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Home Care in Whittier, CA

Home care services for seniors are a service that may be a little more prevalent that what you may realize. Studies indicate that about 12 million individuals currently receive home care of some kind for various medical conditions. And when you consider the fact that various studies indicate the fastest growing age demographic in the country is the 70 and over bracket, it seems quite likely that more and more families are going to be faced with this dilemma in the future. Fortunately, there are a wide host of home care services available in Whittier, California, for families in this situation to choose from. These fully accredited services can help ease burdens by providing a terrific level of gentle care for a beloved golden ager, all within the senior's own residence.

A Look at Whittier

Whittier has only officially been a city since 1898. Yet this city of approximately 85,000 residents has a history that dates back well beyond that, to a time where it was part of a massive 18th century Spanish land grant. Fast forward some 300 years later, and Whittier has become a key component in the massive sprawl that is the greater Los Angeles area.

The city itself has built itself a nice reputation over the years as being a quiet suburban community, but don't let the sleepiness fool you. There is quite a bit of intrigue here. For starters, the city is a gateway of sorts between Los Angeles and Orange Counties, so it acts as a buffer zone between the two decidedly different Southern California regions. Additionally, it has one of the most unique geographic landscapes of any city in the Los Angeles suburbs. The city is essentially a large mixture of flatlands, foothills, and canyons, and this topographic mix gives it a distinctive look that allows it to stand out amongst other 'burbs.

While there really is not a whole lot of historical affects that connects Whittier to its Spanish land grant roots, there is plenty going on here that immediately connects to its early days as an official city. This is best represented by the wide host of very impressive Craftsman and Victorian-style homes that exist within their borders. These homes do their part in bringing residents a brief look as to what the city may have looked like during its infancy.

Since Whittier is just about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles, those that wish to receive a break from suburban life can enjoy a slice of metropolitan life with somewhat relative ease. Additionally, since Whittier sits on the border of Orange County, residents do not have to go all that far to check out some of OC's more famous points of interest, such as Disneyland.

Whittier Home Care at a Glance

Home care, otherwise known as in-home care or home health care, is more or less defined as care that is provided to a senior by a professional caregiver within the confines of a golden ager's personal residence. There are two root functions within the realm of a caregiver in a home care situation. The first function is to provide aid for the senior pertaining to various activities for daily living, such as dressing, eating, or bathing. The second function is to provide aid in tasks that are essential for keeping the home of the senior in order, including purchasing groceries, cleaning the house, and prepping meals. As a whole, these functions work in concert to provide golden agers with a solid measure of dignified independence - a measure that could potentially be difficult for some seniors to latch onto within the confines of a group facility.

Living a Nice Life in Whittier

It is not a light decision for families to arrange for home care for a golden aged loved one. Yet for family members that are in a situation in which making that decision is imminent, they can take comfort in knowing that there are plenty of home care options in Whittier for them to consider. These special services work so well because they allow golden agers to have the kind of aid that they need without having to give up the security and safety of their home. This not only provides a sense of comfort and dignity to seniors in need, but also a sense of peace to their families.