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Might be a great place to rehab after joint replacement but as far as a nursing home they fail miserably.

Rampant Miscommunication and no Ownership

My mother had a stroke the weekend after Thanksgiving. After her hospital stay, which included a heart stent, she was moved to Accel at Golden Ridge for rehab and nursing. The decision was made after extensive researching of reviews and Mom's needs. Problems started up almost immediately. The white board in Mom's room had incorrect information. Why? Because it was not wiped clean from the previous patient. Staff told us Speech Therapy wasn't being done. Why? Because "Their computers do not talk to our computers." The home care company says Mom's health is too risky for them to take on as a client. The on-call doctor tells our nurse Mom cannot be given a 3 hour pass because of health risk is too great and yet we walk in to find a different nurse giving Mom discharge papers. Accel tells the OT, PT & ST therapists that Mom has been discharged so now she is no longer getting therapy and no one tells us about it. I was told the lack of communication between Nursing and Therapy has to do with Hiipa law. I will be researching this claim especially since it did not apply to the staff at St. Anthony's hospital. On the day Mom was discharged, the nurse had the wrong INR (blood thinner) test results. The director of nurses logged into the PC and brought up the current information. I pointed out that this type miscommunication among each other was a consistent issue during our experience. I included the fact that different nurses kept trying to discharge Mom while Doctors were warning other nurses of her high risk due to the low INR results. This nurse director literally put the blame on us, the children, for Mom not being released. Saying we did not get home care in place and "chose" to keep Mom at Accel. We are not medical professionals. I explained we relied on the information given by her staff to make any decision and her nurse told me directly that Mom could die if she left the facility and she, the nurse, and the doctor she spoke with would not take that chance. I flew from WA to CO so I could help and asked to be shown how to give Mom her Lovenox and Insulin shots so that she could be released sooner. No one sat with me until one hour before I took Mom home. The case worker simply stopped communicating altogether because we pushed back in defense of our Mother who could not speak for herself. I only gave greater than one star because the staff was nice and the place was clean, however, because of the unprofessionalism of the administrative staff and the rampant misinformation or conflicting information given on a day to day basis, I would never recommend this facility to anyone.

Do not come here if you can not advocate for yourself!

I spent a considerable amount of time researching facilities for my mother to go to after her recent stroke and heart stent surgery and based on reviews, I choose Accell at Golden Ridge. This is why I am taking the time to write a review.

She stayed there a total of 15 days. During this period of time, getting anyone to call you back, whether it was the nursing department, the doctor who was attending to her (which I never spoke with even though I left at least 8 messages for him to call me) or the case worker who was assigned to her case, was close to ZERO. I had to on 2 separate occasions travel down to the facility (I live 1 1/2 hours away) in the day time hours and during the week, in order to reach the day crew on staff (the evening staff told me to be there in the day time hours if I wanted answers) in order to track someone down for any type of information/communication. (And as a side note, I am her Medical Power of Attorney and my mom's stroke affected her ability to speak , understand and memory retention). This was the most frustrating, disorganized, unprofessional, scary, experience I have ever encountered. The staff does not communicate with each other so they had no idea what one department was doing and how it affected other areas. (nursing, therapy, and case worker departments) For example, my mom, not me, was told on 3 separate occasions during this 15 day stay she was being discharged from the facility. Her case worker, [name removed], the Director of Social Services, arranged her first discharge for 6 days after admission without knowing any of her medical needs for her home care or what type of care she was even receiving at the facility! I truly thank God I showed up at this time to intervene. Then the next time they wanted to discharge her, the home care company that was arranged to care for my mom at her home after discharging, called me directly to say after reviewing her medical needs, they refuse to take my mom on as a client due to her precarious risk level. That was when Accell said maybe she should stay longer. Accell then said she was too high of a risk to be released for a couple of hours during the Christmas holiday to spend time with her family at her home to celebrate the holiday (even though they were ready to discharge her 2 days prior). The very next day, the 26th, the day after Christmas, they discharged her!

If your loved one is unable to communicate well, has memory issues, and can not advocate for themselves, I would not recommend this place at all! The only highlight of this experience was [name removed], one of my mom's nurses, and [name removed], an occupational therapist, who both cared deeply about their patients and jobs.

Accel at Golden Ridge Has Problems

The service here is very poor. My mother broke her hip and spent 21 days at Accel . If you pushed her help button the response was never less than ten minutes – usually more like 15-20. The CNA’s were all very good, no complaints – there just were never enough of them.
The RN's on her floor were a bit lazy - they would NEVER help the CNA's who were usually under manned. There was often one CNA trying to take care of two or three patients at once.
The food was all but inedible - seriously. I know it isn't reasonable to expect great food at one of these facilities but the meals here were way below average and usually delivered cold – again, not enough help. I think the problems start at the top, I’ll explain.
During her stay, my mother's diamond ring was stolen, yes, stolen. I acknowledge it was dumb of us to leave her ring on her finger while in rehab but who would ever think it would be taken from her?
Long story short, her ring disappeared during her stay never to be seen again. I first reported this to the Assistant Administrator on the phone and his tone was very condescending – I don’t think he believed mother’s ring was stolen.
The next day my wife and I stopped by the Administrator’s office and the Assistant Administrator was there as well as the Golden police. The Assistant was filling out a police report and never even so much as looked up at us – no class. We were nothing more than a bother to him. As for the Administrator she smiled a lot but didn’t seem genuinely concerned. They both gave us bad vibes.

