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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

The Woodlands

Mom loves The Woodlands. It's a smaller, quaint place. Mom definitely didn't want to go to a massive place. The staff truly cares about the residents and Mom has really enjoyed the social activities they have.

The Woodlands

Mom loves The Woodlands. It's a smaller, quaint place. Mom definitely didn't want to go to a massive place. The staff truly cares about the residents and Mom has really enjoyed the social activities they have.

Wonderful place, wonderful staff and residents are happy to be there! Clean, organized and super friendly.

Stay away from this place

Medical staff did not know how to hook up oxygen tanks and my spouse ended up in the hospital two times. Complaints to the management and nursing staff on numerous occasions went unresolved.

Upon release from the hospital the second time Woodlands nurse violated the contract by refusing to let her return to the facility on a Friday. The contract required a thirty day notice and another evaluation. I had planned to move her to another facility but needed time to find a new facility.

Medical staff worthless. Management not responsive and supports the worthless medical staff.

Read any contract carefully. Understand all the fees before you sign and read reviews before making a decision.

Great Care

I travel for work and need respite care for my dad when I'm gone. Woodlands made us feel comfortable with leaving our dad from the very beginning. The staff is outstanding and the care is second to none.

This was okay. The associate was not available when we first arrived, but the room was okay. This was a little out of the way of our preferred area.

Not a fair comparison as I gave very short notice for my tour. However not the best fit for my mother. Too far from family, with small rooms and limited services for us.

very pleased

This place is very clean. The staff is very caring and friendly. The residents are also friendly and well taken care of. I go almost everyday to visit my mom and I am always leaving feeling that my mom is taken care of . I have seen many of the staff give residents special attention to brighten their day.


After visiting with my loved one last evening, I walk into the hall to find another resident laying on the floor, wheelchair beside her and bleeding. I approached her with caution as I did not wish to startle her. Ask if she needed assistance, she stated she did. I ask if she had pushed her "button" meaning the alarm around her neck. She stated she had and began pushing it multiple times while I was standing there. A few moments go by and we see no staff members in site. My husband sets off to find "someone" while I wait with the resident. He returns stating two staff members were down the other end of the hall sitting chatting/watching tv. Staff members approach resident, but never once spoke with her. One member stated she was going to find the "nurse", other one spoke with my husband and I stating, "she needs a one on one, she do this all the time, get out of her bed". After a few more moments she then states, "Okay you stay with her, I will try to find nurse too" and down the hall she goes. At some point another staff member (different from the first two) comes. She bends over to residents and says, "whats you doing down there, you know better". Resident states, "why are you screaming at me, I'm not screaming at you". We hear a ringing sound, she pulls phone from her pocket, proceeds to tell whom ever is on the other end, "no no, not her I need the nurse". At some point another staff members comes, tries pulling the resident up by her wrist (resident is yelling it hurts), staff then proceeds to pull resident into a sitting position by placing her hand on the back of residents neck and pulling her up. Lets her sit there and proceeded to pick up hall phone and call someone/somewhere. At this point we choose to walk away. However, this was recorded!


Do not let this place fool you. It has been almost 2 years since my loved one was placed here and things have been progressively gotten worse with the staff. Two years later her room has still not been painted as promised. My husband and I stop in at different times (day, evening, etc) some of the things we have witnessed are unspeakable. When presented with video evidence, you are then told excuse after excuse of why it happened. Crossing my fingers we find new placement. My warning to anyone with a loved one currently here or planning to put here is to get a video recorder for their room. Pop in during evening hours and see just how long it takes to even locate a staff member. Watch how long those in wheelchairs are left alone. See first hand how these folks are left to slide out of their chairs, only to be yelling for help as they slide further. Having a staff member come in to see this and then turn an walk away, leaving resident to slide to the floor. Video proof of resident then lying on the floor for a good 20 minutes, before having a staff member grab the waistband of his pants and pull on him. Have other staff come in approximately 30 minutes later never once asking how the resident is feeling, if they are okay, calming their fears, etc. Finally having enough, i make it known to staff that I am filming and things drastically change for the better. Again proof of staff not caring for our loved ones as if they were their own. And please note that meds are not monitored. Again I stood and watched staff hand meds to residents an down the hall they went. Staff had no idea if resident took the meds and put them in the trash. The windowsill in hallway was lined with little medicine cups, some empty, some not. If your loved one is allergic to anything, be alarmed. At any given time during after dinner meds are randomly laying around for anyone to pick up.

