Williamsburg Village Healthcare Campus - DeSoto, TX

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Customer Reviews

The front door is a prelude to what’s inside.
There is No reason the front door at 941 York Street (South Building)Should be that filthy. You
walk in, the smell, the floor & carpet are always filthy.
Our seniors deserve much better.

Worst Facility

This facility is the absolute WORST!!!!! My grandmother has been here a total of 3 weeks and it has been nothing but HELL for her... Here a just a few incidents that has happened so far. When my grandmother 1st got there for whatever reason it took them a total of 5 days to get her prescriptions correct.. (my grandmother has a broken leg and these were her pain pills) she got there on a Thursday she didn't get her meds till that following Tuesday. When I went to approach the nurse to ask why the 1st thing out his mouth "What do you want?"As if I'm getting on his nerves. They didn't get her out of the bed for a total of 5 days (no she is not on bed rest) they told her they didn't have a chair for her but told her case worker they had everything before she got there... one of the worker tried to make my granny pay out of her pockets for her stay (my grandmothers medicaid pays for it) I talked to the unit manager [Removed]however my grandmothers treatment has gotten worse.. I just found out that within the 3 weeks my granny has been here they have only showered her twice.. I am going up there tomorrow to talk to the DON. I'm very concerned and upset. I'm also calling my grandmother's case worker tomorrow we have to get her out of here. At this point im afraid for my granny.. If you love your loved one do not bring them here...

Patience Carter

Local Representative

Ms. Jones, we apologize for the unpleasant experience you’ve encountered. We strive to provide all residents with superior clinical care, rehabilitation, wellness, and supportive services that meet their wants, needs and expectations. If you would like to further address your concerns, please contact our office at [removed].