To sum up our Accel experience: Understaffed, lousy food, creepy leadership and a stolen $20,000 wedding ring. I would not take a loved one to Accel.

My brother is currently a patient and I was told he'd be moved closer to nurses' station due to confusion, aspiration pneumonia. He was never moved. My brother has no POA in place and I live in Ohio. I have been lobbying for court appointed guardianship due to my brother's confusion. The doctor handling his case wanted to do testing before finding my brother incompetent to go forward with guardianship. I was grateful that the doctor was being so thorough as I don't want my brother to go to assisted living. I have asked nurses, social worker, DON to have doctor contact me about results of tests but no one has called me back. I was told by social worker that this facility isn't run for free and now that my brother is in self pay status, they expect payment. I'd love to be able to get him home once I learn parameters of his confusion, illness and prognosis. I am very disappointed!

Almost hard to leave

My husband just came home from a week of post-acute care at one week he changed from a physically weak, exhausted man to one who moved confidently, ate better, and had a much healthier outlook on life.

We were both pleasantly surprised at the level of caring of all the personnel involved: from the nurse who greeted us as he came in, to the menu supervisor (I forgot your title, [name removed]) right afterward to make sure my husband got the kind of food he wanted, to the CNAs who provided every service imaginable (including finding the call button that had disappeared under the bed), to the wonderful physical and occupational therapists who helped him understand how to make his body work better. The administrative staff was enormously helpful when there was a minor snag.

The food was so good that we actually asked for the recipe for one dish...all the while showing him how he should be eating.

It was almost hard to leave -- and when he did, it was with hugs.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you, Lynn for leaving such kind words. We are glad that you and your family had a positive experience with Accel at Golden Ridge.

Thank You Accel

My family came here not knowing what to expect. My grandmother had just had hip surgery, and we didn’t know what would happen next. The employees at Accel greeted us as we came in, smiling and happy. One girl escorted us to our room(which was big and had beautiful views), then a parade of people came in to welcome us to the building. The nursing staff is caring and patient, and the therapy department got grandma back on her feet. We left feeling family. We will tell our friends about Accel at Golden Ridge. We can’t say thank you enough!

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you so much for the kind words regarding our employees and your experience. Accel at Golden Ridge is glad we were a good fit for your family.

Horrible care.

Piss poor care. Medications are late or not given. Several times offered the wrong medications. They do not answer the call lights for at least 30 minutes. Very under staff. Management non existent. Director of nursing is horrible, not polite or sympathetic. Would not go there again or have anyone of my family or friends go there. Did not feel anyone care about patient only care about money. Very dangerous care. Only good thing is the facility is new and nice.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi , we truly apologize for your unsatisfactory experience at Accel at Golden Ridge. We strive to consistently deliver quality care to all residents. If you would like to discuss your concerns further, please contact our Facility Administrator at [removed] or let us know if you would like us to contact you directly.

Accel Far Exceeded Every Expectation!

There are no words to describe how much Accel means to myself and family, as they not only felt like family to myself and my mother who had stage 4 brain cancer, but it truly felt like home for us all. It's nestled within 360 views of beautiful Golden, has a top notch staff who each genuinely care and have a heart of gold, not to mention a modern Colorado feel that makes you think you're entering a 5 star hotel. The nurses, CNA's, and administrative staff baffled me with their warmth, care, and dedication to serving my mother and making her feel the most comfortable possible. There were many late nights in which they took the time to console me and bring me anything I wanted as well. Accel made the transition effortless for me and I slept well knowing she was in amazing hands. I will never have enough great things to say about them; it truly made a world of a difference for my mother's health and well-being. Thank you Accel! : )

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Hi Ms. Natasha, thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback regarding our customer service. We strive to consistently deliver quality care to all residents, and are glad we were able to help you and your family during that time.

ACCEL in Golden is an exceptional facility!

Wonderful experience! The staff was very professional and caring.
My husband, who had his third heart attack, needed rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility.
What a surprise when [Removed] from Accel told us about a brand new facility that opened up in Golden (at Golden Ridge) in Colorado.
Accel is a brand new facility that has resort-style amenities, state-of-the-art therapy gym, and restaurant style dining.
I understand that they offer short-term rehabilitation or long-term care.
Be sure to consider ACCEL for your Loved Ones.
We did...and we would do it again!

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience; we appreciate your kind words!

From the Community

Golden, Colorado is a nestled mountain town with a brisk, cool, sunny climate that boasts of relatively low violent crime, clean air, and plenty of close facilities for seniors to consider.

