was already delivered to the address on file. This all may sound like an exaggeration but IT REALLY HAPPENED! After a stint in the hospital for fractured pelvis, I moved her to Lakewood rehab facility in Plainfield that she really loves and is getting better; no falls thank God.

This is a good place

My dad is here now and we are very happy he is in a place like this. My family doesn't have to worry like we did at some of these other places around here. He is cared for and taken care of by these sweet girls. We eat dinner with him and it is real fancy. He's getting good exercise in therapy. He loves the little girls in the red jackets, they always get him for bingo and he loves bingo. Your place is a good one.

My dad loves this place

We have been to other skilled nursing places in the area and none of them compare to you guys. We are so happy we are here and my dad is reciving the best care here. The nurses have been real good. My dad asked if we can come back after he goes home just so he can eat the food here he loves it that much. The therapists are doing a kick butt job with him and are getting him stronger every day. I will reccomend this place to any one that needs it.

This place is a GODSEND!

This place is a godsend! We had a great experience with the nursing girls and the therapists. My mom would not have been able to go back home if it wasn't for Alden!

Thankful for Alden!

My mom is here now and we can really see an improvement in her healing! All of the staff here are friendly and attentive. The food is spectacular and the therapists are wonderful! We can't say enough good things about this place and what it has done for mom.


We were impressed and satisfied with the care. The workers were kind hearted, the food was great and therapist were excellent.

Friendly professional care givers

My experience at your fine facility was clean, friendly, professional care givers and therapists, Good food, clean rooms, kind service. Employees go-over and above to accomadate your stay, and needs.


Fantastic Place. will use your services again if we need to.

Thankful for Alden Rehab

We are thankful that a place like Alden rehab exists. They were a lifesaver for my father. The staff were all SO kind and attentive, very compassionate bunch of people.

Nice place

This is a really nice place.

Bless them!

We had an amazing stay here. We did our research and read the reviews and decided this was the best place out there. We had great communication with the staff and management. I read the bad reviews on here and it doesn't even sound like the same place that we stayed! It's sad they focused on the negatives and not the positives when we had so many positives. We would have been lost if we didn't have a place like Alden to send our mom. We had many family and friends that came to visit mom and they all were so impressed with the customer service, atmosphere, therapy and nurses. We have told everyone what a wonderful place this is and will continue to do so. Please let all of the wonderful people that work there know important they are and how much of a difference they made in ours and my mom's life! Bless them!


perfect! everything was amazing! Would have my loved ones stay again.

So Happy we Chose Alden

My mom is here. Great place! They are helping her in her recovery. I am so happy we chose Alden!


WONDERFUL FACILITY! Everyone is so nice and compassionate here. I toured many places before deciding on alden and I am so happy I chose alden. This has really made a beneficial impact on my recovery and my healing. I enjoy the food and that i have the option to go to the dining room or eat in my room. The therapy dept workers all deserve and award. they are outstanding in what they do.

We Love this place!

This place was a lifesaver! My uncle had a great stay with Alden and we would never go any where else. The cna's are so helpful and are so friendly. The nurses are very educated. Management is professional and compassionate. We love this place! You can't let one or two bad reviews tarnish the name of such a great place that really cares about their patients.

Great place

Great place, Top notch care! professional staff! I have spoken to the director of nurses, social worker and administartor and they were all extremely helpful and professional. They really made a difference. The CNA's were the friendliest little busy bees i've ever seen. Great place.

Bad care from Alden Estates in Shorewood

The place is clean. I chose this facility for my Mom because of the reviews. If this facility is one of the best, our loved ones are in trouble. They left my Mother on the toilet on more than 3 occasions for 45-60 minutes. She was highly sedated and has cancer spread into her pelvis and spine so sitting on a hard surface was painful. Talking to the Administrator was a worthless endeavor..promises made, but always either not carried out or never instituted. Never an apology and I always felt she was condescending. I think the CNAs are overworked as there were not enough on the floor. Nurses never acknowledge you when you go to the desk to get info or reports until you stand there for several minutes unless the State is there...then they are friendly and eager to help. Disgusting. The food is served cold and many times poorly done. Residents are scared to speak out for fear of retribution. The computer system regarding patients is not updated correctly. My Mother was refused her breakthrough pain meds 3 different times because they had not updated her meds to reflect she was to receive them every 4 hours. At her review, it was stated that information on the report was not correct. The Ombudsmen was called to report these abuses. In fact, my Mother had to stay an extra day because they did not correctly order her equipment, a bed, to be delivered so she could go home. I would never recommend this facility to anyone.

