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Customer Reviews

Good morning! My visit to Brookdale went well. I liked the apartment, it is small and personable, and the staff were friendly and positive. It is in a perfect location to the VA, being on Hamilton Wolfe. They will email me the activity schedule, especially those for veterans. Great visit!

Really great place. Residents seemed content, well cared for.

Looks can be deceiving. Go inside. This place is in the medical center with crazy traffic but they do have a nice patio garden in the center of the buildings. Very nice if you want a smaller community.

Rooms Are Really Nice

We toured at this Brookdale for my loved one, and I thought that the rooms here were really nice. However, my loved one would have had to go straight in to assisted living, and I did not think he would have liked that. I also thought it was a little strange that any resident living on the upper floors of the community needs to have the ability to walk down several flights of stairs in a certain amount of time. I felt this was a bizarre requirement.

A comfortable community

Dad seems to be adjusting well to living in the memory care area of this community. The caregivers have been helpful and encouraging. They keep the community, dad's room and the grounds nice. Dad has not complained about the food. There were some issues in the beginning with communication between departments, however these issues have since been resolved. I would recommend this community.

Attentive Staff!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and so far everything is going well for her. The staff are attentive to her needs and I am comfortable with the care she is receiving. I am happy to see she has got her appetite back and is eating well during her dinning experience. The chef does a great job with the meals and they always have a wide variety too choose from. The property is well maintained and they have a great activity program to keep the residents busy throughout the week. Overall it has been a pleasant experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

My step dad is doing ok but we are dealing with some health issues that have come up. One of which is he has lost his desire to eat nothing to do with the food being served here which is good it's just him. The staff is very kind and accommodating.The community is clean and well kept. We are very pleased.

Good Experience, but Not The One For Me

I had a pleasant tour of this community. Everything went well. The community looked great, and everything was very nice, and clean. The staff was friendly, and helpful. My tour guide was kind, and informative. It was a good experience, but this was not the facility for me.

Tour for care

This was a good tour for us and for getting information on the care that is offered here. We liked that the staff was very nice and attentive to answer the questions we had. The community to be maintained and clean. We like both the activities and the menu that had a lot of nice choices. We would recommend that families tour this community for the care of a loved one.

Pleasant Tour

I had a nice tour of this community. The community looked nice, and everything appeared to be well-kept. The staff I met was kind, and informative. My questions were answered. It was a good experience, everyone was very nice.

Knowledgeable Tour Guide!

When I toured the Brookdale Hamilton Wolfe, I really liked it. It is a very nice community with friendly staff, but we find another place that fit my loved one's needs better.

Very nice place!

The Brookdale Hamilton Wolfe was a very nice place. Everyone was very friendly to us. What we didn't like was the fact that we had to pay for 3 meals a day. My mother doesn't eat that much and we wanted a place with the option to opt out of it. Also, the room they showed us that would be my mothers was way too far from the dining room.

I am 99% sure this is where Mom will be living. I always said I would not move her into a place that the services were a la carte, but I really like what they offer so I am willing to give it a try. If the fees add up to quickly I will be very disappointed but the things covered really impressed me. [Removed] was wonderful!

One Of My Top Picks

I had a very nice tour of this community. The tour went very well, and everyone was very kind. It is a very nice community, and it was one of my top picks for my aunt and her needs. The staff was informative, yet still very friendly as well. It was a nice experience, and this is a good community.

Location was convenient to my home, which was a big plus. I liked the design of the assisted living building; a square with a courtyard in the middle with nice paths, trees, and birdfeeders. Very nice. The rooms were all a good size with plenty of space, and the sink and counter in the kitchenette area was a plus over other places I've visited. The dining area, menu, and activities list were all comparable to other places I've visited, with the costs lower than others. I found this option to be a very good value for the money, and would have no reservations with my mom living here.

Overall we found the facility clean, warm and welcoming. The floorplan was open and inviting. The staff we encountered were pleasant and accommodating. We met with [Removed], the staff nurse, and found her very knowledgeable and approachable. [Removed], who gave us the tour, was very pleasant.
Overall we liked this facility.

Top of our list in communities!!

This one was one of my top choices out of all the communities my loved one and I had toured. They had a beautiful entry with a great lobby and dinning room. All of the residents seemed to be happy and positive which was a big plus in my eyes. The bedrooms had great amenities and where very spacious. My mother just needed more care then what this place had to offer. I otherwise have no complaints and would recommend this place.

Aja is a wonderful person to deal with. Loved her. The facility was nice, updated, and they were willing to negotiate some specials on initial move-in, but my mother did not feel she needed assisted living at this time.

Service was great!!

My loved one has really enjoyed the service he had received during his stay at this community. The staff had really helped him improve on his eating habits and getting him involved in different activities. I have no complaints and would absolutely recommend this place to anyone

Great place just like home

Staff is very friendly and made my mother feel at home. The facility is very home like and you don't feel like you are in a hotel. It is a place you want to come and stay. Most of the residents are also very friendly and eager to welcome new residents. They have an ambassador type program where residents partner with new residents to help them adjust to the new surroundings.
The price is very fair and the management staff is very helpful. Highly recommend this facility.