City Info

- Walkability : According to WalkScore, Golden, Colorado has a walk score of 41 out of 100. This means that most everyday activities including errands will require some form of transportation.

- Average Age in the 80401 Zip Code: 30.1

- # of Senior Housing Facilities in the 80401 Zip Code: Other than Accel at Golden Ridge Center, there are no other senior housing facilities in this zip code. However, there are many other senior facilities just east (and in Golden), including Springwood, Mountain Vista Senior Living Community, and Willow Glen Senior Residences.

- Average Weather: Golden, Colorado is a mountainous region, with temperatures in the winter reaching into the high 20s in Fahrenheit degrees, and the low 50s in the summer. Golden receives abundant snowfall in winter and moderate rainfall in the summers.

- Veteran's Facilities: The Veterans Affairs Medical Center is inside the 80401 zip code. Just east are many veterans facilities, including the Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, and Veterans Chamber of Commerce.


The city provides a number of reliable, publicly serviced forms of transportation, including buses, light rail, and even its own ride-sharing organization. Additionally, several forms of private transportation are available in Golden.

- Buses: Golden offers a Call-n-Ride Bus Service for community members. Senior discounts are available, and many of the routes operate frequently, up to every 15 minutes per stop.

- Trains: Golden also provides a Light Rail service, which covers over 12 miles of track throughout the city. Discounts are available for seniors over the age of 65 with proper identification.

- Taxis: There are a number of taxi companies operating in Golden, including Yellow Cab and GO Alpine.

- Ride Shares: Both Uber and Lyft ride sharing companies operate in Golden, Colorado. These companies can be accessed by downloading the companies' respective mobile applications.

Health and Safety

Jefferson County, where Golden is located, has a 1 to 81 primary care physician to patient ratio. For mental health, the ratio is 1 to 232. Each patient receives an average Medicare reimbursement of $8,717 per year. Residents age 55 to 64 are the largest group that with healthcare coverage in the state of Colorado. Most Medicare enrollees in the Jefferson County are treated most often for pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and acute myocardial infarction.

- Hospitals in the Area: There is one hospital in the 80401 zip code, Urgent Care of Golden Centura. In the Golden area, there are many other hospitals, including Saint Anthony Hospital, Lutheran Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente.

- Crime Rate: Golden, Colorado boasts a lower crime rate than most comparable cities both in Colorado and nationwide, making it quite a safe city for residence. It has a national score of 27 out of 100, but has only 1.38 violent crimes per 100K residents with the majority of crimes being property offenses.

Sports and Leisure

Golden, Colorado tends to cater to an upper echelon clientele, which means many of the golf and tennis courses are offered by membership only. However, some public clubs also exist and offer discounts to seniors.

- Golf Courses: There are three golf courses either inside the zip code or very close to its boundaries. Those include Hiwan Golf Club, Mount Vernon Canyon Club, and Fossil Trace Golf Club. While both Hiwan and Mount Vernon are private membership clubs, Fossil Trace is open to the public and has discounted course fees for seniors.

- Tennis Courts/Clubs: Fossil Trace Golf Club also provides tennis courts to non-members. There are also free tennis courts available at Lions Park, operated by the city of Golden and open to the public.

- Gyms: The Community Center in Golden, Colorado offers fitness classes for all age groups, including senior citizens. In addition, in nearby Lakewood, the city also provides fitness classes for seniors.

Shopping and Entertainment

Most of the shopping and entertainment are found in nearby Lakewood, just a short trip to the east.

- Clothes Shopping Nearby : Westwoods shopping center and Colorado Mills, where one can find more upscale shops and an IMAX theatre, are just to the east of this zip code.

- Grocery Stores: There is a Safeway supermarket, and directly to the south one can find a Walmart Supercenter. For more organic, upscale options, there is a Natural Grocer's near Walmart.
- Restaurants: Several fast food outlets have locations just to the east of this zip code including Jimmy John's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and Sonic Drive-In. A bit further east, one can find more alternative boutique options, including the top-rated Homegrown Tap & Grow, which serves a variety of wood-fired pizzas, craft beers, and wine options.

- Movie Theaters: Just to the east of the zip code, there are two large multiplex theaters: United Artists Denver and United Artists Colorado Mills, which includes an IMAX theatre.

- Libraries: Both the Jefferson County Public Library branch and the Arthur Lakes Library are near the Accel facility.

- Attractions: Look Out Mountain is inside the zip code and gives residents and visitors spectacular outdoor experiences. For fun with grandchildren, the Clear Creek White Water Park is on the boundary of this zip code to the east.

Religious Facilities

All faiths are represented in Golden, Colorado, but this is a majority Christian city, with many denominations present in Lakewood.

- Faith and Worship Centers Nearby: A variety of churches, including Lutheran, Mormon, Catholic, and Mennonite, operate in this area, mostly to the east near Lakewood. Muslim practitioners can also attend services and activities at the Islamic Center of Golden.