Great Place!

Great place. Great Staff. Would stay again.

Great experience!

I just had to do my rehabilitation at this facility and it was a great experience. At first i did not want to go anywhere except my home after my surgery. I am glad i listened to my family and went there. The therapy workers and nursing workers were very professional and considerate. When i went to eat in the dining room, i felt like i was in a fancy restaurant. it was a great experience overall.

Great Place!

Great Place! My mother has stayed here in the past and is currently staying here now. This is a great place with kind, professional workers that truly care about what they do.

A great place for rehab!

My dad has been here a few times and each time it gets better and better. The care is exceptional! The cuisine is exquisite! The therapy is phenomenal! Everyone is always helpful and friendly! We tried other facilities before we found alden and the other places don't even hold a candle to alden! I tell everyone I know that islooking for a rehab!

the BEST!

This was my first choice for rehab and I'm beyond thrilled I was able to stay there. They got me back on my feet in no time. I tell everyone about this place. It's the Best!

Like a resort!

I stayed at this place and it was amazing! Everyone was so nice and they got me home safely! Feels like a resort!


I was a patient here and I had an EXCELLENT experience. The staff was very nice and always attentive to my needs. They helped get me back home safely. I have recommenced this company to my friends and family. Thank you.


I recently had to get rehab after my hospitalization and I am SO HAPPY I chose this one! It was just what I needed to get me my strength back. Everyone there was so pleasant. Their nurses and cna's go above and beyond. The food is superb! I have been telling my friends and family that if you need a place to go for rehab- go to Alden!

Beyond Amazing!

I am a current patient of this facility and I wouldn't stay anywhere else! My stay has been GREAT! The food is always delicious and the therapy is beyond amazing! Every staff member here is as pleasant as they come, I've never seen such friendly staff! I have, and will continue to recommend this facility to others!


EXCELLENT!!! I recently stayed here and everything was just wonderful! The food was so nourishing and all the staff members were FANTASTIC! The therapy department earned 5 stars too! I highly recommended this facility to everyone!!

Alden Gives me My Independence!

Alden gives me my independence! Alden has gone above and beyond with my care! I currently live here and have to say the kitchen staff are very caring and attentive, they take great pride in what they do for all of us. My therapy has been wonderful! I have to say, [Removed]- my nurse and [Removed] - my CNA really have stood out to me as going above and beyond! I always recommend this facility to my friends and family and speak very highly of it.

Absolutely recommend!

My husband has stayed here and it has been very, very good! The aides and nurses go above and beyond. All of his meals were ABSOLUTELY tremendous! His therapy has been going very well! I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a place for themselves or their loved one!

1st Class care

I recently stayed here and I have to commend the therapy staff, the nursing staff and the dining staff! I want to thank them all for the care and the encouragement they gave me. My PT therapists were great, as were the OT therapists. The dining staff were fabulous! I would highly recommend Alden Estates for the 1st class care I received!

I would never want to stay anywhere else!

I am currently staying here and I have got to say I would never stay anywhere else! The food is delicious! The therapy has helped me get so much of my strength back! Each and every member of the staff here are so pleasant to be around! The nurses really go above and beyond for me. I have recommended this facility to many of my family and friends!

Recent stay

I stayed here back in May 2017. All of the CNA's and RA's have been wonderful. They are attentive, thoughtful, caring, and helpful. They are exceptional. They are great workers, extremely helpful and patient. They all go above and beyond.


All of the staff have been wonderful. They are attentive, thoughtful, caring, and helpful. They are exceptional. They are great workers, extremely helpful and patient. They all go above and beyond.


My stay at Alden Estates of Shorewood has been GREAT!!! The therapy has helped me get my strength back and the whole department is wonderful! Every single staff member has been beyond helpful including the activity aides, CNA’s, therapists, and the dining staff. They are all so great to me! There is a CNA [Removed] and she always goes above and beyond for me. Their food tastes better than the food at a fine dining restaurant and they have such a variety. All of the staff is encouraging but especially the CNA’s. They do their work with a smile and they always anticipate what you need to help you even better. I would highly recommend this facility to others who are looking for high quality care!