Satisfied with the care!

We are satisfied with the care that the staff provides at Brookdale Hamilton Wolfe. The staff listen to my concerns and they are communicating my loved ones care with me. They community is well kept and nice. There has been quite a bit of turnover with the director and staff. Signing up for prescription help took quite a while as there was not a good plan in place to get it started.

Ms [Removed] greeted us warmly and answered all of our questions. The facility was well maintained and inviting. The openness of common area and dining area was beautiful and the other areas I thought that were inviting were the sunroom and the common area outside. This area had sitting located throughout and bird feeders located so that residents enjoyed the birds feed. It is a safe and happy place and they a residents that will show new residents around until they are "become one of the family." Very nice place.

It Is Very Nice

This is an excellent place to live. it looks very nice and kept clean all through the community. My dad is doing okay, he is enjoying the activities and he loves the food. We are happy with the care from the staff.

If We Could Only Agree

I really liked this community, mainly because it was a close location for the family. Unfortunately we did not move my mom in. During my tour it seemed like the staff were nice and interacting with the residents. This is an average community.

Caring Place

Mom has lived at Brookdale Hamilton Wolfe for about 2 years. Eventhough she is very shy and quiet, the staff and residents made her feel welcome and at home from the very beginning. I must admit that at times, about a year ago, during the transition from Emeritus to Brookdale thing were a bit bumpy but I believe that is normal for most transitions. Things are fine now though.
Recently upon her return from a hospital stay, mom has had to rely on the staff more heavily than normal. I have nothing but thanks and praise for the entire staff for all their hard work on her behalf, from the nurses to the food service director and her staff, the guy who cleans her room every week and everyone in between, which is a reflection on the director who has hired such a loving, caring, professional staff.
If you are looking for a place for your loved one, I know how difficult it can be but Brookdale Hamilton Wolfe has made this difficult process so much easier for us. We love our mom immensely but could not keep her in any of our homes because we needed a place that could service all her needs 24/7. This place has been a God-send for us. Thank you, Norma, Carina, Elsa, Mary, Mary Alice, Dorothy, Pat, Lita, LaDonna, Marisa and everyone else whose names elude my mom at this time but who are always so gracious, giving, kind and caring to her.


GREED. FILTH. LIES. Dads room had roach droppings. Moms room...diarrhea stains covered her carpet and on wall were left for months. Memory care has no direct supervision. Residents just wander around. Dad wasn't given a shower or change of clothes or sheets for weeks at a time. Sometimes only 2 caregivers for 30 residents. How is it that the facility nurse ,a mere LVN, quits here job there one week after only working there a few months and is hired back the next week as EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR?????? Is it bribery, blackmail, unethical business practices or just Brookdales way of doing business????? If you take a tour think of Casey as a used car salesman trying to sell you a lemon. Please disregard all reviews prior to April 2015. Brookdale purchased this facility from a lovely caring place, Emeritus. I never had a negative thought about them!!!!.

Didn't like the place

My Mom left Brookdale after a couple of weeks of being there. She just didn't like it at all. She chose to leave and go back to her home.

So far so good.

So far so good. They had a family night and several people got sick from food poisoning. The only other complaint I have is the nurse in charge has to be asked multiple times to get things done. It took a lot of time to get therapy started. He likes it there he is getting along with people there. The billing has been smooth. We chose it because it was the least depressing of the places we saw.

Long time resident info

My mother-in-law has lived there for several years. The quality and warmth of the food has always been a problem. The activity director that everyone loved and was very good at planning was let go. Activities are the most important thing and they should hire someone that knows what they are doing. Medication distribution has been fraught with errors due to inability to keep good staff in this area, or most areas for that matter. They have improved the facility, but routine maintenance like outside lights has been an issue. Returning in the evening and getting someone to open the door can be a problem. Brookdale should talk directly to residents about there concerns and not just the management.

Problems, problems, problems!!! No management.

The place has really gone down hill in the last year. The good management is gone, now there is no director. They are currently looking for one. We have had serious issues with medication, billing, cleanliness, communication, maintenance, etc... The nursing staff are very caring, just very bust because they are understaffed and there is absolutely no management. I would not recommend this facility at all.

Great Place

I moved my father here following his stroke. The people that work here have a heart of gold and truly care for your family members!

Amazing Admissions Staff

The staff at the admissions office at Brookdale Hamilton Wolfe was very informative, and they were all friendly, and every one of them was really helpful. My mother just had to go to the hospital instead and wasn't able to move in.

very easy transition

It was a very easy transition into the facility. They made it a very seamless process.

One area where they could improve would be to provide a little more information about PCMs in the area and who comes out to their facility.

Overall though everything has been great.

Care givers seem to lack enthusiasm with care. Rooms not kept clean. They do have a lot of activities to keep my mom busy.

Very happy with everything

This place is great. I would live here if I could. My mom is here as she needs the care due to the nature of her condition, and they do an excellent job providing her with the care that she needs. We are very happy with everything.