Feels just like home!!

The staff have been very motivating to my loved one on helping her get involved in activities and making sure she is staying busy throughout the day. My mom has made her self right at home and is very comfortable with her new living environment.Out of all the communities that i toured this one was by far the best.

The perfect place!

The staff is really great here and they are great at making everyone feel like they are welcome. They really do work with you and try to help in any kind of way. The meals are good and healthy. My loved one has actually gained weight since coming to this community. I feel like it is a safe place for my loved one. The staff does make sure that the residents are up and active. I would recommend them to everyone.

My Parents My Babies now !

I was very frighten with leaving my parents after all at age 89 and 85 they are my babies. But the welcome we received was great ! The place was so clean , people so friendly and still after several times of visiting seeing the care my parents are receiving makes me happy ! The things they have help with when asked is great !
Thank you for taking care of my parents making it better knowing how hard it is for them to be making changes in their life !

Great Community With A Wonderful Staff

My aunt is doing well here at this community, I'am pleased with all they have done for. It is a lovely community, they do a good job with keeping everything neat and tidy. The staff is wonderful they have been great to work with. She has tried some of the activities they offer, which was surprising, but nice to see. Overall she is pleased with the meals. I know she is being cared for well here. She is in good hands and I would recommend this community.

They have outings to restaurants on Tuesdays and to different stores on Fridays!

My mom loves this place. Everyone there is very nice and has gotten to know her. The food is wonderful and all the residents love the cafeteria workers. The cafeteria is the highlight of the community. They have a sheet and they keep track of if the residents come down to meal time. I would recommend this community and I would suggest that everyone looking into a community have a sit down meeting and get the email addresses of everyone in charge.

I would recommend Woodlands!!

This community is very clean and well lite. The staff seem to be friendly and my grandma gets along with everyone. She seems to like the food and they offer 24 hour dining. Grandma is still adjusting to the community.

Overall this is a good place!!!!

Staff are going the extra mile to care for and accommodate my mom, making sure she is safe and thriving. I really appreciate their concern and generous spirit. The place is lovely, the food is good, the staff is kind. I’m happy to recommend it!

Extremely friendly

They are extremely friendly, so that is very, very good. So far everything has been very, very good. There is only one negative thing and that is as soon as we moved in, they started raising the rates here.

Huge issue with med management.

Overall not a bad experience per se', but there were quite a few things that were not told to us when placing our loved one here... We had to ask about things along the way that should have been told to us prior to placing her there... Also there were things we were told would happen within the first 30 days of her being there, that has still not been completed... Walls have not been painted, carpets have not been replaced...

Woodlands Assisted Living, Windlass Drive, Baltimore... clean and very attentive care

This review is for Woodlands Assisted Living on Windlass Drive, located in the Middle River area of suburban Baltimore. The people there were wonderful to my father-in-law who needed extra care. They really kept an eye on him. Because of being a fall risk and having other problems, he spent a lot of time in the beautiful and sunny porch-like room with other patients, where the aides were quite attentive and so pleasant. They helped Pop to eat and made him as comfortable as possible. We visited during the week and on weekends, unannounced, and always found him clean and well cared for. I would recommend this place.

Death Trap

This place is a death trap for elderly family. They have good food and a lot activity to do with the elderly. Also, the down side of this place is the staffs not been enough to give care to the elderly each day because of the staff is not been well. Also, the director of nursing don't monitor and supervised the medication of loved ones because it is too hard and too much work. Also, the director of nursing accept nursing home residents in the facility and don't have hover lift to help the staff transport residents in and out of bed so as a result the staff neglect to care for the elderly ones who have a lot of weight because they are afraid of hurting their backs or body. The staff don't care very well as they should because the director of nursing is very rude and nasty and talk to the employees anyhow she damn well pleases. The staff have sown not to care much as they should because they don't want to hurt themselves in any way by giving total care to residents who needs it. This facility is a big death trap and if you don't love your loved ones then take them to this facility but if you do love your loved ones don't send them there as let them stay as far away as possible because it is a death trap for the elderly.