My stay at Alden has been so good! The food that is offered here is better than what I could ever order at a restaurant. The therapy department has been wonderful to me. All of the staff have been exceptional to me and are so caring especially when I was struggling with my illnesses. My nurses have been so good to me. I would definitely recommend this facility to others!

The best!

This facility is beautiful! The staff is amazing, everyone goes the extra mile to make your stay comfortable. The food is something out of a fine dining restaurant! It's very clean! I saw a below comment about resident outings, I know they do them because I have gone on some on their new big bus!! I would refer anyone that needs short stay therapy to this Alden!

Bad Experience at Alden Shorewood

Bad care for my dad at the Shorewood Alden rehab center and horrible, inexcusable service for my dad who desperately needed physical therapy after he was discharged. No PT for over a week and dozens of calls. Don't waste your money here. Find a place that cares. Interview the staff. They're very short staffed and service became worse over a 2 week period. not use their at home care services....totally disorganized.

The staff works very hard. Never enough help. Staff spends very little time with patients. Senior staff raising voices in hallway.

It's going nice here, very nice care,...

It's going nice here, very nice care, it's beautiful and they do have activities but they don't do outings.

From the Community

City Info

Shorewood is a small city in Northern Illinois comprising nearly 17,000 people. It is located about an hour from Chicago.

- Walkability: Shorewood has a walkability score of 59, meaning that it is somewhat walkable. Some errands can be accomplished on foot, while others will require driving.

- Age Demographics: About 28 percent of the population falls between the ages of 45 and 64. The over-65 set makes up about 6 percent of the population, but this number is on the rise. The median age is about 38 years old. There are about 96 men for every hundred women.

- Senior Housing: Alden Estates of Shorewood offers assisted and independent living services for seniors.

- Average Weather: High temperatures in the summer reach about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, while lows in the winter hover around 15 degrees. The area gets about 37 inches of rain each year.

- Veteran's Facilities: The nearest veteran's facilities are located in the nearby town of Joliet, about a 15-minute drive from Shorewood.


Seniors living in Shorewood have limited options when it comes to public transportation.

- Buses: Bus services from nearby Joliet reach the eastern edge of town.

- Trains: There are no train stations in the area.

- Taxis: There are taxi services available in the area, offering varying rates.

- Air Travel: The Joliet Regional Airport is the closest airport to Shorewood. The nearest international airport is O'Hare in Chicago.

- Ride-Sharing: Both Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services are available in Shorewood. Both services offer easy-to-use mobile apps that seniors can download to their smartphones.

Health and Safety

Overall, Shorewood is a relatively safe area in which to live.

- Hospitals: The nearest hospital is in Joliet, but there are urgent care facilities within Shorewood.

- Crime Rate: The rate of crime in Shorewood is about 12 per 1,000 residents.

Sports and Leisure

The area is home to a variety of activities for seniors to enjoy.

- Golf Courses: The Inwood Golf Course is just to the east of town.

- Fitness Centers: There are multiple fitness centers in the area that offer exercise classes suitable for seniors.

- Other Activities: Several outdoor parks are scattered throughout the town, providing opportunities to walk outdoors.

Shopping and Entertainment

Shorewood is home to a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

- Clothing Stores: Seniors will find numerous outlets for buying clothing in Shorewood, including at big-box retailers.
- Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores, including Jewel-Osco, are located throughout the town.
- Restaurants: Shorewood houses a wide variety of restaurants, from fast food options to fine dining.
- Movie Theaters: The nearest movie theater is Cinemark at the Joliet Mall.
- Libraries: The Shorewood-Troy Public Library is located right in the center of town at the intersection of Routes 52 and 59.


Residents of Shorewood find it to be a welcoming community in which they can practice any religion of their choosing.

- Demographics: Less than half of the population practices religion, but 32 percent of the population is Catholic. About 3 percent follow other forms of Christianity, and 1.5 percent of residents are Muslim.

- Religious Facilities: The vast majority of religious facilities in Shorewood are for Christian faiths.