Carrie was warm and friendly and her love for the Seniors was undeniable. She was very helpful and open, answering all our questions and listening to our concerns and comments and using the information we gave her to think about where our dad might be the happiest; already thinking ahead of people she would introduce our dad to in order to help him feel more comfortable and start meeting people and making friends.

Beautiful facility. Great tour. A little on the high end for us. Staff was very friendly.

Workable and Friendly

They are great, but they could not handle my mom's violent behavioral. So, my mom had to go to a behavioral unit. But she is back now and they have trained their staff with this type of patience, which I thought they would have had this type of training already, but I guess they hadn't yet. We had to go with their private rooms, again, because of my mother's violent behavioral. The Emeritus made every effort to accommodate and they really wanted her to adjust and be there. They were very flexible and friendly. We are very pleased.


They didn't seem to be able to deal with my moms violet behavior. That was a problem. They did more training for their employees. I felt like they were willing to please. They made the effort to adjust the situation. They are very friendly. I thank "A Place for Mom" and Paul Hamilton was very helpful and made it easy to find a place.

So far this is our best opt...

So far this is our best option, nice facility, staff was very helpful, but pricing remains a concern.

It was a little more Independent for assisted living.

This was a larger community. It was a little more Independent for assisted living. There were some bad medication errors. I do think they are trying to improve. I think there was a lot of new staff when we were there. The food was not very good. I do know that the girl that runs it really does care and is making an effort to correct some of the issues.

It seemed so dark and some of the rooms seemed really old.

It seemed so dark and some of the rooms seemed really old. It just didn't feel right for us. There were several levels that you had to maneuver around. It just wasn't right for us.

Good facility for Seniors

Comfortable facility with many amenities. Staff is professional but VERY busy. Driver of community van doubles as maintenance staff so non-emergency maintenance requests take time. Food is good although I would hesitate to call it outstanding. All in all good, safe facility in good location.

Quality is declining

We moved my mother in law out of there just because of the cost and it was kind of going downhill. They were not cleaning up, they weren't very friendly and the food wasn't all that good. Her room needed to be painted, it needed new carpeting and they weren't doing it. They just had some changes in managers that came there and it just started goign downhill.

The property and staff were...

The property and staff were very nice and enjoyed the good food.

Very nice place, lots of ac...

Very nice place, lots of activities, units are spacious, but Mom needs more individualized care than they offer and she needs constant monitoring because of risk of falling, and cost is over budget.

On my list as well. Inexpensive - wi...

On my list as well. Inexpensive - with all meals, very nice apts, many ammenities, pets. One of my top choices. near Wurzbach & U.T. Hlth Sc. Cntr. In contact with director to get appt. set already. Flexible.

Strange layout, multi-level property....

Strange layout, multi-level property. Dining area was really clean after lunch. Not many residents available to see. Expanding care onsite at a attached facility.

Staff would not be a good fit for Dad.

Staff would not be a good fit for Dad.

prize to high, rooms very small and o...

prize to high, rooms very small and old looking but Director is your "jewel" she's nice, professional,knowledgeable, asked all the right questions and should recieve a raise. thank you

I liked this facility. They seemed t...

I liked this facility. They seemed to have a lot of activities with people participating. Their indoor courtyard was beautiful with a lot of birds and squirrels.

wonderful staff. nice amenities. stud...

wonderful staff. nice amenities. studio apartment small but private and adequate. mom liked windows. favorite of the day.

Retirement living, assisted living, s...

Retirement living, assisted living, short term/respite care, on site rehab. This is a nice facility...nice garden area and green spaces, but units may not offer a "full" kitchen..only a small refrig, micro and small sink.

It appears to offer more services tha...

It appears to offer more services than I am interested in at this time.

Very impressed. Staff had lots of kno...

Very impressed. Staff had lots of knowledge, very professional. Just not sure if they will have the right level of care if my loved one's health declines.

Nice, clean, #1 choice

Nice, clean, #1 choice

Have 3 years exp. with HH. Mother-in-...

Have 3 years exp. with HH. Mother-in-law was resident, had some problems, but all in all, wonderful staff and really nice accommodations. She was in assisted living, then moved to their special care for Alzheimers/Dementia residents. Good community of residents, always fun, friendly, seemed very happy.

Good location but is a 3 story buildi...

Good location but is a 3 story building, with independent living on 3rd floor and assisted living on 1st and 2nd floors all inclusive; 3 meals; no stove; no washer dryer

It was a nice place. But, I was not ...

It was a nice place. But, I was not given the tour of the memory care. I told my mom about it and we may go for another tour.

The staff here are extremly nice and ...

The staff here are extremly nice and I like the place-but, it's just not for me at this time!!!

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.
Trained staff help with daily life tasks such as grooming, bathing, and dressing with dignity and care. Nurses are on call, and staff is available around the clock. Each unit is emergency accessible, and medicine dispensing and doctors' orders compliance are supervised. The landscaped lawn is ideal for relaxation and making new friends, and the cozy common rooms are perfect for games and crafts.