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Customer Reviews

Except for one caregiver they were incompetent.

Except for one caregiver they were incompetent. They were not good and did not know what they were doing, one of them was sweet but clueless. They said they would give me the same people but that never happened. Three times nobody showed up for their shift. The first time that happened I didn't even hear from anyone, until the next day. We had five people that came and Miguel was the only competent one that they sent.

Not a good experience overall

We used this service for homecare, and out of the four aides we were sent only one of them ever did an acceptable job. The one girl that we did like really did a fantastic job, however the other three all had problems. One would just sleep her whole shift, and the other two were not competent caregivers.

Need to find personalities that click

It's really hard to rate them because it's the employees of them that make or break it. I think overall it's pretty good but we've had good ones and not so good ones. As a company, as a business, they handled things satisfactorially, I think it was the employee that called into dialmed about the problem. At two hours a week it's not a high deman situation but a change would probably be good for everybody. The caregiver kind of wants to decide what she's going to do and my mom would like to decide what she needs the caregiver to do. Neither of the thigns she offers my mom wants or needs help with and then the things my mom wants the caregiver to do the caregiver is kind of balking at. It's a personality thing, she's been working with caregivers through dialmed and this is her third, not because of any personality thing but of other circumstances.

From the Provider

DialMED Home Care was founded in 1996 in Whittier, CA. Our purpose is to provide a high level of care to those in need. Our flexible options make home care an affordable alternative to elderly people who need care. Our outstanding caregivers and reputation for service quickly spread to cities throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. Each year DialMED Home Care provides caregivers to hundreds of elderly and disabled individuals. We offer branch locations in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.