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Customer Reviews

Caution when selecting an Indepent Living Facility

The place is beautiful BUT the Assisted Living side lacks enough staff to check in on its residents. It's as if they are in Independent Living.
1. restroom not cleaned, had to tell them several times
2. carpet smelled, again, had to tell them.
3. you have to buy your own toilet paper? Odd considering how much we pay.
4. Poor nursing staff.
5. If you want more care, you need to hire By Design, which is very pricey for night check-ins/care. Staff ratio is very low at night, so beware.
6. Be very careful--and make sure your loved one doesn't need more care even though they rate them. Sometimes it can be a fine line.
7. Re activities, the calendar sounds great but the staff don't encourage the resident to come out and join the rest of the folks. Sometimes people need a little encouragement.
Beware of large AL's, especially if run by corporations. They're interested in meeting quotas.

Convenient location

This is a very clean and beautiful facility. It’s in close proximity to a large shopping center with a lot of restaurants. It is also only 5 miles away from the University which is really convenient for me because I teach there. What I really like about this facility is they have a dedicated staff member who oversees the adult living enhancements. I would recommend this facility to other people.

Very friendly clientele. Food is scrumptious. Staff is amiable and eager to please. Surroundings are comfortable and well-appointed. Apartment(ours) is roomy enough.
We’ve been here since April. I think there should be more excursions – short trips to events close by, lectures and studies from the outside community. So far not much.

We have been here since mid-April and it is my “Paradise”. We will able to settle in our apartment with most of our treasured possessions. We have found friend to share activities. We enjoy the food, attend many of the movies and I love not having to shop for groceries, etc., and I look forward to Spring when scan set on my balcony and watch the birds.

Adante has everything I wanted in an Independent living home. All my neighbors are friendly, activities are numerous and are of many types. I have lived here one year and I couldn’t have made a better choice. It is HOME.

Excellent community. I’ve been to 2 others and this is the best. There are lots of activities. The residents and administration are friendly and caring. The food is excellent.

Outstanding! As many wonderful amenities.
Every day is a holiday!

I have lived here more than five years and loved activities galore, proximate to shopping and medical facilities. Friends. Great meals.
I don’t need to ask for anything more.

Adante Senior living is a very warm and welcoming community. The activities and programs bring people together and make for a caring community.

I have lived at Adante for almost 2 years. The maintenance free lifestyle suites me well. Love the active environment and many options for exercise, entertainment and general socialization. Adante has a wide diversity of religious, political views and geographic origins--yet we all get along great!

The best community ever. The people are great. Residents and employees alike. We are a big happy family. We have the best outings, activities, etc., I’ve lived here for 4 years and love it!!

I have a good friend,[Removed] that moved to Adante and enjoying so much and encouraged me to come for a tour with [Removed]and I knew when tour was over that I wished to live at Adnate. I moved in Feb 2017. I enjoy each day. Great staff and wonderful friends. Great activities. Great food, environment also pretty clean. I hope Adante is my home for my life.

As a lifelong resident of NY, relocating to TX presented questions of adapting to new surroundings, making new friends. The welcoming friendliness, caring and warmth displayed by both staff and residents at Adante took care of those concerns. The many activities available the good and plentiful food, the well-care for physical building and attractive décor all combine to make this a top choice for senior living.

Hurrah for retirement life!
There are many things to do.
Adante’s calendar is always full.
No time for feeling blue.
Friendly, happy residents & staff, clean, attractive surroundings, top management and maintenance teams, abundance of activities and social events, lively entertainment, game and fitness rooms, outings, exercise classes, movie theatre, pool, delicious dining, café, transportation to doctors, happy hours, pet friendly, fantastic location near excellent medical facilities, SA airport, restaurants, shopping, malls and more at Adante – we’re one big family! We love independent living!

Adante keeps me living with zest and enjoyment and this is because of its associate and employees.
Almost to a man, they are friendly and caring and helpful. They are the strength of Adante. The other plus is the activities. Being active keeps the mind in a good place, not missing loved ones, etc.
If the residents choose, they can stay busy every day. That in it all helps residents keep a good outlook!

Food – activity - accommodating – staff and residents are all top shelf. Could not ask for a better place to retire. My wife and I travelled for 30 years, now we found a wonderful place to settle down.

Charming dining! Food is wonderful. Wonderful! Nightly movies. You can be as active and private as you chose! Many activities to suit your liking such a weekly “happy hours” – Classes like Spanish, Poker, bridge, swimming, current events, birthdays, crafts, bridge, “chicken” foot, “ mah jong“ etc.. Weekly trips to HEB, banks, outings to “eat” Symphony music shows etc. Book club !
Holiday parties!

Home Improvements for our new home

We moved into this community. We were not happy that the staff did not do some of the improvements before we moved in. We had to contact the staff and they took a long time to respond to do a repair that was needed. They did not do the clean that was supposed to be done before we bought furniture. The community needs to repair and doing the cleaning. At this time we do hope that things get better.

Michael Dorazio

Local Representative

Thank you for your comment and concerns. We take each one of our comments with the importance that they were written. I have reached out to this family and discussed the concerns and am proud to say that we realized our missteps and have since turned this move around. We have also created new steps to ensure that these concerns are addressed in any future move ins. Thank you again for the time you took to address this with me and the kind comments that you have made since. We are always striving to perfect our business.

For My Friend

We are trying to get my friend organized since moving into the community. It has been fine for them.

Michael Dorazio

Local Representative

Thank you for your comment. We hope all has moved well and that we have met your expectations. Please feel free to contact the Concierge/Executive Director at [removed] if you need any assistance.

The administration & staff are excellent in their fields and are very friendly. The respond fully to requests. The residents come from all over the US and it is a friendly group who get to know each other.

Bob and Margarete Houser

Adante is the perfect answer for any senior citizen who desires to live in a peaceful, quite, beautiful surroundings. There is plenty daily activities to enjoy life. no time to think of getting older, but way to stay young. Everyone who loves here are joined together like a family, always looking forward to another day of fellowship that only ADANTE can provide.

It feels like home! When you enter you can feel the good "vibes". The staff and residents are very caring and friendly. The staff go out of their way to make you feel at home. We specially like the "cottages". It is a good transition from large home to a smaller one. Having an over-sized garage for your car and "stuff" as well as a fenced in backyard to enjoy is wonderful!

We have lots to be thankful for.

From the Community

Life at Adante Independent Living revolves around modest luxury, personal freedom, and optimal health. Comfortable surroundings, social activity, delicious meals, accommodating associates, and a prime location come together on this unique campus to form a fresh and vivacious lifestyle. Adante modernizes and redefines the retirement experience.