This place is a DEATH TRAP! They tack on a ton of fees and mis managed my mothers medication. They dont even track her meds because the NASTY nursing director says that would just be too hard for her.

Please do not send your loved one here.

Nice place, overall

So far everything has gone very well at Woodlands Assisted Living. It's a nice looking place, and they seem to take good care of their residents. They've been fairly communicative and do a good job keeping us updated. The food is above average, my loved one is a very picky eater, and we've heard very few complaints!

It's a ok place.

It's a ok place.

Everything is okay.

Everything is okay. I don't really have any concerns or improvements I would like to see. There isn't anything that really stands out, or sets them apart either. I liked the location of this community, it worked well for us.

Good, but we need better for Dad.

Actually my Dad has stayed @The Woodlands 4 times now since last October 2013. The last 2 times we as his children were disturbed by the condition that we found him in when we visited to spend time. My Dad lives with my younger brother and his wife and we chose The Woodlands as respite care during vacations and such. We will probably go back to our original list from A Place for Mom and find a new place for him to go for respite.

Not A Good Feel

We just didn't like the feel of it. From the staff that we talked to and the staff that was milling around outside we just weren't comfortable with the situation. The staff outside, I guess they were on a smoke break, and you can hear what they're complaining about and talking about and it was just like no, mom's not going to be living here.


My mom loves it there. It's outstanding!

Stay on top of billing

They were really helpful and really good, they were pretty patient with my dad considering what they had to deal with. The only downfall I had with them was medications. There wasn't a lot of communication about what was given, when it was given or why. Afterwards I had gotten a list of medications that they were giving him and there were a couple on the list that I wasn't consulted on and after he was gone I was getting bills that they said they had given him. I called and they sorted it out once we showed them what we had and the dates we had they resolved it and were okay with that. It was a little touch and go as far as getting in touch with a particular person but once we caught up they resolved our issues and seemed fine.

8/6 Spoke w/Erica. Best one...

8/6 Spoke w/Erica. Best one so far: minimum stay required. $175.00 per day, 2 wk notice for respite. This one was most impressive.

Very nice place, I liked it a lot, an...

Very nice place, I liked it a lot, and I am sure my mother would too.

I love this facility. I think it wou...

I love this facility. I think it would be perfect for our Mom. I liked just about everything they have to offer and director was great!

From the Community

The Woodlands Assisted Living offers seniors the best of everything: a hotel-like atmosphere with family caregivers. We are a 70-unit assisted living center, located in the Baltimore area, nestled among four acres of serene woods.

Our Spacious dining room and community area encourages the residents to gather socially. Fully equipped kitchenettes and laundry rooms for our residents who still enjoy doing laundry and cooking. An enclosed porch and warm lounges can be enjoyed also on each wing. The Woodlands has a library with ample books...whether it be for reference materials, novels for relaxation and magazines for your enjoyment; a beauty shop and general store are available for your convenience to complete the amenities.

You or your loved one may not need a nursing home, but may need help with bathing, dressing, meals, medications and housekeeping. Our assisted living facility will prove to be a social and medical model. We respect your desire for independence but realize that certain services are necessary for your comfort and health.

We also recognize that staying active fosters youthful attitudes among seniors and that socializing makes each day more enjoyable. The Woodlands offers numerous activities and ways of socializing with others...the choice is yours. The schedules and routines you follow are the ones you create for yourself.

Whether you are looking to reside alone, with your spouse or a new found friend, The Woodlands can accommodate your wishes. Both the private suite and the deluxe suite provide ample space for your personal furnishings. You can read a book, talk to friends or watch television in the privacy of our own room.

The Woodlands accommodates a variety of lifestyles. When you move in you are encouraged to bring your own possessions to furnish your home. You will meet new friends but you'll still be able to entertain those who you've known and loved for years.

We look forward to having you join The Woodlands family to