Accent Care - Sun City, CA

Accent Care - Sun City, CA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

I do have one girl working with us and she is great.

Not quite as quick to respond to my needs as another agency I use. When I told them I needed a person right away and they got back to me 48 hours or more, the other agency got back to me within 12-24 hours. I do have one girl working with us and she is great.

Still Using Them

I really liked the professionalism of the one caregiver that my mom has had. She has a different one now. The office made one mistake in that when the former caregiver was leaving they put the wrong date in the system so my mother went without care for 2 days. They're human - that happens. My mother is pretty much the same. We're still using Accent Care.

Poor Value for Care Level

They were pretty friendly, the people that I talked to anyway. It was very expensive and they certainly didn't have much nursing background. They were purely companions and if you wanted more you were out of luck. Some of them couldn't even change a catheter bag which suprised me. On their watch she fell and broke her shoulder and that was pretty much the end for her. I was less than thrilled with them. The price was exteremely high for the level of skill.