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Memory Care near Jackson, TN

Review the Alzheimer's facilities located near Jackson, TN before your family makes a decision. We’re sure you’ll find that Jackson has a facility that matches the needs of your senior and the rest of your family.

Common Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Many people with Alzheimer's fail to recognize symptoms during the disease's first stage. Forgetfulness and loss of coordination are easily dismissed as signs of old age. Seniors who have Alzheimer's, however, can expect their symptoms to worsen. The level of care that a patient receives often depends on how far the disease has progressed. Alzheimer's disease does not have a cure.

Seniors with the first stage of Alzheimer's disease can often live independently. They need more help by the disease's second stage. Symptoms worsen considerably during the second stage of Alzheimer's. Many seniors suffer from confusion, persistent memory loss, and delusions. Some patients become aggressive or start showing odd behaviors that don't match their personalities. Families may continue caring for their loved one during the beginning of stage two, but it’s a difficult task that can overstress a family. Those who need help should consider respite care or an adult day care service. These options can give caregivers time away from the stress.

The third stage of Alzheimer's makes independent living nearly impossible. Patients may experience rigid muscles that make it difficult to move. Some lose the ability to swallow. Patients who reach this level of the disease may lose their communication skills. Seniors at the stage cannot feed or clean themselves without help.

Choosing an Alzheimer's Care Facility

Families should consider several features before choosing Alzheimer's care facilities for their loved ones. When screening care providers, compare their services, care plans, and reputations. You should also ask them questions about their employees. Does the care center perform a background check on every new hire? Does it confirm the credentials of nurses and other health care professionals?

Many families will also need to consider price when making this decision. Having a limited budget, however, doesn't mean that families should accept subpar services and accommodations. Families should also speak to their insurance companies to determine whether they have policies that will cover some of the expenses.

Why Consider Jackson, TN for Alzheimer's Treatment?

Jackson, TN has several qualities that makes it an excellent location for seniors living with Alzheimer's disease. Jackson is a fairly small city with about 65,000 people. This makes it a pleasant place for seniors who prefer quiet environments instead of busy cities. Those who like to visit larger cities, however, will enjoy living between Memphis and Nashville. The drive from Jackson to Nashville takes about two hours. Driving to Memphis takes about an hour and a half. That makes them suitable destinations for day trips.